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Kitti Baracsi Portfolio


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Published in: Education
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Kitti Baracsi Portfolio

  1. 1. @baracsikitti LinkedIn Researchgate periferias dibujadas TuTela Learning Network Atlantic Fellow for Social and Economic Equity, LSE Inequalities Institute PORTFOLIO KITTI BARACSI
  2. 2. PARTICIPATORY PROJECTS WITH CHILDREN Fare rione, fare scuola: collaborative research and creative intervention Schools of Tomorrow Programme Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin with Orangotango Collective in Barra (Naples), 2018 Albayz�n, patrimonio humano: collaborative ethnography and creative interventions, with Dario Ranocchiari and Gloria Calabresi in Granada, since 2018
  3. 3. Rethinking the European imageries of Africa through collaborative research and counter-cartographies, C.E.I.P. G�mez Moreno, Granada, 2019 PARTICIPATORY PROJECTS WITH CHILDREN Living together: horizontal relations and conflict management working on the participation and the emotions, C.E.I.P. G�mez Moreno, Granada, 2019 Te quiero verde, El Albayz�n de las ni�as: collective mapping of green areas, walks and planting, Neighbours' Platform Albaic�n, 2018
  4. 4. Piccole storie colorate male Chi rom ... e chi no Association, Naples, 2015 PARTICIPATORY PROJECTS WITH CHILDREN Collegium Martineum direct democracy-based residency for Roma secondary school students M�nfa, 2006-2008 educator PhD research with children and youth at urban margins in Hungary and Italy
  5. 5. Feminist practices: perspectives from the margins, hybrid workshop with Dresda M�ndez de la Brena TuTela Learning Network F. of Social Work, U. of Granada, 2019 Gender Equality and Intersectionality Lab, with Dresda M�ndez de la Brena, EASAA, 20-24 February 2020, Budapest Toolkit WORKSHOP/ TC DESIGN AND FACILITATION WITH YOUNG PEOPLE
  6. 6. E-LEARNING COURSE DESIGN AND FACILITATION Webinar: Violenza di genere e interventi sociali: pratiche femministe, with Marta Ruffa, TuTela Learning Network, 2019 Online Course: Femminismo e lavoro sociale, with Marta Ruffa, TuTela Learning Network, 2018 Group: Mujeres errantes: entrelazando experiencias, 2020
  7. 7. WORKSHOPS/SEMINARS ON COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH AND INTERVENTION Workshop: Collaborative research with minors in the contexts of urban conflicts. AIBR. Antrop�logos Iberoamericanos en Red. Congress 2018. Workshop: Collaborative methods in social research and intervention, a feminist approach with�Marta Ruffa and Aziza�El Amraoui U. of Granada Faculty of Sociology, 2018 U. of P�cs, Institute of Psychology, 2019 Panel: Sensing and shaping urban marginality: multimodal and engaged research with children and young people. with Stefano Piemontese, RC21 Antwerp, postponed to 2021
  8. 8. PUBLICATIONS ON DEMOCRATIC EDUCATION AND PARTICIPATION Demokratikus k�z�ss�g? : K�zvetlen demokr�cia a Collegium Martineumban. /Democratic Community?: Direct Democracy in the Collegium Martineum. In: Perspekt�v�k a nevel�studom�nyban. 2012
  9. 9. PUBLICATIONS ON ENGAGED RESEARCH WITH CHILDREN Forthcoming: Walking in a multimodal data jungle: ethnographic experiments in a school community (with G. Calabresi and D. Ranocchiari) Forthcoming: The Making of the Marginal:� Rethinking Educational Research with Romani Children Based on a Situated Approach.A Critical Guide for Researchers and Educators (monograph) The Unmaking of Roma Students: Contributing from a Critical and Engaged Ethnography. In: The Age of Human Rights, 2016.
  10. 10. research CONFRONT - Countering new forms of Roma children trafficking See: Child Trafficking in Hungary, CEU CPS community work A step forward: Empowering Young People and Women from Local Roma Communities Sz�nes Gy�ngy�k Egyes�let 2013-2015 Chi rom e... chi no Association:�researcher and social educator in an informal camp with families from ex-Yugoslavia, 2011, 2013, 2015 Fa�g Bar�ti K�r Association, mentor EXPERIENCE IN CHILD PROTECTION WORK
  11. 11. METHODS AND APPROACHES collective mapping videos, photos, soundscapes, interviews storytelling: cartoons, comics theatre of the oppressed games cooperative learning systematisation of experiences critical education feminist participatory action research collaborative educational ethnography critical cartography artivism