Ch3 introduction to iso29110


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Ch3 introduction to iso29110

  1. 1. SE423 SPICH-3 Introduction toISO/IEC29110Kittitouch Suteeca
  2. 2. Outline Introduction The Three Critical Dimensions Youtube: ISO/IEC29110 ISO29110 Concept and History Line ISO/IEC29110 ROLES and ResponsibilityWhere are we?
  3. 3. Introduction Today, a single company usually doesnot develop all the components thatcompose a product or service some are built in-house some are acquiredthen all the components are integrated… In history of software development, there are: Three critical dimensions Five principal ideas
  4. 4. The Three Critical Dimensions Process helps an organization’s workforce meet business objective byhelping them work smarter, not harder, and with improved consistency.Note: image from CMMI ® 2nd Edition: Guidelines for Process Integration and Product Improvement, Addiso1.2.3.
  5. 5. Five Principal Ideas1. Planning, Tracking and Scheduling Management2. Requirements Definition and Configuration Control3. Process Assessment4. Quality Management and Continuous Improvement5. Evolutionary Improvement5
  6. 6. ISO/IEC29110Youtube: ISO/IEC 29110 Standard for Very Small Entities(up to 25 people) developing software
  7. 7. ISO29110 Concept andHistory Line
  8. 8. Thailand CommitteeDr.ANUKUL TAMPRASIRT• Chairman of TISI committee 967 Software& Systems Engineering Standards• ISO/IEC JTC1 SC7 WG24 VSE profile• ISO/IEC Business AdvisorPrakit Sangpar Tanin Uthayanaka Sanyakorn Buasung TISI committee 967 Software & SystemsEngineering Standards ISO/IEC JTC1 SC7 WG24 VSE profile
  9. 9. History LineA group of ISO/IEC SC7 membercountries met at the Interimmeeting in Australia to initiate WG24 workA group of experts met in Thailandto continue WG 24 WorkISO/IEC SC7 - WG 24 met“Officially” for the first time at theInterim meeting in ItalyNew Work Item was proposed atthe Finland Plenary MeetingA group of experts met again inThailand to continue WG24 Work
  10. 10. ISO29110 Survey Respond
  11. 11. VSE needs from Survey
  12. 12. ISO/SC7 Scope of Standards
  13. 13. ISO/SC7 Working Group StructureSC7SecrétariatStandardsManagement GroupSWG 5Systems & SoftwareDocumentationWG2IT GovernanceWG1AProcessAssessmentWG10VocabularyWG22IT ServiceManagementWG25WG26Software TestingTools andEnvironmentWG4Techniques forSpecifying IT SystemsWG19Systems QualityManagementWG23Life CycleManagementWG7Software ProductMeasurement andEvaluationWG6ArchitectureWG42CIF UsabilityJWG ISO/TC 54SLC Profiles andGuidelines for VSEWG24SWG 1Business PlanningGroupWG20Software EngineeringBody of KnowledgeWG21SoftwareAsset Management
  14. 14. ISO/SC7 JTC1 WG24 of ISO29110
  15. 15. ISO29110 Standard StructureProfile Specifications for VSEDomain(Assembled Profile Elements)Guidelines forassessment of VSEProfilesISO/IEC 12207ISO/IEC 15504-5Annex B,IEEE 12207-1,ISO/IEC 15289(Generic and SpecificWork Products)Profile Elements(Tasks, Activities,Work Products)CMMI - StagedRepresentation,CMM - SW LOGOS,ISO/IEC 15504-2,ISO9001:2000VSE Levels(Descriptions)ISO/IEC 15504-5Assessment ModelISO90003,ISO/IEC 15271, etc.Guidelines forimplementation anduse of VSE ProfilesProfiles Input Internal DocumentISO/IEC 15504-3Technical Report
  16. 16. ISO29110 Part ConceptPart 5-1 - TRPart 4-1 - ISPPart 3 - TRPart 2 - ISPPart 1- TR Overview contains overview of the ISO/IEC 29110 setof documents – Part 1 to Part 5Framework and Taxonomy contains usage ofInternational Standardized Profiles (ISP) for creation ofdocumentsAssessment Guide contains guideline for performingan assessment for VSEBasic Profile Specification contains basic processesand work products aligned to existing internationalstandardsManagement & Engineering Guide for Basic Profilecontains guideline for using basic processes withtemplatesISO/IEC 29110
  17. 17. ISO29110 VSE NetworkCanadaMexicoPeruLuxemburgJapanSouth AfricaChinaAustraliaThailand
  18. 18. ISO/IEC29110 ROLES andResponsibility
  19. 19. RolesAnalystKnowledge and experience eliciting, specifying and analyzingthe requirements.Knowledge in designing user interfaces and ergonomiccriteria.Knowledge of the revision techniques and experience on thesoftware development and maintenance.Knowledge of the editing techniques and experience on thesoftware development and maintenance.CustomerKnowledge of the Customer processes and ability to explainthe Customer requirements.The Customer (representative) must have the authority toapprove the requirements and their changes.The Customer includes user representatives in order toensure that the operational environment is addressed.Knowledge and experience in the application domain.
  20. 20. RolesDesignerKnowledge and experience in the software components andarchitecture design.Knowledge of the revision techniques and experience on thesoftware development and maintenance.Knowledge of the editing techniques and experience on thesoftware development and maintenance.Knowledge and experience in the planning and performanceof integration and system tests.ProgrammerKnowledge and/or experience in programming, integration andunit tests.Knowledge of the revision techniques and experience on thesoftware development and maintenance.Knowledge of the editing techniques and experience on thesoftware development and maintenance.
  21. 21. RolesProject ManagerLeadership capability with experience making decisions,planning, personnel management, delegation and supervision,finances and software development.Technical LeaderKnowledge and experience in the software development andmaintenance.Work TeamKnowledge and experience according to their role.
  22. 22. ISO/IEC29110 Processes
  23. 23. VSEs 4 ProfilesEntryBasicintermediateAdvance
  24. 24. 4 Profiles within the genericProfile Group Entry-Targets VSEs typically developing 6person-month projects or start-up. Basic- Target VSEs developing only oneproject at a time. Intermediate- Target VSEs developing multipleprojects within the organization context. Advance- Targets VSEs which want to sustainand grow as an independent competitivesoftware development business.
  25. 25. Next ChapterProject management Process