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We Can't Do That Here

Greg Reiser Agile East 2011

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We Can't Do That Here

  1. 1. We Can’t Do That Here! Greg
  2. 2. Workshop Guidelines!   Introduction (5 Minutes)!   Describe instances of “We Can’t Do That Here!” (15 Minutes) •  Personal experiences and learning •  Problem •  Mitigation •  Law of 2 Feet applies!   Share (15 Minutes)!   Wrap-Up (20 Minutes)
  3. 3. “We Can’t Do That Here!”Strategies for responding to resistance to effective agile practices?
  4. 4. “We Can’t Do That Here!”Large percentage of Agile adoption initiatives encounterresistance to one or more effective agile practicesResults in lower than anticipated benefits, fuelingclaims such as “agile doesn’t scale”, “agile isn’tappropriate in our business domain”, etc.We even have names for half-hearted attempts atAgile: “Scrum-But”, “Wagile”, and “Scrumerfall” Strategies for responding to resistance to effective agile practices? People Process Tools
  5. 5. “We Can’t Do That Here!” So, Let’s Get Started!Photo credit:
  6. 6. Share Experiences - “We Can’t Do That Here!”
  7. 7. Wrap-Up
  8. 8. ThoughtWorks Experiences: Examples
  9. 9. Process: Offshore Business AnalystsExperienced Business Analysts (BA) on offshore teams“The subject matter expertise is local”“Too expensive to develop that expertise offshore”
  10. 10. Process: Test-Driven Design Developers write unit tests before writing functional code “Double the amount of code == Reduced velocity”Photo credit: Satir Change Model
  11. 11. People: Re-Design the Work EnvironmentRe-arrange to be more conducive to collaborative development“It’s too expensive and will violate corporate standards”“Our lease does not permit it”
  12. 12. Process: Readily Available Product OwnerTeam requires frequent collaboration with Product Owner“The Product Owner has other more urgent responsibilities”
  13. 13. Process: Manage Support Tickets Specify lightweight Production Support process “Context switching between production support and iterative feature delivery is sub-optimal”Photo credit: Jeff Patton,
  14. 14. “We Can’t Do That Here” - Beyond Software value? faster. value? Sequential Delivery Agile Delivery Continuous Delivery Continuous Desig n Production Production software as Concept Business a product Customers n ti n e Co u o u s De l i v ry
  15. 15. How can we help?ThoughtWorks is a global custom software solutions consultancy trusted bymany of the world’s leading businesses with their most complex and criticalsystems. We deliver consulting grounded in delivery expertise, build custom applications and help organisations across all market sectors to drive IT efficiency – working to an exceptionally high standard. Contact us Greg Reiser