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Parker Kittiwake Sampling Solutions Brochure


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Parker Kittiwake Sampling Solutions Brochure

  1. 1. Sampling SolutionsFuel and Lube Oilsampling Equipment.Convenient, Representative,Approved.
  2. 2. Oil Samples are used to obtain a clear indication of theoperating status of your machinery. One of the mostimportant aspects of any oil analysis program is thesampling methods and equipment used. Often theseare weak links that quickly compromise the program.Fuel Oil SamplingFuel oil sampling is an essential element of any bunkering operation.Representative fuel oil samples are required for both regulatory and commercialpurposes. Crucial aspects of the sampling process include taking the sample, thesampling location and witnessing the process.The importance of a suitably drawn and witnessed representative fuel oil samplecannot be over-emphasised. It forms the basis of all discussion, debate or disputeresolution relating to the bunkering.Obtaining a representative oil sample is one of the most important factors of a scheduledoil analysis program. Representative, uncontaminated oil samples are required for bothregulatory and commercial purposes.A high standard oil sample will contain an accurate representation of the contaminants,additives, oxidation, particulates and wear condition of plant and equipment. If a sampledoes not represent the true condition of the oil and component at the time of sampling,the reliability of both the test result and it’s interpretation is affected.Kittiwake’s sampling solutions provide you with everything you need to easily gather anuncontaminated, representative sample of your fuel or lubricating oil, whenever your oilanalysis program requires it.The most common and economic means of obtaining a representative sample is byusing a drip type Bunker Sampler. In back to back tests performed by a major fueltesting laboratory over an extended period, samples obtained by drip samplerswere identical to those from more expensive automatic fuel samplers.Protect your machinery from potentially criticalproblems, with regular monitoring of your oil condition. Lloyds Register approved and manufactured under strict ISO9001:2000 quality assurance standards. IMO MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI compliant - helps you stay within thelegal requirements for bunker sampling. Lightweight and very easy to install - obtaining a representative sampleis quick and easy. Bunker Sampler Joint Rings included - all the equipment you need forcorrect installation. Even ex-stock bunker sampler sizes available from Kittiwake’s extensiverange of equipment.Drip Type Bunker SamplersDrip TypeBunkerSamplersStainless Steel304/31625 / 26 mm31 / 32 mmMaterial:Nominal FlangeThickness:Total Thickness:(includinggaskets)
  3. 3. Selecting the Correct Size of Drip Type Bunker SamplerABC FlangePipeBunkerSamplerBoltABCFlangeBunker SamplerMUST fit between the flangeholes and have a diameterlarger than the inner pipediameter (B).BoltHolesMaximum widthof Bunker SamplerCalculationPitch Circle Diameter (A) - Bolt Hole Diameter (C) = XSelect the nearest size Bunker Sampler with an outerdiameter smaller than X and an inner diameter largerthan the Nominal Pipe Size (B).A = Pitch Circle DiameterB = Nominal Pipe SizeC = Bolt Hole DiameterSampler SizesPart Number NominalPipe Size (B)WeightOuterDiameterInnerDiameterFlange Standard CorrelationsFG-K1-122-KWFG-K1-123-KWFG-K1-124-KWFG-K1-125-KWFG-K1-126-KWFG-K1-127-KWFG-K1-128-KWFG-K1-129-KWFG-K1-130-KWFG-K1-131-KWFG-K1-132-KWFG-K1-133-KW50 mm / 2”75 mm / 3”100 mm / 4”125 mm / 5”150 mm / 6”175 mm / 7”200 mm / 8”225 mm / 9”250 mm / 10”275 mm / 11”300 mm / 12”350 mm / 14”63 mm86 mm116 mm144 mm171 mm194 mm221 mm260 mm281 mm319 mm340 mm375 mm95 mm127 mm157 mm188 mm216 mm241 mm266 mm307 mm328 mm361mm401 mm420 mm3.40 kg3.90 kg4.28 kg4.84 kg5.46 kg6.16 kg6.48 kg6.64 kg7.08 kg7.2 kg7.5 kg7.96 kgJISB2210 5K, 10K, 16K, BS 4504 PN10, PN16, BS10 D, E, F,ANSI B16.5 150, 300JISB2210 5K, 10K, 16K, BS 4504 PN16,BS10 D, E, F,ANSI B16.5 150, 300BS 4504 PN16, BS10 D, E, F, ANSI B16.5 150, 300JISB2210 5K, 10K, 16K, BS 4504 PN16, BS10 D, E,ANSI B16.5 150JISB2210 5K, 10K, 16K, BS 4504 PN16, BS10 D, E, F,ANSI B16.5 150, 300JISB2210 5K, 10KJISB2210 5K, 10K, 16K, BS 4504 PN10, PN16, BS10 D, E, F,ANSI B16.5 150ANSI B16.5 300JISB2210 10K, 16K, BS 4504 PN10, PN16, BS10 D, E, F,ANSI B16.5 150, 300JISB2210 10K, BS 4504 PN10, PN16, BS10 D, EJISB2210 16K, BS10 F, ANSI B16.5 150, 300BS 4504 PN10, PN16, BS10 D, E, F,ANSI B16.5 150, 300ExamplePitch Circle Diameter (A) = 290 mmBolt Hole Diameter (C) = 23 mmNominal Pipe Size (B) = 200 mm290 (A) - 23 (C) = 267 (X)Therefore the correct Bunker Sampler would beFG-K1-128-KW (8” Bunker Sampler), which has anouter diameter of 266 mm and an inner diameter of 221mm. The outer diameter is smaller than X (the spacebetween the flange bolts), yet the inner diameter islarger than the nominal pipe size (B), so that fuel flow isnot impeded.
  4. 4. Bunker Sampler Storage System (FG-K16091-KW)Certified by Germanischer Lloyd, the Kittiwake BunkerSample Storage System is a completely self-containedunit providing everything needed to comply with thecollection, retention and storage of bunker fuel oilsamples in accordance with IMO MARPOL regulations.Bunker SamplerStorage SystemSampling AccessoriesFuel Oil Sample Bottles and Labels All equipment is contained in a robust, metal case that isfully lockable for safe and secure sample storage. Certified by Germanischer Lloyd, providing everything youneed to ensure that your fuel samples are compliant withIMO MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI regulations. Complete with log book to record your sample details, plustraining CDs and full instructions on bunker sampling andthe latest regulations. Replacement consumables and a full range of bunkersamples are easily available at short notice from Kittiwakeand can be shipped to the destination of your choice.Part Number DescriptionOrdering InformationFuel Sampler (x 1 off)Cubitainers (x 24 off)Valve Lock (x 1 off)Convertor Bobbin (x 1 off)Sampler Gauge (x 1 off)Elbow Kit for 45 degree ElbowElbow Kit for 90 degree ElbowBunker Sampler Plug and LanyardFG-K11079-WAFG-K3-201-KWFG-K1-139-KWFG-K3-021-KWFG-K11168-KWFG-K13588-KWFG-K13589-KWFG-K16692-KWFuel Sampler - The fuel sampler is designed to fit into an existing fuelsupply line and can be removed with the line full. Supplied in a single size,it can be modified to fit fuel delivery lines. between 3 and 12 Inches.Cubitainers - Drip samplers use disposable ‘cubitainers’. These hold the oilsample before mixing and transfer to the sample bottles and keep out allexternal contamination.Valve Lock - Some authorities, for example the Port of Singapore, requirethat the sample flow rate is fixed throughout the bunkering period. TheValve Lock device can be fitted to the sampler to ensure the setting remainsstable.Converter Bobbin - The Converter Bobbin is a low costdevice designed to allow DNVPS Samplers to use KittiwakeCubitainers.Sampler Gauge - Rapid flow of fuel in bunker lines canresult in unusual pressure conditions. A gauge is availablefor monitoring this to prevent the sample being drawnback into the line.Elbow Kits For Alternative Positions - It is possible toposition the sampler tube at an angle to the vertical.Elbow kits are designed to keep the cubitainer baghanging vertically as either a 45 or 90 degree Elbow.Kittiwake produce 750ml HDPE fuel oil sample bottlepacks and mailer kits complete with numbered tamperevident caps, labels and mailing cartons*.Kittiwake sample bottles have been tested and approvedfor transportation of fuel oil samples by air freight or courierservice. All consumables are available either as convenientindividual packs, or supplied in bulk to refineries and bunkerbarge operations.*Mailer cartons only included in FG-K3-210-KWPart NumberFG-K3-210-KWFG-K3-211-KWFG-K17111-KWQuantity4070100Part NumberFG-K26280-KWFG-K26783-KWFG-K17103-KWDescriptionIMO MARPOL Approved Fuel Sample LabelStandard Fuel Sample LabelClear Adhesive Marpol Over LabelQuantity100010001000Sample Bottle Packs and Extra Security SealsLabelsDescription750ml Sample Bottle and Mailer Kit750ml Sample Bottle PackBottle Shoulder and Valve Lock Seals
  5. 5. Sampling Lubricating OilEffective predictive and preventative maintenance programsrely on scheduled oil sampling and analysis programs toprovide an accurate indication of equipment and lubricantcondition.Monitoring, control and management of the operating conditionof lubricating oils in equipment such as marine diesel engines,generators, turbines and gearboxes is an essential part of theday to day maintenance routines employed by Plant and FacilitiesManagers around the world.For simple and effective lube oil samplingfrom machine sumps and storagetanks, Kittiwake supplydurable, easy to useand versatileextraction pumps.These hand operatedvacuum pumps can beused for 28 mm and32 mm screw neck samplebottles. The 28 mm samplepump is designed to fitKittiwake 60 ml samplebottles and the 32 mmplastic pump is designedto fit 100 ml bottle and the32 mm metal pump isdesigned to fit the 750 ml sample bottles.Sample Extraction PumpsPart Number DescriptionOrdering InformationSample Extraction TubeSample Bottle LabelsClear Over LabelsPL-K10215-KWFG-K14297-KWBI-K26522Sample Bottles - Kittiwake produce a range of HDPE and PET lubricatingoil sample bottles. Designed to withstand hot oil under vacuumconditions, supplied in sizes from 60 ml to 750 ml.Part Number DescriptionOrdering Information28 mm Neck Extraction Pump32 mm Neck Extraction Pump (Plastic)32 mm Neck Extraction Pump (Metal)Sample Extraction Tube (LPDE) - Clean LDPE tubing to fit sample extractionpump which can be used with most oil systems. Supplied in 15 meter rolls.Sample Bottle Labels - Self adhesive, pre-printed labels for fuel or lube oilsamples, supplied with custom artwork and text. 1000 per roll.Clear Over Labels - Clear self adhesive, over labels to protect label and userannotations.Volume60 ml100 ml750 mlPart NumberFG-K17123-KW FG-K3-207-KWFG-K3-211-KWMaterialHDPEPETHDPENeck (mm)283232Quantity36028870Sample Bottles, Labels and SparesFG-K11290FG-K11289FG-K16991
  6. 6. MA-K27469-KW Issue 5Kittiwake Developments Ltd3 - 6 Thorgate Road LittlehamptonWest Sussex BN17 7LUUnited KingdomTel: + 44 1903 731 470Email: sales@kittiwake.comWeb: