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Speed5G Workshop London presentation of 5G Monarch


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Presentation of the 5G Monarch project at the Speed5G Workshop on March 7th 2018 in London

Published in: Engineering
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Speed5G Workshop London presentation of 5G Monarch

  1. 1. SPEED-5G Workshop: Advanced spectrum management in 5G+ networks 5G Mobile Network Architecture for diverse services, use cases, and applications in 5G and beyond
  2. 2. 10 2 The 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5G PPP) is a joint initiative between the European Commission and European ICT industry (ICT manufacturers, telecommunications operators, service providers, SMEs and researcher Institutions). The 5G-PPP is now in its second phase where 21 new projects were launched in June 2017. 2018-03-07 SPEED-5G Workshop 5G Monarch From Phase 1 to Phase 2 Conceptual design of a flexible, adaptable, and programmable architecture for 5G 5G fully-fledged architecture with prototype implementations and application of these prototypes to representative use cases
  3. 3. 10 3 5G mobile network architecture evolution Background Requirements § Support of large variety of vertical-driven use cases § Diverse requirements on service flexibility, reliability, security, availability § Diverse service characteristics: lifetime, location, number of users, traffic properties § No “swim or sink” network but flexible architecture for common infrastructure Phase I: Baseline § Build on SDN & NFV § Flexible and adaptive: instantiation, location, control and orchestration of Network Functions § Network slicing: multiple logical networks on the same infrastructure § Joint optimization of access / core NFs through intelligent interaction design and co-location Phase II: Bring to Practice § Enhance and complete baseline with enabling innovations § Fill conceptual gaps § Driven by verticals: develop and implement use cases with dedicated functionality requirements § Test in reality: Proof-of- concept and validation through simulation and real-world testbeds 2018-03-07 SPEED-5G Workshop 5G Monarch
  4. 4. 10 4 Network slicing Introduction to 5G MONARCH architecture § Network slicing is an innovation in network architecture to allow vertical use cases § Slicing can comply with QoS requirements of different services, operating over the same physical infrastructure – Ultra reliable uMTC slice requires ultra reliable, eMBB slice requires high throughputs § Each network slice is an isolated virtual network, optimised for a specific use case 2018-03-07 SPEED-5G Workshop 5G Monarch
  5. 5. 10 5 Level 3: Management Orchestration Access Mgmt. Cloud Mgmt. WAN Mgmt. Cloud Mgmt. E2E Service Management and Orchestration Level 2: Network Slices Industry Slice Media & Entertainment Slice Level 1: Network Resources and Functions Virtualized Network Functions Wireless and Fixed Access Edge Cloud Wide Area Network Central Cloud Network SlicingWhat is network slicing? 2018-03-07 SPEED-5G Workshop 5G Monarch
  6. 6. 10 6 Focus on spectrum management Introduction to 5G MONARCH architecture § 5G Monarch extends the use cases of a mobile network to – Functional, operational, security § 5G Monarch is a platform that offers – Multi-tenancy (a slice of the network may be used for eMBB services by one tenant, another slice of the same network may be used for the combination of eMBB + mMTC + V2I services by another tenant) – Flexibility in how (spectrum) resources are used. Resources are pooled and assigned according to priority criteria based on the type of services. – Adaptiveness in how (spectrum) resources are used. By transferring network functions in the cloud, the processing can take place in centralised servers rather than at the base station. This makes the network adaptable to demand peaks. From a spectrum-management perspective resources can be allocated adaptively as the demand shifts between DL and UL and along the course of a day. 2018-03-07 SPEED-5G Workshop 5G Monarch
  7. 7. 10 7 Multi-tenancy Introduction to 5G MONARCH architecture § What is multi-tenancy § Benefits from multi-tenancy – Acts like a network capacity extension (spectrum is pooled and can be allocated to a tenant who rents a slice of the network and does not have a spectrum-licence) – Flexible spectrum deployment allows for improved user experienced data rates 2018-03-07 SPEED-5G Workshop 5G Monarch
  8. 8. 10 8 Flexibility Introduction to 5G MONARCH architecture § The 5G MONARCH architecture has an innovative interaction between NFV-orchestrator (NFVO), intra-slice controller (ISC) and cross-slice controller (XSC) – Interworking NFVO with a WAN Software Defined Networking (SDN) orchestrator § Flexible antenna site (spectrum) to edge cloud mapping (processing) – XSC control allows for more flexible spectrum usage § Spectrum owned by multiple stakeholders, increases maximum deployable capacity per macro site – Provides a flexible means of resource management – Allows for improved interference management – Inter-cell resource allocation (spectrum, compute, storage, transport) 2018-03-07 SPEED-5G Workshop 5G Monarch
  9. 9. 10 9 Adaptiveness Introduction to 5G MONARCH architecture § The 5G MONARCH platform integrates services of extreme traffic demand with eMBB – Outdoor augmented or virtual reality (AR/VR) can be realised in an area with a deployment of mmWave small cell nodes which allow for these applications – The new mmWave spectrum resources can be dynamically assigned depending on where the demand hotspot is located § With 5G MONARCH the network becomes programmable (network elasticity), even backhaul – Capacity on demand through automatic connectivity services in a scalable and cost-efficient manner 2018-03-07 SPEED-5G Workshop 5G Monarch
  10. 10. 11 0 5G-MoNArch concept 5G-MoNArchoverallarchitecture 5GPPP Phase 1 architecture 5G-MoNArch Enabling innovations Cloud-enabled protocol stack Inter-slice control & mgmt. Experiment- driven optimization Enablingcommonnetworkfunctionality 5G-MoNArch Functional innovations for identified use cases Secure and resilient network functions Resource-elastic network functions Secure and resilient network slice Resource-elastic network slice Sea port testbed Touristic city testbed Common architecture building blocks Slice specific functions Previous projects Architecture instantiation Architecture instantiation Deployment Deployment Common architecture building blocks Slice specific functions 2018-02-28 5G-MoNArch Project Overview
  11. 11. 11 1 Testbeds: Smart Sea Port (Hamburg, Germany) 5G-MoNArch concept 2018-02-28 5G-MoNArch Project Overview § Scope – Network slices fulfilling industrial requirements on reliability, resilience and security: failsafe operation § Applications – Traffic light control (URLLC) for logistics transport traffic steering: connected through wireless connection; reliable and resilient; data integrity – Video surveillance (MBB): Video surveillance required to control entrance to / status of areas, logistics support, etc – Environmental measurements (mMTC): Sensors installed on moving barges which must be connected through wireless terminals
  12. 12. 11 2 Testbeds: Palazzo Madama (Turin, Italy) 5G-MoNArch concept 2018-02-28 5G-MoNArch Project Overview § Scope – Network slices fulfilling requirements from media & entertainment to handle temporary mass events with high load / throughput per user § Application areas: – On-site live event experience (eMBB) by means of augmented / virtual reality – museum view full of real and imaginary people – Cooperative media production (URLLC): interaction and cooperation with imaginary and real people having the same AR / VR experience
  13. 13. 11 3 Impact 5G-MoNArch concept 2018-02-28 5G-MoNArch Project Overview Highly flexible and adaptive communication for future multimedia & entertainment Secure, resilient and reliable industrial communication without the need for own infrastructure Demo of resource elasticity
  14. 14. 11 4 Summary 5G-MoNArch concept 2018-02-28 5G-MoNArch Project Overview Industrial Sea Port use case § Logistics transportation traffic steering § Environmental measurements § Video surveillance Touristic City use case § AR/VR for life experience § Cooperative media production: user interaction with virtual environment Network slicing Logical sectorization of the infrastructure using SDN, NFV, orchestration and analytics New methods & algorithms for orchestration and optimization across slices, and among virtualized functions Reliability, Resilience & Security § RAN reliability: multi-connectivity, network coding § Resilience in telco clouds: fault isolation & prioritization and scaling of NFs & semi-autonomous 5G islands § Security: security trust zones & fault isolation Elasticity of Resources § Efficient resource scaling through network functions § Computational resources – graceful downscaling § Orchestrate: re-allocate network functions within and across the edge cloud § Slice-aware network size and resource optimization
  15. 15. 11 5 Key Facts Project Overview § Project Details – Project runtime: July 2017 – June 2019 (24 Months) – Leadership team: § Coordinator: Nokia Munich (Germany) § Technical Management: Universidad Cárlos III de Madrid UC3M (Spain) § Innovation Management: Deutsche Telekom, Darmstadt / Bonn (Germany) 2018-03-07 SPEED-5G Workshop 5G Monarch
  16. 16. 11 6 Role of Real Wireless: estimate revenues and costs from enabling slicing Techno-economic insights from 5G Norma relevant to spectrum utilisation § mMTC IoT can be served by a channel that is shared with eMBB traffic § Sub 1GHz spectrum is valuable to serve mMTC deep indoors with high confidence § Outdoor uMTC (semi-autonomous driving) can be served by a channel that is shared with eMBB traffic § In order to provide mMTC and uMTC slices – The macrocell densification that is envisioned by 2020-22 is high enough – Macrocells in hotspot areas should have access to a wide spectrum 700-3600 MHz – A number of small cells is also needed in the 1800-2600 bands § Some of the business models of venues/neutral host could benefit from a degree of more control on the spectrum utilisation – Savings from economies of scope, by mixing the data traffic needs of multiple vertical businesses – Savings from taking advantage of spatial and temporal distribution of traffic demand 2018-03-07 SPEED-5G Workshop 5G Monarch