Lmsa World Lit Elizabethan Cultures & Customs


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Lmsa World Lit Elizabethan Cultures & Customs

  1. 1. Elizabethan Cultures & Customs Corey Lee Darrien Moore Iniki Thompson Xavier Walker Nikisha West
  2. 2. Elizabethan Clothing The Sumptuary Laws stated strict guidelines about clothing. Laws easily identified citizens social standing, rank and privileges. Penalties for breaking these laws: Large fines Loss of land or title Death by Execution
  3. 3. Basic Elizabethan Attire Underclothes! a Chemise Stockings Corset Farthingale Petticoat Kirtle Partlet Headdress Over Clothes! Gown Separate sleeves Ruff Cloak Shoes Hat Underclothes! Shirt Stockings or hose Codpiece Corset Over Clothes! Doublet Separate sleeves Ruff Breeches Belt Cloak Shoes Hat Women’s Men’s
  4. 4. Elizabethan Music Used to entertain people Is performed by musicians Is still famous because there are different forms and is still classy The different forms are: Church music Court music Street music Theater music Town music
  5. 5. Church Music Started in the 15 th century Composed of ballets, sacred songs, madrigals, and canzonets
  6. 6. Court Music Was an introduction to string instruments It was played for Queen Elizabeth in her courts
  7. 7. Street Music Was played in fairs and at markets Became popular around the year 1501 Lost popularity because of the bubonic plague Was replaced with theater music
  8. 8. Theater Music Reflected Shakespeare’s plays Used to evoke emotions from the audience Clues for the music to start playing were embedded in the actors speech
  9. 9. Town Music Was played for town ceremonies Also known as the town band Goes back to medieval era Used high pitched pipes
  10. 10. Elizabethan Theatre The Elizabethan theatre resides in London and was made in a style similar to the coliseum The theatre had over 3,000 guests The theatre had to be shut down in 1593 due to the outbreak of the plague The theatre shutdown when the English Civil War broke out and was restored when King Charles II took the England throne.
  11. 11. Elizabethan Food Food and Drink varied according to status and wealth. Meat = Wealth Introductions of different food from the New World. Use of sugar.  Cultivation of fruit trees and bee hives Increase in the range of foods available
  12. 12. Cooking Methods Food was prepared by several cooking methods: Spit roasting Baking Boiling Smoking Salting Fried
  13. 13. Cooking Utensils Cooking was conducted over open flames. Cooking utensils were: kettles, skillets, cauldrons mortar pestles, knives , ladles, forks and scissors Modern Day = Baking Tin Elizabethan Era = Baking Tray (made of a hardened pastry) called a ‘Coffin’
  14. 14. Elizabethan Drink Water was not clean in the Middle Ages. Rich people drank wine and ale and poor people drank just ale. Honey was used to make a sweet alcoholic drink called Mead (drunk by all classes). Wine was imported although some fruit wines were produced in England. Ales were brewed with malt and water. Flavors were added to ales and beers such as bayberries or long pepper.
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