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Kleverk Designs is unique all-service Web Design and Development Company that has expertise in WebApplication Development, Wordpress Development, Ecommerce, Mobile Application, SEO Services, Pay Per Click and Industrial Design.
We work with businesses of varying scales and go out of our way to understand what makes your business click. Kleverk is specialized Web Design Company which is alive to your needs and is quick to react to them with a passionate and insightful approach.

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Website Development Web Application SEO Services Company

  1. 1. What’s beneath the webface?
  2. 2. Kleverk Design - India 2 We Delve Deeper than the Surface Kleverk has been derived from “Clever Work” which is a reflection of our skilled, creative and enterprising team. Even as we believe in working cleverly and smartly and know that window dressing counts; we believe that what counts even more is - What’s Beneath the Webface?
  3. 3. Kleverk Design - India 3 We are a unique all-service Web Design and Development Company that has expertise in Wordpress Development, Ecommerce, Mobile Application, SEO Services, Pay Per Click and Industrial Design. We work with businesses of varying scales and go out of our way to understand what makes your business click. Kleverk is specialized Web Design Company which is alive to your needs and is quick to react to them with a passionate and insightful approach. Who Are We?
  4. 4. Kleverk Design - India 4 We believe that we are here to make sites that work, sprint and run. We do not strive to be the biggest in scale. We want to scale every website right, want to embellish it with the right elements and create art that is backed by sound technology and efficient working, so that our client’s businesses’ flourish. We believe that our Vision IS our Mission Our Vision and Mission
  5. 5. Kleverk Design - India 5 We shun mediocrity on all levels and excellence is the thread that we base our functioning on. To create web solutions that exceed expectations and outrun the competition is what makes us the company with an edge. The real act of web design is not about finding new online realms but in enhancing the ones that exist, with our creativity and expertise. We strategize so that companies can exemplify their objectives, project their images, showcase their products and services and amplify their profits. Our Business Strategy
  6. 6. Kleverk Design - India 6 We are a Navi Mumbai, Mumbai-based Company with our roots in Auckland, New Zealand. Our mettle in Website Design, Digital Marketing and other SEO Services as well as Product Designing has helped launch thousands of websites and has lent profitability to those businesses. We are the Indian arm of Kleverk Designs Auckland, a company that was incorporated in 2004. What started out as a company with 4 employees, now boasts of 50 employees across our centers. Today we have a global reach and work out of our Auckland, Mumbai and Shanghai offices. Our expertise spans continents and industries and we cater to customers from India, New Zealand, the U.S and UK and a number of Asian countries. Our Roots and Reach
  7. 7. Kleverk Design - India 7 👥 Amol - CEO Amol is at the helm of the Kleverk Designs India operations. His responsibility is to ensure that every gear of the Kleverk machine is well-oiled and that every component works perfectly in sync with the other. He believes that by empowering his team to rethink and strategize independently, all business outcomes are met in a much more effective way. Amol is a veteran in the Web Design and Development space with a strong industrial design background. This means that all creative work always has the right mechanism behind it. We Are A Team
  8. 8. Kleverk Design - India 8 We Are a Team Eliel - Creative Director Eliel is the creative head of Kleverk Designs and the fuel that powers all the designing processes. A highly gifted and skilled design professional, he has the innate capacity to take a concept and turn it into a fantastic Web Design piece. With certification and training from some of the best Web Design Institutes in the UK, Eliel also has mastery in the industrial design space. Just when the design team thinks they have got it right, he casts his creative spell on the work and transforms an excellent project into a stupendous one. Senior Developer – Akshay Akshay is an immensely talented Web Developer who knows Web programming, SEO, SEM, PPC, Ecommerce Development, Mobile Development and Flash development like the back of his hand. He lives, breathes and dreams the Web and works ceaselessly on our projects and comes up with the most ingenious solutions that work seamlessly with each other. Akshay is a team player with exemplary leadership qualities, and is always intense and impactful with every Web Development task he undertakes. Senior Developer – Khush Khush is a seemingly geeky computer science professional, who is a tecchie to the core. But beneath this surface is an individual who is also able to think creatively and with a great deal of insight. She can take a mediocre site and turn it around completely. And when he works on some our own creations, she is unstoppable in his app-creating, solution- finding avatar. She is the true Web Development professional who carries Ecommerce in her brain, Magento in her pocket and PHP, SQL and Wordpress at the tips of his fingers. Project Manager – Rahul Rahul is the steering wheel of Kleverk Designs. Every function of a project will be handled by Rahul with amazing clarity and dexterity. He brings immense energy into every project and is the link between the rest of the team members and our CEO, Amol Haware. No detail escapes his hawk eyes and he is fastidious to a fault. That is probably what adds a definite sheen to every Website that comes off the Kleverk board.
  9. 9. Kleverk Design - India 9 Our Services Contemporary, relevant and innovative that will attract an audience and keep them engaged. To us, designing websites is a doorway that will lead users through an interactive experience and garner results. We are a full-service Web design company that offers Web Design and WordPress Development, Ecommerce, Mobile Application, SEO Services, PPC, and soon to come- Industrial Design services. We create, embellish, optimize and outshine every other website on the Internet. Kleverk Designs is a force to reckon with. This is what we offer in our services… ❞ ❞ We create contemporary, relevant and innovative web designs
  10. 10. Kleverk Design - India 10 What We Do Responsive Design Our Responsive Design solutions will ensure that your site does not play truant on mobile devices. Your site will look and behave perfectly across all Android and iOS devices. Multi-Layer Parallax This technology is used to create mind- blowing scrolling sites that have more depth created by images scrolling in multiple layers for a unique and stunning effect. Retina Display We build your website to be compatible to retina display screens and make them pixel agnostic for clearer, sharper and move vivid images on iOS devices. Come; see what we have to offer…..
  11. 11. Kleverk Design - India 11 What We Do Value proposition and customer-centric design Wordpress Design We create contemporary, relevant and innovative layouts that will attract an audience, keep them engaged and garner results. Not only do our websites weave magic and results but are dynamic and our Wordpress Development services focus on creating scalable solutions that will drive user experience create impactful branding and build very lasting bonds between your business and your customers. Value proposition and customer-centric design is the kernel of our WordPress Development services.
  12. 12. Kleverk Design - India 12 What We Do Expand your profitability horizons ecommerce Development We help businesses break brick and mortar barriers and ensure that you are accessible to even your remotest customers. Ecommerce Development will help you reach through geographical boundaries and expand your profitability horizons. Our focus is on designing intuitive user-interfaces that are true to your branding, which will optimize basket value and your conversion rates. We will build an online store for you that is a true reflection of your company’s ethos and style, even as it maintains a very conducive front-end experience for your customers.
  13. 13. Kleverk Design - India 13 What We Do Capture the marketplace Mobile Applications Capture the marketplace with our feature-rich and powerful mobile application development services and apps that have the most stunningly beautiful interfaces you have ever encountered. We provide you with customized and tangible iOS and Android mobile application development that is a true reflection of your brand attributes and business needs. The solutions we provide for iOS and Android are neither an after-thought not an add-on- they are a well-researched and integrated approach to what we do as a full- service web development company.
  14. 14. Kleverk Design - India 14 What We Do Visible, credible and engaged SEO Services We build the best SEO strategy that helps to add all the glitter and glitz to position your business where customers can find it. We are very deeply involved in the SEO process and ensure that your site does not wear a cloak of redundancy. With us, your site will always be on par with all the latest SEO trends and your online presence will never fade. Search Engine Optimization is an ideal method of building a brand that is visible, credible, engaged and desirable. This helps in providing your business a wider reach and gives it the enhanced visibility it needs
  15. 15. Kleverk Design - India 15 What We Do Target your online audience Pay per Click Pay Per Click is about relevance-based marketing that leads to a hike in qualified traffic and increases your conversion rate. It’s an ideal way of maintaining control on what kind of advertising you pay for. A well- crafted PPC ad campaign on the major search engines is one of the best ways of increasing qualified Web traffic to your site. When you as a business, target your online audience with our PPC services, it’s a smart way of managing your online ad budget and you increase the opportunities to convert visitors into customers.
  16. 16. Kleverk Design - India 16 What We Do Specialized industrial design services Industrial Design The specialized industrial design services that we provide are the link between user expectations and engineering. Irrespective of what the product is, our Industrial Design solutions meet two major objectives. Clearly differentiating your product from that of your competitors, and creating a product that your customers will be able to emotionally connect with. The final objective is to create a highly- compelling product image that is a strong representation of your brand and one that will connect instantly with the end users.
  17. 17. Kleverk Design - India 17 Our Work Process Understand, Analyse, Design and Test STEP ONE STEP TWO STEP THREE STEP FOUR We get a complete understanding of the market you operate in, who your customers are and what your work ethos, brand philosophy and business culture is. Once we have all this in the box, we begin thinking out-of-the-box. We analyze and brainstorm, think and re-think, incorporate your inputs, add images, graphics and workflows. We start giving your website a form and never bow down to convention – we create sites that enthrall. Once the wireframe has been created and approved and the mock designs honed and finalized, we then move onto the website design development stage. Here, all the front and back-end systems will be integrated with the main framework of the website. We test, monitor and measure performance. If there are any glitches, we eradicate them and perfect the website design till you and our team is completely satisfied with the final product and provides ongoing support and development.
  18. 18. Kleverk Design - India GLOBAL PRESENCE 18 You Need Look No Further We Add Dynamism to your Online Presence, and Help You Connect With your Customers Our exposure to global customers is what helps us keep abreast of current web designing trends and gives our work an edge. Structurally-sound, inherently sophisticated and lean websites are what we create for you.
  19. 19. Kleverk Design - India 19 We are the solution Solidify your Online Presence, Influence your Customers BEYOND DESIGN With us, it’s always more than “just a page”. It’s about analysis, marketing strategy, collaboration and aesthetics and creating a refreshing and differentiating presence on the Web with a very customer-centric approach.
  20. 20. Kleverk Design - India 20 We’re Here For You Consistent attention 24/7 SUPPORTWe are always there to support you and answer queries, fix issues, and make changes - 24/7. Consistent attention is the backbone of a healthy, robust and functional website that is scalable and dynamic.
  21. 21. Kleverk Design - India 21 Live, Breathe and Capture the Web We listen, think and create THE KELVERK WAY We know that in order to be in sync with our customers, we need to listen, think, re-think and, create and re-create - and that is what Kleverk Designs does every single day.
  22. 22. Kleverk Design - India 22 Let Us Help You Create An Impact Contact us. Kleverk Designs Level 13, Platinum Techno Park, Plot no 17/18 Sector 30A Vashi, Navi Mumbai- 400705 Maharashtra, India +91 22 6181 8480
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