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Asynchronous Task Queues with Celery


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Asynchronous Task Queues with Celery

Published in: Technology
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Asynchronous Task Queues with Celery

  1. 1. Kishor Kumar Mahato Python Lead at Eagle Vision IT Python User Group Nepal Meetup #7 2nd August 2015 Celery Asynchronous Task Queues
  2. 2.  Distributed Asynchronous Task Queue For Python  It is a task queue which focus on real-time processing  It also supports task scheduling
  3. 3. • Anything that needs to run asynchronously, eg. outside of the request-response cycle. • Background computation of ‘expensive queries’ • Interactions with external API’s (eg. Twitter) • Periodic tasks (instead of cron & scripts) • Long-running actions with results displayed via AJAX. Potential Uses
  4. 4. Work Flow
  5. 5. Celery Workers  Run at least 1 celery worker server ( Redis / RabbitMQ)  Can be on different machines  Celery guarantees that tasks are only executed once
  6. 6. Task from celery.task import Task from celery.registry import tasks class FetchUserInfoTask(Task): def run(self, screen_name, **kwargs): logger = self.get_logger(**kwargs) try: user = logger.debug("Successfully fetched {0}".format(screen_name)) except TwitterError: logger.error("Unable to fetch {0}: {1}".format( screen_name, TwitterError)) raise return user tasks.register(FetchUserInfoTask)
  7. 7. >>> from myapp.tasks import FetchUserInfoTask >>> result = FetchUserInfoTask.delay(“kishor_14”) Run It!
  8. 8. Periodic Tasks from celery.task import PeriodicTask from celery.registry import tasks from datetime import timedelta class FetchMentionsTask(Task): run_every = timedelta(seconds=60) def run(self, **kwargs): logger = self.get_logger(**kwargs) mentions = twitter.statuses.mentions() for m in mentions: ProcessMentionTask.delay(m) return len(mentions) tasks.register(FetchMentionsTask)
  9. 9. Periodic Tasks from datetime import timedelta from celery.schedules import crontab CELERYBEAT_SCHEDULE = { 'order-reminder-every-1-hours': { 'task’: 'application.views.cron_job_for_application_processing', 'schedule': crontab(minute=0, hour='*/1') # 'schedule': timedelta(seconds=30) }, } CELERY_TIMEZONE = 'UTC'
  10. 10. Support  
  11. 11. Thank You! Kishor Kumar Mahato @kishor_14 fb:kishrorkumar