Loughborough's Kit-Catalogue Launch


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The slides that accompanied the presentations at Loughborough University's Kit-Catalogue launch event on the 29th May, 2013.

Hosted by the Centre for Engineering and Design Education, the Kit-Catalogue team launched Loughborough's installation of Kit-Catalogue - equipment.lboro.ac.uk - to internal academics, technicians, facilities managers and researchers from all over Loughborough University's campus.

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Loughborough's Kit-Catalogue Launch

  1. 1. The Launch of Loughborough’sK I TCATALOGUE®29th May 2013Centre for Engineering and Design Education
  2. 2. http://equipment.lboro.ac.ukOutline K I TCATALOGUE®Welcome – Professor Chris LintonIntroduction to Kit-Catalogue – Rachel Thomson• Background: Materials Research School equipment database• Background: Kit-Catalogue® JISC project• The past year at LoughboroughLoughborough’s Kit-Catalogue – Paul NewmanH.E. Facilities and equipment: the national context – Paul NewmanBenefits for Research, Teaching, Management and Enterprise• Benefits for research, teaching and management – Rachel Thomson• Enterprise – Kathryn Burchell• L.M.C.C. – Scott DoakSummary – Rachel Thomson
  3. 3. Introduction to Kit-Catalogue®K I TCATALOGUE®Professor Rachel Thomsonhttp://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  4. 4. Materials Research School K I TCATALOGUE®• January 2008 – Proposal for a Materials Research SchoolEquipment Database made to Loughborough’s EngineeringCentre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (engCETL).• February 2008 – Work begins to develop the database andcatalogue the materials research school equipment (MySQL andPHP web based system).• December 2008 – The database is piloted with key stakeholders.The system is improved and expanded in response to academicand technician feedback.• September 2009 – Official launch of the Equipment Database...http://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  5. 5. The Equipment Database in 2009 K I TCATALOGUE®The original Equipment database had over 800 items catalogued, complete withphotographs and numerous supporting documents.http://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  6. 6. Kit-Catalogue® JISC Project K I TCATALOGUE®March – November 2011http://kit-catalogue.lboro.ac.ukA JISC funded project to produce a web-based, open source equipmentcataloguing system. Funded under JISC’s Greening ICT programme with thespecific aims of realising the environmental and financial benefits of:• Reducing the costly duplication and double purchasing of equipment within HEinstitutions.• Promoting the reuse of research equipment by staff and students.• Supporting the sharing of catalogue information on selected equipment andfacilities to third parties, including other HEIs and local industry.http://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  7. 7. The past year at Loughborough K I TCATALOGUE®• Internal funding from end of JISC project (November 2012) toApril 2013• Hired Jonathan for cataloguing, development support,dissemination and production of user guides• Established a Kit-Catalogue user group – 16 HEI members, 2national meetings held at Loughborough• Establishment of the Loughborough Equipment Group, M5 Groupand Uniquip consortium• Hired a developer to create a booking system for equipmenthttp://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  8. 8. The past year at Loughborough K I TCATALOGUE®• Won an S-Lab Award for ‘Maximising Equipment Use’ in the Laboratory Equipment and Servicescategory and a Times Higher Award finalist for Outstanding ICT Initiative of the Yearhttp://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  9. 9. M5 Universities: Midlands Region K I TCATALOGUE®http://www.m5universities.ac.ukhttp://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  10. 10. M5 Universities: Midlands Region K I TCATALOGUE®http://www.m5universities.ac.uk/facilitiesM5 Board• PVC(R)s of 6 Universitiesand Chair of OperationsGroup, chaired byBirminghamM5 Operations Group• 2 members from eachUniversity, chaired byLoughboroughM5 Universities are workingtowards having a frameworkagreement in place to enablebetter access and sharing offacilities and equipment.http://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  11. 11. Project Team K I TCATALOGUE®Melanie KingHead of The Centre for Engineering & Design EducationJonathan AttenboroughKit-Catalogue Project Officer, The Centre for Engineering & Design EducationProfessor Rachel ThomsonDirector of the Materials Research School and Head of Department, MaterialsMartin HamiltonHead of Internet Systems and Services, ITSPaul NewmanIT Systems Specialist, ITShttp://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  12. 12. Loughborough’s Kit-Catalogue®K I TCATALOGUE®Paul Newmanhttp://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  13. 13. Loughborough’s Kit-Catalogue® K I TCATALOGUE®http://equipment.lboro.ac.uk• http://equipment.lboro.ac.uk• 2074 items catalogued and in the system.• Of those logging in, theres a 60:40 split of staff to students.• Academics, technicians admin all represented.• Students are mostly researchers, but significant numbers ofundergrads and taught/MSc.
  14. 14. The National ContextK I TCATALOGUE®Paul Newmanhttp://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  15. 15. K I TCATALOGUE®The EPSRC funded ‘Uniquip’ Project – working towards a national standard• Collaborative project with Universities of Southampton, Bath, Leeds and Loughboroughrepresenting 4 regional consortia (M5, N8, GW4, SES-5) comprising of 22 universities.• Proposed guidelines and technical standards to harmonise vocabulary and schema toenable the development of solutions to be used in the cataloguing and publishing ofresearch facilities and equipment on a national scale.• The project held a national conference on 17th September 2012.• Kit-Catalogue® will be piloting and implementing the agreed standards for describingand sharing data about equipment and facilities in UK HE.http://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  16. 16. Equipment Data Sharing K I TCATALOGUE®http://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  17. 17. National Equipment Data Sharing K I TCATALOGUE®http://equipment.data.ac.ukhttp://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  18. 18. RCUK: Gateway to Research K I TCATALOGUE®http://gtr.rcuk.ac.ukhttp://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  19. 19. The Kit-Catalogue Community K I TCATALOGUE®• 16 HEI members, many havepublic catalogues• Group involved in featuredevelopment plans• 2 national meetings so far• UCL developing mobile Kit-Catalogue application for smarttablets and smart phones• Active mailing list, join on theproject websitehttp://www.kit-catalogue.comKit-Catalogue is an open source application, so anyone can download it.http://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  20. 20. Benefits for Research, Teachingand ManagementK I TCATALOGUE®Rachel Thomson & Jonathan Attenboroughhttp://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  21. 21. Benefits for Research K I TCATALOGUE®• The original aim of the system was to enhance research collaboration,particularly across discipline boundaries• This remains the case, despite the ‘efficiency’ agenda• Finding equipment available on site• Reduced costs in grant applications• Potential for support in use of equipment• Potential to link equipment records to LUPIN – enhanced citations• Research collaborations through sharing• Joint bids; regional possibilities• Need to demonstrate that you have explored registers of equipmentfor Capital funding calls…http://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  22. 22. Benefits for Management K I TCATALOGUE®• Customisable inventory reports• Possibility of keeping all equipment records in one place,including PAT testing etc• Linked to Agresso, to facilitate updating at order point• Fulfilment of procurement policy towards RCUK grants• Several layers of administrative permissions to allow forstreamlined departmental management of equipment• Records for insurance purposes…• On-line booking system coming soon…http://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  23. 23. Benefits for Management K I TCATALOGUE®• An example of an inventory report (e.g. Possible West Park Refurbishment)http://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  24. 24. Benefits for Management K I TCATALOGUE®• ‘Enquire button’ - example of a typical enquiry a custodian will receivehttp://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  25. 25. Benefits for Teaching K I TCATALOGUE®• 42% of signed-in users viewing items in the catalogueare students• Of those students: 60% researchers; 10% taughtresearch; 30% undergraduates• Linked resources – lab scripts, instruction manuals,attached videos• Linking to items from LEARNhttp://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  26. 26. Benefits for Teaching K I TCATALOGUE®• Module leaders can tag equipment associated with their modulehttp://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  27. 27. Enterprise and Kit-Catalogue®K I TCATALOGUE®Kathryn Burchellhttp://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  28. 28. Enterprise and Kit-Catalogue® K I TCATALOGUE®"Complementing teaching and research, Enterprise is the third strand of ourmission and defines Loughborough as a creative, innovative and outwardfacing University, constantly pushing boundaries to bring social and economicbenefit to society.Professor Steve Rothberg, Pro-Vice Chancellor for EnterpriseThe many benefits to engaging in Enterprise activity:• social impact• financial reward• reputational benefits• enhanced teaching and researchhttp://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  29. 29. Enterprise and Kit-Catalogue® K I TCATALOGUE®» new insights for research »improvements on how an academicpresents» new contacts for research » changes to the course programme» strengthened reputation for research » strengthened reputation for teaching» new research projects »increased entrepreneurship instudents» protecting or commercialising your ideas and research» getting you set up as a consultant, enabling you to get paid for your expertise» collaborating with external organisations» starting up a new business» putting you in touch with other people and business networksThe Enterprise Office has a professional and experienced team whocan help you identify and exploit the commercial and social value ofyour work. We can support you with:http://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  30. 30. Enterprise and Kit-Catalogue® K I TCATALOGUE®Business Development ManagerRichard NewboldE: R.W.Newbold@lboro.ac.ukT: 01509 228692Business Development Manager(Sustainability)Peter StruttonE: P.Strutton@lboro.ac.ukT: 01509 228682Business Development Manager(Healthcare)Dr Kristen ClementsE: K.M.Clements@lboro.ac.ukT: 01509 223438Business Development AssociateLisa SandersE: L.Sanders@lboro.ac.ukT: 01509 222597» getting you set up as a consultant, enabling you to get paid for your expertise» collaborating with external organisationshttp://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  31. 31. The LMCC and Kit-Catalogue®K I TCATALOGUE®Scott Doakhttp://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  32. 32. http://equipment.lboro.ac.ukLoughborough MaterialsCharacterisation CentreK I TCATALOGUE®
  33. 33. http://equipment.lboro.ac.ukRole of LMCC K I TCATALOGUE®To provide a high quality materials characterisationfacility in support of:• Materials Department research• Other research across the whole ofLoughborough University• Industry and other institutions in the UKand abroad
  34. 34. http://equipment.lboro.ac.ukLMCC facts K I TCATALOGUE®• Approximately 60 items listed onKit-Catalogue• Over 100 LU researchers using facilities• Working with over 20 universities in the UKand overseas• Performed contract research, consultancy orprovided services to over 130 companies in last 5 years• Running costs and instrument upgrades partially fundedfrom external income
  35. 35. http://equipment.lboro.ac.ukHow we use Kit-Catalogue K I TCATALOGUE®Help existing users• Theory of techniques• Application notes• Sales brochures• Instruction videosLet other users find us• Increase no. of usersfrom other departments• Diversify applications• Share equipmentAttract external customers• Web presence• Effective for searchengines• Advertise facilitiesExtend our capability• Locate equipment• Share with otherdepartments• Reduce expenditure
  36. 36. http://equipment.lboro.ac.ukWhat Kit-Catalogue does for LMCC K I TCATALOGUE®• Increase user base• Enhance our service• Reduce workload• Make cost savings• Generate income
  37. 37. SummaryK I TCATALOGUE®Professor Rachel Thomsonhttp://equipment.lboro.ac.uk
  38. 38. K I TCATALOGUE®http://equipment.lboro.ac.ukSummary and Future Developments• Continuing to support and develop the software• A new on-line booking system will be available• Links to Lupin being developed• Want Schools/Departments to take more ownership oftheir items and improve quality of entries• Jonathan available to assist!• Several other issues associated with ‘sharing’ beingaddressed• Framework for sharing being developed with M5 group• Enjoy the workshop, and suggestions very welcome• Thank you!
  39. 39. CONTACT DETAILS:K I TCATALOGUE®Kit-Catalogue® ProjectDOWNLOAD THE SYSTEM AND FIND OUT MORE HERE:http://www.kit-catalogue.comProject TeamFor specific help or technical support contact the project team:kit-catalogue@lboro.ac.ukhttp://equipment.lboro.ac.uk