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The global perspective


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Published in: Education
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The global perspective

  1. 1. Across time and space... 10.11.2014, Klaus Thestup, Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media Aarhus University
  2. 2. 什么是一个很好的在 线培训? What is a good on-line education? Reflective practitioners Education as research
  3. 3. 改变课堂 Changing the classroom The same or something different? ITDD14
  4. 4. 一个博客社区 A blog community • Weekly tasks • Video and text • Comment Teori battle Dewey and Darwin
  5. 5. 数字媒体的一系统 A system of digital media • Google hangout: talking and deciding in common • Blogs: answering, presenting and commenting tasks • Social media: Inspiration and on-going debates
  6. 6. 开放实验室 The open laboratory Communicating through materials and expressions Establishing platforms to produce Inspire, instruct, exchange
  7. 7. 全球视野 The global perspective • External partners • Transparency, Communication Engagement • A global ict-based educational design?