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Conflict Styles Presentation

Conflict Styles Presentation

  1. 1. LEARNING CONFLICT STYLES Ms. Blye‟s 8th Grade English Class
  2. 2. Within the short stories we have read, we have learned about many different conflicts in stories. Let‟s Recap….
  3. 3. Recap  Conflict: is the opposition between forces in a story  Protagonist: the central character  Antagonist: whatever opposing force the protagonist struggles with, such as another character, environment, or something within the protagonist
  4. 4.  Now lets have fun  Later we will relate understanding to the different conflict styles a conflict styles to character or person characters can display in a behaviors and story. ourselves.
  5. 5. Handling Conflict WHAT IS YOUR STYLE?
  6. 6. high importance Accommodating Style Problem-solving Style R E L G A T O I Compromising Style O A N S L H I S P Withdrawing Style Aggressive Style low importance P E R S O N AL GOA L S high importance Conflict Styles
  7. 7. Conflict Styles David Johnson‟s Characteristics animal comparison Withdrawing - Maintaining relationship Turtle or getting your way is very important Accommadating – try to smooth over Teddy Bear disagreements and give in to keep the peace
  8. 8. Conflict Styles cont. David Johnson‟s Characteristics animal comparison Compromising– moderate control for Fox Fox both goals; try to cut a deal Problem-Solving– Owl solutions for everyone
  9. 9. Conflict Styles cont. Aggressive– Shark at the expense of the relationship, see conflict as competitive game; may enjoy fights as long as you win;
  10. 10. What Animal Are You…???  The Turtle  The Teddy Bear  Turtles prefer to hide in their  The teddy bear wants to keep shells away from conflict rather the peace at all costs. Teddy than face it. When confronted bears need to be liked and will with conflict, turtles will abandon often ignore their own goals their own goals and relationships when faced with conflict in order and display passive behaviors. to maintain the relationship. The Turtles adopt an avoiding or teddy bear uses an withdrawing conflict style. accommodating conflict management style.  The Shark  The Fox  In contrast to turtles, sharks use  Foxes are willing to sacrifice an aggressive and competing some of their goals while conflict management style and persuading others to give up want to win at any cost. Personal some of theirs. Foxes are goals are highly important to the concerned with both goals and overpowering shark and the relationships; however, even needs of others are a low priority. though the relationship is maintained during conflict, the compromise may result in a less
  11. 11.  According to David W.  The Owl Johnson “Every day, we are  Owls view conflict as a faced with conflicts, and most problem that needs solving of us are fairly limited in how and will work with the other we manage and resolve party to seek out solutions these conflicts. It is often easier to be aggressive, use and ensure both sets of avoidance, accommodate or goals are achieved. compromise our conflicts. Although this conflict While there may be times management style can when it is appropriate to use take some time and these strategies, collaboration effort, both sides get what generally produces the best they want, and the tension long-term results. Instead of is eliminated. The wise owl throwing gas on the fire, will deal with conflict by collaboration will help you to collaborating learn from your conflict, and the outcome will leave you feeling good about yourself and others.”
  13. 13. Complete the following slides as follows…  Read the scenario, and match thecharacter(s) to the conflict styles above.  Test your knowledge and see if your answer was right before moving to the next slide
  14. 14. CONFLICT SYLES 100 200 300 400 500 600
  15. 15. SCENARIO 100 This conflict style is illustrated byVictoria in the following scenario. Jasmine and Victoria have been best friends since they were little and planned to best friends until they are old and grey. As their senior year in high school dwindled down, both girls stepped into an unexpected problem. Victoria wanted to go to a History Black College or University while Jasmine saw herself fitting more into a Predominately White Institution. Both girls became annoyed with one another because they expected to go to the same school as they have been doing since Elementary. For weeks this baffled the friends Until Victoria proposed they both applied to schools in
  16. 16. What is COMPROMISNG conflict style?
  17. 17. SCENARIO 200 This conflict style is illustrated by Sue in the following scenario. Kyle and Sarah cannot seem to agree on what kind of pet to get. Kyle wants a dog because he claims they are more fun and they could use it as a watch dog. Sarah wants a cat because they are less expensive and easier to take care of. Finally they decide on a parrot instead because they are fun, they can talk to you, they are easy and not too expensive. A parrot will also alert them if someone else is in their home.
  18. 18. What is PROBLEM-SOLVING conflict style?
  19. 19. SCENARIO 300 This conflict style is illustrated byLaurenin the following scenario. Katie and Lauren are roommates. They get into a little disagreement about who has the most space in their small dorm room. To end the argument, and to please Katie, Lauren moves her stuff over giving Katie more space in the room.
  20. 20. What is ACCOMADATING conflict style?
  21. 21. SCENARIO 400 This conflict style is illustrated by Chuckyin the following scenario. Tristan, Beth, Chuck and Mike enjoy skating. Every Sunday Night, the four friends meet at Starlight Skating Rink to practice new moves and show off their skills. Mike is known around the rink as “Sweet Feet” because of his speed but yet graceful moves. Lately Chucky hasn‟t been focused or practicing much of a team player. As head of the group, Mike confronts Chucky to see if everything was ok. Chucky automatically feels threaten and explodes. Chucky feels as if Mike is taking his name as „Sweet Feet” and becoming cocky. Mike denies this statement and becomes confused to Chucky‟s responses. Disregarding their friendship, Chucky
  22. 22. What is AGGRESSIVE conflict style?
  23. 23. SCENARIO 500 This conflict style is illustrated by Sue in the following scenario. Mary and Sue have been really good friends for over 5 years. They are now in their sophomore year in college and are roommates. Outside of their living area, everything is always good between them, but in the room they often have small conflicts over things such as food and cleaning. Their most recent issue occurred when Sue left her dirty laundry in the middle of the room and Mary had company and was very embarrassed to find the room in such a dirty state. Mary tried to talk to Sue about the situation, but each time she brings it up, Sue makes excuses for why she cannot talk at the moment. Every time Mary calls Sue she ignores the call or picks up and is very brief with her. When they are both in the room and Mary brings it up, Sue makes excuses such as she has a lot of studying to do and suggests that they talk later.
  24. 24. What is WITHDRAWING conflict style?
  25. 25. SCENARIO 600 This conflict style is illustrated byEach Characterin the following scenario. *Hint* One Character is displays TWO Joe, Tay, and Richard are brothers. The three of them always find themselves getting into conflicts that are often easily resolved. The last issue between the boys was the trying to decide where to eat because no one wanted to eat the same thing. Richard wanted burgers; Tay wanted something Italian, and Joe wanted chicken. Richard and Tay got into a heated argument in the car over this because Tay claims that Richard always gets his way. Because Tay wasn‟t going to put up with Richard anymore, Tay threw a fierce punch. The two continued to argue, while Joe refused get in the middle of his two brothers and ignored the situation and his hunger. As Richard and Tay became winded and tired of fighting, Richard proposes Golden Corral where everyone can be pleased. Although Joe despises Golden Corral‟s chicken, he anxiously agrees so the argument can cease and they can finally satisfy
  26. 26. Who‟s Who  Tay….  Aggression  Joe  Withdrawal  Richard  Compromises  Joe  Accommodates
  27. 27. Works Cited  ilton/news/april%2007%20www.pdf  /terms/tsld004.htm
  28. 28. Objective 2.01Analyze and evaluate informational materials that are read, heard, and/or viewed by:  monitoring comprehension for understanding of what is read, heard and/or viewed.  recognizing the characteristics of informational materials.  determining the importance of information.  making connections to related topics/information.

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