The Future of News / PRSA March12, 2012


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The Future of News / PRSA March12, 2012

  1. 1. THE FUTURE OF NEWS Or, the new news ecosystem and how PR professionals can take advantage of it Kitty Barran 211 Broward / Broward Bulldog / Eye on South Florida
  2. 2. THEFUTUREOFNEWS Kitty Barran Communications Liaison and Grants Manager, 211 Broward (South Florida) Media Relations Consultant, Office of the CEO, Zurich Financial Services (London) National Media Relations Manager, Farmers Insurance Group (Los Angeles) Communications Director, Insurance Information Network of California (San Francisco) Director of Public Relations, HEALTHSOUTH (Dallas) Communications Manager, Via Christi Medical Center (Wichita) BA in Journalism, Wichita State University
  3. 3. THEFUTUREOFNEWS Wichita State University Shocks are playing Virginia Common-wealth in the second round of the 2012 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship Thursday, March 15. My beloved Wheatshockers won the 2011 NIT Tournament. Woo hoo! Wichita State boasts one of the most successful college baseball teams of teams of all time But I’m most proud of our football team.
  4. 4. 211NATIONALCRISISANDINFORMATIONHELPLINE 2-1-1 Services Available Nationally Federally mandated (1995) locally funded Health and Human Services Resource If it’s not 911 or 411, it’s probably 211 TeenSpace Special Needs Touchline – Senior Services Homeless Helpline Suicide Hotline
  5. 5. THE FUTURE OF NEWS  Joan Shorenstein Center for Press, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School of Government  25th Anniversary Video Contest: The Future of News  Runner-up "The News In 2036: Reporting to the Present from the Future" by David Porter
  6. 6. THE FUTURE OF NEWS  What is news – Where are we and how did we get here?  State of play today  What’s happening in South Florida  What’s a PR professional to do?
  7. 7. WHAT IS NEWS Where are we and how did we get here?
  8. 8. WHAT IS NEWS  News is personal; it’s whatever you say it is  Create your own “RSS newspaper” to get just the news you want  Breadth of specific ideologies means one point of view (i.e. Right, Left, Christian, Sports, Puppies, etc.) The very definition of News is changing. THIS is News.  KONY 2012, a 30-minute video about Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony released a week ago today went viral and had 72M views last time I checked.  The Ritz in Paris caught fire on Thursday. I found out about it on Facebook, from a Twitpic post.  This is a video my son made one day last week when he was bored. It’s been watched about 20 times.
  9. 9. WHAT IS NEWS News is expanding and contracting at the same time. News is expanding and contracting at the same time.  According to data from the Newspaper Association of America, daily newspaper circulation peaked in the early 1990’s at 62.5M subscribers and has been falling since 1995 to a 2010 low of 42.7M
  10. 10. WHAT IS NEWS  Journalism Job Losses  2007 = 2,293 (mid- year)  2008 + 15,993  2009 + 14,825  2010 + 2,920  2011 + 4,111  2012 + 951, so far  Total = 41,093 Fit to PrintErica Smith, Paper Cuts Blog
  11. 11. WHAT IS NEWS  What is news to you?  Where do you get your news?  Is it a Newspaper? Blog?  What’s the difference?  Does a video have to be on TV to be news?  Does a sound bite have to be broadcast to be news?  How does this drive your PR campaigns? Q&A News is expanding and contracting at the same time. Source: Pew Research Center, January 2012
  12. 12. STATE OF PLAY An informed, engaged public is at the root of a community’s civic well-being and is essential to a free and democratic society.
  14. 14. NATIONALGRASSROOTSEVOLUTION Knight News Challenge Knight Community Information Challenge Impact of Government Funded by Open Society Foundations NPR stations will add 100+ statehouse reporters and editors Bill Kling, founder of Minnesota Public Radio and retiring president and CEO of the American Public Media Group, announced a $100M plan to expand regional “public media” news operations to 100 reporters and editors per market. Included in Comcast’s promises regarding its acquisition of NBC is a plan to stimulate the growth of nonprofit news organizations. June 2011- Steve Waldman/FCC white paper: Information Needs of Communities Includes six broad recommendations of which one is to: support nonprofit media to develop more sustainable business models, especially through private donations.
  15. 15. WHAT’S HAPPENING ON THE GROUND  Successful Examples  Using five years' worth of data from the Council of Economic Advisors, LinkedIn has calculated how the job rate has grown or declined in various industries, finding that "internet" category and "online publishing" are two of the fastest growing industries,
  16. 16. Not all Not-for-Profit Q&A WHAT’S HAPPENING ON THE GROUND What technology/platform do you use for new? Who do you trust and why? Do you care if your news is paid for by ads and subscriptions or memberships and sponosorships? Is there more or less integrity in how news is funded?
  17. 17. STATE OF PLAY Media innovations in Florida
  18. 18. STATE OF PLAY IN FLORIDA  2009 Florida's Civic Health Index  Florida falls near the bottom in every discernible measure of civic health like voting and volunteering.  Broward County ranks last in community engagement among major metropolitan areas in the United States. This is a civic disaster.  “If we’re even able to double the numbers of those involved in the community we can accomplish so much more,” said Community Foundation of Broward President and CEO Linda Carter Linda Carter on February 11, 2011.  Broward County has an established need for more civic discourse = Problem or Opportunity?
  19. 19. MEDIA INNOVATIONS IN FLORIDA Statewide Broward County
  20. 20.  Started in 2009 by Dan Christensen  Independent, non-profit, investigative; member of INN  Filling gaps left by lack of resources at area print media  5 experienced free-lance reporters, 3 pro-bono editors  Former Sun Sentinel executive editor chairs board  Sell content to Sun Sentinel, Miami Herald  Content sharing agreements with Rueters, 100 Reporters, Investigative News Network and Publica, a women-led center for investigative journalism in Brazil (  911 series has received international attention; images purchased by MSNBC  Just added video
  21. 21.  Just won Broward County’s Non-Profit Rising Star of the Year award  Multiple Society of Professional Journalist awards in 2011  Selected as one of 20 Knight Foundation News Entrepreneur sites for 2011  Impressive stats  Unique IPs -20,894 February 2012  Page Views/CPM - 127,728 February 2012  Facebook – 670 “Likes”  Twitter – 500+ Followers  Cons  Narrow in focus  Expertise in print not multi-media  Little opportunity for community involvement
  22. 22. MEDIA INNOVATIONS: WHAT’S MISSING?  an effective method for encouraging innovative thinking and improving our country’s civic health is bringing journalistic ethics and storytelling methods to the average person.
  23. 23. HOWWILLNEWSSURVIVE? The future of news lies in an alliance of amateur and professional reporters, the tearing down of rigid journalism walls, and empowering “ordinary people” to take action on problems or issues that they themselves have defined as important.
  24. 24. EYE ON SOUTH FLORIDA  We believe journalism is a public service that is essential to a free and democratic society. Eye on South Florida can bridge the gap by delivering more of the original, local, issue-oriented news and information our community needs.  Today's online distribution environment provides an unprecedented ability to tell the community’s story in new, creative ways. We have the ability and desire to be a multi-faceted information organization. And, we will develop a business plan that incorporates advertising, membership and sponsorship and other revenue streams to create sustainability.
  25. 25. EYE ON SOUTH FLORIDA  Non-Profit Academy Awards  Jen’s Klaassen testimonial  Live stream  Promotion  Equipment  Tell your story, your way  Sharing and archiving  Finding ways to monetize through sponsorships and advertising Examples Services
  27. 27. WHATPRPROFESSIONALSCANDO Identify new media in your market Add them to your distribution list Request that BW, PR Newswire, Cision and others add them Make contacts now; you’ll be glad you did