Communication and Information services In Tele Communication


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Communication and Information Services in Tele Communication deals with Communication Mix and Tele communication services mix in India.

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Communication and Information services In Tele Communication

  1. 1. Communications and the Services Marketing Company External Marketing Communication Internal Marketing Vertical Communications Horizontal Communications Advertising Sales Promotion Public Relations Direct Marketing Employees Interactive Marketing Customers Personal Selling Customer Service center Service Encounters Servicescapes
  2. 2. The Integrated Marketing Communication MIX Advertising  Sales Promotion  Direct Marketing  Public Relations  Publicity  Personal Selling  Cyber Marketing. 
  3. 3.  Advertising: A paid, impersonal mass communication with a clearly-identified sponsor.  Sales promotion: Demand-stimulating activity designed to supplement advertising and facilitate personal selling.  Direct marketing: Form of communication that allows businesses and nonprofits to communicate straight to the customer, with techniques such as mobile messaging, email, interactive consumer websites, online display ads, fliers, catalog distribution
  4. 4.  Public relations:A planned communication effort by an organization to contribute to generally favourable attitudes and opinions toward an organization and its products.  Publicity: A special form of public relations that involves news stories about an organization or its products.  Personal selling: The direct presentation of a product to a prospective customer by a representative of the selling organization.  Cyber Marketing: Internet based promotionthroughwebsites,banners, email, etc.
  5. 5. Tele- Information Services   Tele-information services are based on an alliance of digital Tele Communication and Computer Technology that play an important role in inter-human communications. It is a classification of information flows broken down so that the presentation and information content are not confused with the character of the information flow. Tele-information services consist of four definable information traffic patterns being allocution, conversation, consultation and registrati on.
  6. 6. Growth of Tele Communication In India
  7. 7. Tele Communication Services Mix (6Ps) PRODUCT  PRICE  PLACE  PROMOTION  PEOPLE  PROCESS 
  8. 8. PRODUCT Pre-paid  Post-paid  Blackberry Wireless Handheld  Value Added Services (VAS)  Features like chat, games, ringtones video clips etc.  On-the-move information service.  Black list callers.  Social Products. 
  9. 9.        PRICE World‟s cheapest price rates. Customer based pricing strategies. Flexible pricing mechanism Controlled by TRAI. Monthly price plans are available. Rewards on the usage. Bharti Airtel is one of the leading alternative providers of telecommunications services in India, and among the top ten global carriers offering services in 17 other countries, particularly in Africa.
  10. 10. Telecom service provider has wide and extensive presence even in the remotest areas.  Telecom service provider has Customer Care Touch Points.  Distributors like  E.g. Paan shops, grocery stores, chemists, outlet etc. 
  11. 11. PROMOTION Airtel Introduced “Do not disturb” policy.  Vodafone Introduces ZOOZOO for Value Added Services without any Cellibrity  Idea Introduces Idea of „Participative Management‟. Two-way communication is encouraged between government and public with Abhishek Bachan „Mobile is a life-transforming tool for millions. It changes lives!‟ 
  12. 12. PEOPLE
  13. 13. PROCESS Process for services is very easy and customer can avail it very easily.  Each service provider has a customer support no. which can be dialed from anywhere in India.  And Services like -SIM cards, Recharge Vouchers., Service outlets., Digital TV services. 