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  1. 1. Klon Joseph Waldrip 190 Valleybrook Dr  Athens, GA, 30606  (706) 850-8190  Page | 1 Objective Experienced Stormwater Infrastructure Specialist and GIS analyst providing skills in data management, export and conversion, GIS analysis, remote sensing, digital image processing, LiDAR processing and analysis, or other required spatial analysis expertise. Profile Versatile and dependable candidate with a history of long lasting employment relationships. Vital part of NPDES and SWMP report authoring for Rockdale County. As Vice-President of the Rockdale County GIS Users Group, helped to foster and educate county staff and leaders on the benefits of GIS. Affable and adaptable, skilled at diffusing inter-personal conflicts. Proven stamina in high pressure environments. Spatial Analysis Skills Summary ◆ Remote Sensing with ERDAS Imagine and IDRISI ◆ Geospatial Analysis with ArcGIS, GeoMedia and Quantum GIS ◆ Python Programming Language for Geospatial applications ◆ Creation of data integration models using Object-Oriented Programming Languages (Python, VBA). ◆ Created and maintained multi-user GIS datasets ◆ Digital Image Processing with ERDAS Imagine and eCognition Developer ◆ Surveying with Total Station instruments ◆ Database managing and analysis with PostgreSQL and Microsoft Office Access ◆ Data collection with ArcPad and various GPS devices ◆ Website development with Adobe Dreamweaver and Django framework ◆ Data conversion using many techniques and platforms including the Microsoft Office Suite ◆ LiDAR processing and analysis with eCognition Developer, QT Modeler, Fusion Viewer and Python scripts Professional Experience COMMUNICATION ◆ Author of clear, precise correspondence and reports both as a student and professionally. ◆ As a teacher's assistant, graded student work to a specified rubric of criteria. ◆ Employee educator and trainer on standards and expectations. ◆ Composer of complex step-by-step instructions to be read and understood by novices and laypersons. ◆ Presenter and public speaker to both specialized and layperson groups. ◆ Plainly translates policy and expectations to customers, employees and contractors. GIS SKILLS ◆ Capable of designing, creating, editing and managing geodatabases. ◆ Knowledgable on numerous map projections and coordinate systems. ◆ Experienced at integrating multiple data sources and format types such as raster, vector and tabular files. ◆ Excellent map composition ability. ◆ Accurate and precise GPS collection and surveying aptitude. ◆ Creator of dynamically generated shape files derived from database queries. ◆ Able to work with multipletabular data formats including ASCII, dBase, MS Excel, MS Access and more. ◆ Author of metadata for spatial data. ◆ Developer of tools for specific GIS applications using Python scripts. GIS Skills, continued
  2. 2. Klon Joseph Waldrip 190 Valleybrook Dr  Athens, GA, 30606  (706) 850-8190  Page | 2 ◆ Editor of seamlines that would be used to mosaic multispectral image tiles. ◆ Mastered many data interpolation methods including kriging, IDW, splines and others. ◆ Creator of models and tools in ArcMap’s Model Builder. ◆ Knowledgable on many add-ons to the ArcGIS platform such as Hawths Tools, ArcHydro, ArcSWAT and more. REMOTE SENSING/ IMAGE PROCESSING/ OBIA ◆ Mastered supervised and unsupervised classification techniques using multiband imagery. ◆ Capable of error analysis of classified images. ◆ Experienced with feature extraction with both pixel and object based techniques. ◆ Able to analyze image statistics and histograms. ◆ Performed contrast stretching, pan sharpening, radiometric image correction and histogram equalization ◆ Creator of indices with aide of Model Maker in the ERDAS Imagine software platform. ◆ Familiar with many image sensors such as NAIP, Quickbird, IKONOS, LANDSAT and many others. ◆ Comfortable with image mosaicing techniques. ◆ Repaired errors with photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. ◆ Creator of ideal workflows and segmentations within the eCognition Developer platform. ◆ Fused many data types (nDSM, DEM, LiDAR, tiff, jpeg, and more) within eCognition Developer. ◆ Georeferenced raster files through polynomial transformations. LIDAR PROCESSING ◆ User of QT Modeler to analyze LAS LiDAR tiles ◆ Creator of nDSMs from multi-return LAS data. ◆ User of Python scripting language to analyze, repair and manage multipleLAS files. ◆ Comfortable with image classification, segmentation and feature extraction based on height derived from LiDAR data. ◆ Able to convert LAS to ASCII files and ArcGIS shapefiles. ◆ Mosaicked LiDAR LAS tiles. ◆ Familiar with LiDAR collection standards and expectations such as USGS Base Specifications INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ◆ Maintained Python scripts using Mercurial distributed revision control software. ◆ Integrated databases into open-source GIS software programs using PostgreSQL. ◆ Some website development using HTML, PHP as well as Adobe Dreamweaver and Django. ◆ Able to perform complex tasks across multiple platforms. ◆ Performed queries using SQL within ESRI, PostgreSQL and Microsoft Access Relevant Employment History GIS INTERN FOR ATHENS-CLARKE COUNTY STORMWATER DEPT.- Athens, GA 8/2012 through 10/2012 STUDENT ASSISTANT FOR USGS and PHOTO SCIENCE INC. through GAINESVILLE STATE COLLEGE– Oakwood, GA 6/2010 through 6/2011 GAINESVILLE STATE COLLEGE – Oakwood, GA Teachers Assistant, 9/2011 through 12/2011 STORMWATER INFRASTRUCTURE SPECIALIST for ROCKDALE COUNTY STORMWATER DIVISION- Conyers, GA Since 10/2012 Education UNIVERSITY OF NORTH GEORGIA – OAKWOOD, GA B.S. in Applied Environmental Spatial Analysis, 2012
  3. 3. Klon Joseph Waldrip 190 Valleybrook Dr  Athens, GA, 30606  (706) 850-8190  Page | 3 GPA: 3.43/4.0 Honors: Hall County Soil and Water Conservation District Scholarship GEORGIA COLLEGE & STATE UNIVERSITY – MILLEDGEVILLE, GA Attended from 1997-1999 Certifications GSWCC Level 1-B Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Inspector expires 7/19/2016 MS4 Compliance & Enforcement Certified Inspector expires 12/18/2016 NASSCO certified pipe inspector expires 11/2017