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Generic White Paper Template

Generic white paper template for Department of Defense biomedical research solicitations

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Generic White Paper Template

  1. 1. Generic White Paper Template Cover Page Title of White Paper: Principal Investigator and Institution: Date of submission: Signature of official authorizedto obligate the institutioncontractually: Nontraditional Defense Contractor %: White Paper SpecificArea(s) of Interest: If applicable,indicate whichspecificarea(s) of interestoutlinedinthe BAA or RFP yourprojectaddresses. Title:Provide adescriptive titleforthe project. Principal Investigator: Provide name,institution,email address,andphone number. Background: Provide acleardescriptionof whyandhow the proposedprojectfitsintothe agency mission.Describehowthe technologyaddressesanunmetneedinbothmilitaryandcivilianmarkets. Approach: Brieflydescribe yourapproachtosolvingthe problem.Includerelevantbackgrounddata aboutyour approach.Include the currentstatusof yourapproach. Objectives:Specifythe objectivesof the proposedeffort. 1. Technical Strategy: Outline the proposedmethodologyinsufficient detailtoshow a clearcourse of action. 2. AnticipatedOutcomes:Provide a descriptionof the anticipatedoutcomesfromthe proposedwork. List milestonesanddeliverablesfromthe proposedwork. 3. TechnologyReadinessLevel (TRL): Indicate the TRL stage in whichthe projectwill start,aswell as anticipatedTRLat projectcompletion. Technical Maturity and CommercializationStrategy: Provide abrief descriptionandjustificationof the maturityof the proposedtechnology,anticipatedregulatorypathwayand commercializationplans. Include informationaboutIntellectual Property/DataRightsAssertions. Participants: Brieflystate the qualificationsof the Principal Investigator,keypersonnel,and organizationsthatwill performthe statementof work(SoW). Periodof Performance:Indicate the total proposedperiodof performance. Cost Share: It isanticipatedthatGovernmentfundswouldprovideincentiveforindustryfundingtojoin the project.While nota requirement,Offerorsare stronglyencouragedtodiscussthe abilitytobring leveragedfunding/costshare tocomplete the projectgoals. Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) Pricing: Indicate the ROM(includingdirectcosts),andthe proposed ROM. This informationwill be usedtoprovide the Sponsorwithareasonable representationof the
  2. 2. amountof fundingrequiredtoadvance the project.Sufficientcostinformationtosubstantiate the proposedcostas realisticandreasonable forthe proposedeffortmustbe providedtoensure thata complete andfairevaluationof the costor price can be conducted. Labor $ Subcontractors $ Contractors $ Material/Equipment $ Other Direct Costs $ Travel $ IndirectCosts $ Total Project Costs $