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Task 1

  1. 1. TASK 1
  2. 2. • Genre Characteristics • Visuals/Lyrics • Visuals/Music • Need to sell the artist • Intertextuality • VoyeurismWe have included Goodwin’s framework through out ourmusic video in order to make it interesting to watch.
  3. 3. Genre CharacteristicsOur genre of our music video is Hip Hop/Rap. Hip Hop music genre consists ofstylized rhythmic music that usually accompanies rapping in a rhythmic andrhyming speech that is almost chanted. Hip Hop developed as part of Hip Hopculture a subculture defined by five key stylistic elements: MCing/rapping,DJing/scratching, break dancing, graffiti writing and beatboxing.It is clear from our rough cut that we have already included Three of the HipHop subculture which are; Rapping, break dancing and beatboxing. Theaudience is constantly reminded of what genre the music video is through outthrough the use of these subcultural elements.
  4. 4. Visual/Lyrics‘squares’ ‘you’ ‘roll’ ‘flossing’There is no direct link between the Visual and Lyrics of the song in factthe visual in the music video contradicts the Lyrics of the most of thesong. The video is an amplifying video in some areas as the visualssometimes link with the lyrics to make you understand the video more asit is not so obvious. We emphasised on some words which is clear our themusic video.
  5. 5. Visual/MusicRapping: We focused a lot on rapping in our music video. This is becausethe song is a rap song and as a rap artist that is what they would want tofocus on and so almost every verse of rap, the visual is of the artist rapping.It is a common thing for an artist to do this in Rap music video’s so that thefocus does not differ to too much dancing or a storyline because then itwould distract away from the artist and their lyrics.
  6. 6. Dancing: Dancing is a great way to keep the audience entertained duringthe music video. The choreography as a visual matches the beat of themusic. The dance reflects the beat and tempo of the music. The Is a strongbeat throughout the song yet the tempo is quite chilled and so it was clearidea to make the dance the same so that the beats of the song areenhanced and to hopefully encourage the audience to want to dance orenjoy the song even more.
  7. 7. At the end of the music videowe edited the visual of ourartist walking, to the beat ofthe song. This again is toenhance the beat of the trackin an attempt to make thebeat stick in your head.
  8. 8. Need to sell the artist In Our Music video we have emphasised to a great extent on our Star Persona. The video concentrates on the artists through out the video, rarely showing anyone else. We also wanted to show to the audience that our artist is talented and so we show cased in the music video his ability to rap dance and do hat tricks. The actual artist for the song we chose created a dance that was popular world wide and so we used a lot of our own choreography in order to keep with the trend.Rapping. Hat Tricks. Breakdancing.
  9. 9. Artists clothing:Clothing is very important in our music video as we involve different changes in outfit Inorder to show that our artist is fashionable and has a cool style that should be followed.We also included it because it is ideal to have a brand for the artist and so showing offthe label in the music video would be free advertising.
  10. 10. Intertextuality & VoyeurismWe didn’t include a great deal of intertextuality and voyeurism in ourmusic video as we didn’t see its relevance. The is no sense ofseeing something you should be or sexual behaviour in our musicvideo and so it lacks voyeurism.The only reference to anything inthis music video is in the stair casescene. The shot of the staircasefrom a high angle/birds eye view issimilar to one in the film Vertigo.
  11. 11. Improvements to music video Five improvements: •Colour Correction •More Split screens •Sync sound to visual •Quicker Cuts between scenes/shots •Add reverse motionFive ways in which I would improve our music video from the rough cut would be firstly bycolour correcting most shots as they are very different from each other lighting wise. I wouldmake this reflect summer time, brightly shot. Secondly I would include more split screensbecause it seems to be the theme of the music video and so more would be an effective look.Thirdly, some of the lip syncing in the rough cut was not synced to a great standard and so inorder to improve the music video I would sync the visual in some areas. Another improvementwould be to add more cuts between shots as we want to keep the audience intrigued and notbored of the same shot for long periods. Lastly, I would add reverse speed to some clips justbecause it would look effective especially on the last scene when the artist is just walking. Itwould make the walk more interesting to watch with reverse speed motion added to it in somesections.