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Activities of the Water Resources Expert Group (WREG)


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Brief introduction to the activities of the Water Resources Expert Group (WREG) of the EuroGeoSurveys at the UNECE Resources Management Week, 2019

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Activities of the Water Resources Expert Group (WREG)

  1. 1. 40 Years Listening to the Beat of the Earth Klaus Hinsby, WREG chair Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Activities of the Water Resources Expert Group (WREG) UNECE Resources Management Week, 2019, UNFC and UNRMS for Europe, Palais de Nations, 1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland
  2. 2. WREG members Chair and co-chairs: Klaus Hinsby (GEUS), Hans Peter Broers (TNO), Laurence Gourcy (BRGM), Anna Kuczynska (PGI) + > 60 members from current EU member states and Norway
  3. 3. WREG MISSION & ACTIVITIES Sustainable management and geoethical use of groundwater resources for current and future generations and protection of: Groundwater eligible uses: drinking water, irrigation and industry* Groundwater dependent terrestrial and associated aquatic ecosystems (incl. marine ecosystems)* *According to the Water Framework and Groundwater directives and associated guidelines
  4. 4. CURRENT AND FUTURE MAIN RESEARCH AND POLICY SUPPORT ACTIVITIES Conducting groundwater research and identifying knowledge gaps for the EU research agenda on (ground)water incl. Horizon 2020/Europe, JPI, ERDF, BONUS etc. – e.g. in GeoERA (Horizon 2020 ERA-NET) Support and advise to DG-ENV of the European Commission related to the Common Implementation Strategy (CIS) of the Water Framework Directive and the CIS Working Group on Groundwater incl. contributions to guidance Contributions to future activities in the new UNFC Working Group on Groundwater Convening / co-convening groundwater related sessions at relevant conferences and meetings – e.g. EGU, AGU, IAH and UNECE/UNFC/UNRMS
  5. 5. Groundwater – one of 4 research themes in the GeoERA program ( EGDI / Tessa Witteman TNO
  6. 6. GeoERA - Groundwater Main objective: To provide groundwater data and knowledge for the assessment and protection of groundwater resources and EGDI, and to support EU policy 1) Protection from Surface activities 2) Protection from shallow and deep subsurface activities
  7. 7. GeoERA groundwater : the four groundwater projects and their main contributions to the GeoERA Information Platform / EGDI EGDI HOVER RESOURCE TACTIC VoGERA HOVER: GW Quality and age (include development of gw age classification system defining pristine and contaminated gw VoGERA: GW vulnerability to deep energy related activities (mainly reports from pilots in UK, NL, BE & HU to EGDI) TACTIC: GW and climate change (e.g. Pan EU GW recharge map and +40 pilots across Europe to EGDI) RESOURCE: GW Quantity (e.g. Pan EU gw resource map and pilots to EGDI) Synergy on Pan EU gw resource and recharge map
  8. 8. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 731166 HELP US BUILD THE EUROPEAN SUBSURFACE INFORMATION PLATFORM (EGDI) FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND GEOETHICAL EXPLOITATION OF SUBSURFACE RESOURCES 8GeoERA THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION  PLEASE VISIT THE GeoERA website: and ..