Parish Nurse - Gardening for Mental and Physical Health


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Parish Nurse - Gardening for Mental and Physical Health

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Parish Nurse - Gardening for Mental and Physical Health

  1. 1. April 2011 Dickey & LaMoure County Parish Nurse Spring Gardening Issue 1, Volume 5“I went down to the grove of walnut trees and out to the valley to see the new spring growth, to seewhether the grapevines had budded or the pomegranates were in bloom.” Song of Solomon 6:11 NLTSpring gives us such pleas- pace and time schedule to Take frequent breaks: Byure as we see everything allow enjoyment of the stopping to stretch, gettingcoming back to life, and it’s a task and minimize a drink or just enjoying thereminder of the new life that potential injuries. progress every half hour,we have through Christ’s you minimize your chance of Remember good bodyresurrection. Gardening is a injury or dehydration. mechanics: When liftingpleasure for most of us, but heavy bags of dirt or Stop gardening if fatiguedit is also an exercise and can mulch keep your back or in pain: That “one lastlead to injuries. Raking, straight back, bend your thing” when tired leads to Caption describing picture or In this Issue:mulching, planting, trim- knees, lift with the legs, injury. If pain occurs, stop! graphic.ming and digging are good and hold objects close to If pain persists, apply ice tophysical activity yet can your body. If shoveling, the affected area for 15-20result in pain and stiffness Gardening Tips 1 lift the dirt and turn the minutes at a time to reducein our neck, shoulder, elbow, entire body to empty it – inflammation. DO NOTwrist, knees and back if we don’t twist. USE HEAT – it increases Exercise 1over-extend ourselves. To the inflammatory process.enjoy the flowers, vegetables Change it up: Use different If pain persists, contact theand fruits without pain try muscle groups and mini- Stress Reliever 2 doctor.these tips from Dr. William mize the repetitive stressMadosky, a St. Louis placed on joints and We can spend time in thechiropractor. extremities by frequently garden appreciating the glory Diet Changes 2 changing activities. of God’s creation, while caringTreat gardening as a for our body at the same time. sport: Warm up and Use a cushion, stool, or Life Cycles 2 stretch the muscles before small bench when (Source: beginning. weeding: The support helps reduce stress placed References 2Be realistic: Plan your articles.html ) on knees and spine from work carefully to avoid gardening movements. Colon-Rectal Cancer 2 injury. Set a moderate We CARE about your“Now learn a lesson from the fig tree. When its branches bud and its leaves COLON, do you?begin to sprout, you know that summer is near.” Matthew 24:32 NLT • Parish Nurse invites you to participate in a short survey to access yourGardening offers quite the dormant over the winter. from gardening can help you colon healthphysical workout. Digging Heavy watering cans become prevent heart disease,up soil, moving it around, dumbbells as you water your obesity, and hypertension so • Parish Nurse encouragesand lugging bags of fertilizer plants and work your biceps. use good body mechanics, you to learn about youror mulch provides good Gardening also provides soak up some sunshine, and colon cancer risk factors,cardio exercise. Planting therapy for those recovering start your journey to health. especially if you are overseeds, blubs, or bushes from stroke or who need to age 50makes you stretch and use improve motor skills and • Call your Parish Nurse formuscle groups that went range of motion. Exercise more information
  2. 2. “For I am like a tree whose roots reach the water, whose branches are refreshed with the dew.” Job29:19 NLTWhen you are stressed, do you findnature helpful? Research showsthat the green of nature is calming,the sound of water falling is respite and hope this creates de-relaxing, and the scents of herbs creases one’s stress levels, lowerslike lavender are soothing. These the blood pressure, and eases thebenefits are used in many public pain of grief. Whether you want toand private gardens to promote enjoy a pretty place, lower bloodmental and spiritual healing for pressure, or gain solitude whenpatients with chronic disease, grieving, gardens will offer youcancer, or mental illness. For peace, renewal, and hope if youexample a park bench alongside take the time.flowing water encourages one to sit *Are Your Roots Healthy?*down, contemplate their situation, Come to CHURCH -May 1stor meditate to achieve peace. The“A good tree produces good fruit, and a bad tree produces bad fruit. A good tree can’tproduce bad fruit, and a bad tree can’t produce good fruit.” Matthew 7:17, 18 NLTWhen making a dietary change to into a diet when they are the resulthealthier foods, consider a garden. of the hard work of your own per-Fruits and vegetables always taste sonal garden. If you grow herbs, Sunday May 1stbetter from a garden than a hot- you can enhance the taste of your Wellness Assessment &house since they can ripen natu- other food and decrease the use of Presentation at local Parishesrally and are less processed than salt as a flavoring. Having plenty Colon Rectal Cancerthose purchased in stores. It’s also of vegetables and herbs right out- #1 Cause of Cancer LaMoureeasier to introduce healthy foods side your door will help battle the County and #2 Dickey County risks of heart disease and cancer so start planning yours today.“I am the one who answers your prayers and cares for you. I am like a tree that is alwaysgreen; all your fruit comes from me.” Hosea 14:8 NLTWe can learn lessons about Godfrom our garden since the cycle of bloom and bear God’s love to all ofplant life is just like the cycle for those around us. References / Resources:people. The process of preparing, www.nationalgardenmonth.oplanting, cultivating, and harvest- rg/index.php?page=educatorsing takes great care and can’t be – information on gardeningrushed. Plants need the right soil, for youth, educators, andmixture of water, and amount of communities on the benefitssunlight to grow to their full poten- of gardeningtial. God does the same for us. He – searchoffers us His love, adds His pres- gardens, healing gardens,ence, and encourages us through community gardens, organicour faith, church, and family. Like gardens, home extensionsthe plant, our spiritual life is a jour-ney through life’s ups and downs.With God’s guidance we come to full Page 2 Dickey & LaMoure County