Generational Differences @ Work


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Title: Generational Differences @ Work.

Presenter: Janea S. McDonald, PHR, President, Edge Consulting, LLC.


Event: ASTD MS Chapter Gulf Coast Lighthouse Unit Membership Meeting.

Date: August 9, 2012.

Site: Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center, 10298 Express Drive, Gulfport, MS.

Host: Corporate Skills & Training – Mississippi Power Company.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Generational Differences @ Work

  1. 1. GenerationalDifferences @WorkPresented By:Janea S. McDonald, PHR
  2. 2. “Each generation imagines itself to bemore intelligent than theone that came before itand wiser than the one that comes after it.” --George Orwell Edge Consulting, LLC.
  3. 3. Four Generations  Traditionalists Born 1922-1945  Baby Boomers Born 1946-1964  Generation X Born 1965- 1979  Generation Y (Millennials) Born 1980-2000 Edge Consulting, LLC.
  4. 4. “Seek first to understand,then to be understood.” - Stephen Covey Edge Consulting, LLC.
  5. 5. % in Workforce Edge Consulting, LLC.
  6. 6. Edge Consulting, LLC.
  7. 7. Edge Consulting, LLC.
  8. 8. Edge Consulting, LLC.
  9. 9. Edge Consulting, LLC.
  10. 10. Activity How text savvy are you? Edge Consulting, LLC.
  11. 11. Edge Consulting, LLC.
  12. 12. Edge Consulting, LLC.
  13. 13. Effects of Poor CommunicationTurnover ratesTangible costs (recruitment, hiring, training, etc.)Intangible costs (morale)Grievances and complaintsPerceptions of fairness and equity Edge Consulting, LLC.
  14. 14. SolutionsInclusionCommon groundConversations Edge Consulting, LLC.
  15. 15. Edge Consulting, LLC.
  16. 16. Feedback Traditionalists- “No news is good news.” Boomers- “Feedback once a year and lots of documentation.” Xers- “Sorry to interrupt but how am I doing?” Nexters- “Feedback whenever I want it at the push of a button.” Edge Consulting, LLC.
  17. 17. Motivators Traditionalists-use personal touch, perks that are visible signs of status Baby Boomers- Lots of public recognition, reward work ethic Generation X- time to pursue other interests, effective constructive feedback Generation Y- Encourage “can-do” attitude and positive personal self image Edge Consulting, LLC.
  18. 18. You are Your valued and experience needed. is respected.You will work with other Do it your bright, way. creative Forget the people. rules. Edge Consulting, LLC.
  19. 19. Edge Consulting, LLC.
  20. 20. TraditionalistsWhat they like: How to encourage learning: Traditional  Don’t assume classroom structure technophobia  Take time to discuss Not being singled important points out  Use at least a 12 Practicing alone point font on printed materials Stress free  Organize handouts environment in bullet or outline form Edge Consulting, LLC.
  21. 21. Baby BoomersWhat they like: How to encourage Ice-breaker and learning: introduction activities  Give plenty of time Working in a to practice new skills creative,  Avoid “role-playing” independent  Assign team projects manner  Organize materials Spirit of collegiality with headings and Lots of attention and relevant info “talk” time underneath Edge Consulting, LLC.
  22. 22. Generation XWhat they like: How to encourage Very structured learning:  Use pop-culture environment examples Carefully laid out  Give lots of plans individual attention Using technology  Use bullet points, graphics, and white space Edge Consulting, LLC.
  23. 23. Generation YWhat they like: How to encourage Active learning learning:  Lots of activities Multi-tasking with several steps More structure  Use most up-to- date technology  Tie course or program goals to economic gain Edge Consulting, LLC.
  24. 24. Questions or comments?Janea S. McDonald, PHREdge Consulting, LLCjanea@edgehrconsulting.com228.265.2593