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Parker Kittiwake Corporate Presentation


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Parker Kittiwake Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. www.kittiwake.comsales@kittiwake.comWorld Class Asset Protection
  2. 2. Who are Parker Kittiwake?Kittiwake are one of the world’sleading asset protection expertsWe manufacture products that allowour customers to monitor and managethe following:LubricationFuelGasMachineryMarine WaterOur key customers are leaders in the following application spaces:Marine, Industrial, Renewable Energy, Offshore, Power, Food ManufacturingParker Kittiwake are trusted and used by the majority of themajor companies in our key application areas to provideproducts to monitor and manage their assets
  3. 3. Kittiwake’s Credentials - prior to acquisition1992 to 2012 - 20 years of successful industry experience.Strong financial growth over this period. ~ $20m Turnover for 2012.> 500 product lines> 1,000 global customers~ 90 staff. Offices in UK, USA,Germany, India and Malaysia.Quality Assurance: ISO 9001:2008Strong, continued, organic growth over the past 20 years,enhanced by acquisitions, offering added value for ourcustomers
  4. 4. Certified solutions to give representative samples for analysisOil SamplingSimple to useNo operator/sample contactMajor UOA programme logisticsFuel SamplingIn-line, continuous samplingLR Type approvedIMO MARPOL Annex VI compliantOil and Fuel SamplingObtaining a representative sample is one of the mostimportant aspects of any scheduled oil analysis programme.
  5. 5. Lube Test KitsOn-Site condition based monitoring - high specification & exact results.DIGI Kits (6 Parameters)Simple to useEconomicalRuggedEasySHIP – non hazardous optionAnalysis Laboratories (8 Parameters)High specificationLaboratory accuracy levelsTested for harsh environmentsIn use globally with oil companies, engine OEMs,international navies, shipping companies, offshorecontractors, power generators, etc.
  6. 6. Marine Water Test KitsHelping customers to comply with current and forthcominglegislation requirementsMarine hygiene & potable water test kitsFull Compliance with ILO 178 (1996) & ILO MLC (2006)Sewage effluent test kitsFull Compliance with MARPOL Annex IV, V, 26Cooling & boiler water test kitsOffer real time analysisUser friendly with full instructions providedAvoids costly laboratory analysisTraining available for fleet purchases
  7. 7. Laboratory/Field based equipment for ultimate accuracy and repeatabilitypqLTotal ferrous (ANALEX fdMPlus)FerrographyOil test centreFTIR Oil AnalyserDensity meterHeated viscometerCompatibility testerFlashpoint testerCloud point testerLaboratory & Field Test EquipmentTrusted by Oil Testing Laboratories WorldwideIncluding Caterpillar, ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, Castrol,ITS Caleb Brett, Wearcheck, etc.
  8. 8. Real-time Machinery ConditionMonitoringThere is an increasing desire to move from on-site to on-line analysisKittiwakes offerings remove the “man” between machine and ultimate reliabilityOn-line SensorsTotal ferrous debrisMetallic Wear DebrisOil conditionMoistureTotal water / insolublesExhaust Emissions (Kittiwake Procal)Acoustic Emissions (KittiwakeHolroyd)Under DevelopmentOnline Viscosity sensor•Real-time measurementsFrom multiple locationsFlexible In/Output options
  9. 9. Online SensorsEffective trending relies upon the provision of regular and accurate informationReal time monitoring provides:Ultimate reliabilityRemoves sampling errorsWeb VisibilityEmpowers fast and informed decisionsKittiwakes sensor rangeTotal FerrousMetallic Wear DebrisOil ConditionMoistureOnline Viscosity (under development)Sensor suite – containing combinations of the above sensorsKittiwakes MWDS is the most sensitive Metallic Wear DebrisSensor available in the market today
  10. 10. The Kittiwake FTIR 3Oil AnalyserASTM Compliant and field deployable, all in a small, portable instrumentMeasures:Sulphation – TO ASTM D7415-09Oxidation – To ASTM D7414-09Nitration – To ASTM D7624-10Phosphate Antiwear – To ASTM D7412-09Soot – To ASTM E2412-10Water – To ASTM E2412-10Ethyl Glycol Coolant – To ASTM E2412-10Antioxidant depletion – To ASTM E2412-10DieselFuel ContaminationAs new ASTM methods become adopted, these can be added to the instrument.
  11. 11. Holroyd - Acoustic Emissions (AE)AE monitoring provides:Early indication of machine degradationMonitors:Fast and Slow speed (>0.25 rpm)Bearings, motors, pumps, gearboxesComplementary to oil analysis to provide an overallcondition monitoring solutionHolroyd sensor range:MHC – Machinery Health CheckOnline modulesSetPointSloPointSmart SensorsDM1/SM1SigmaWirelessUltraspanSpecialists in acoustic emissions sensors and systems
  12. 12. 25 years in the emissions industry, over 2800 installedanalysers in 41 countries, > 120 million device hours.Continuous Emissions MonitoringIn-situ IR and UV exhaust gas monitoringMultiple gases analysed within a single unit(up to 6 of: SOx, NOx, N2O, CO, CO2, NH4,C2H6, C2H4, HCl, HF, CH4, C3H8, H2O).Global Approvals:ATEX/IEC (Hazardous areas)MCERTS (Europe)US EPA 40 CFR Part 60 and 75 (US)MED 2008/67/EC (Marine)
  13. 13. Application Specific Condition Monitoring
  14. 14. Current CMC offering+ Holroyd Products+ Procal ProductsParker Kittiwake BU Products
  15. 15. Parker CM Offering within FiltrationParker CM Offering within FiltrationTreatmentTreatment PreventionPreventionDiagnosisDiagnosis
  16. 16. World Class R & DHighly qualified R&D team (13 BEng/BSc, 4 MEng,5 PhD’s) covering:ElectronicsMechanical DesignSoftwareChemistryPhysicsResearch and utilise novel technologiesDevelop and improve existing productsExtended product life cyclesJoint customer partnerships>10% of turnover invested back into R&D
  17. 17. Parker Kittiwake Business Unit Global Presence
  18. 18. The Parker Kittiwake Business UnitParker Kittiwake - Serving your needs on a global basis.
  19. 19. www.kittiwake.comsales@kittiwake.comWorld Class Asset Protection