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Why Cloud Telephony is the Best Way to Power Growing Business


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This is how cloud telephony makes it easier for businesses to manage business communications & facilitate company's growth.

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Why Cloud Telephony is the Best Way to Power Growing Business

  1. 1. Why Cloud Telephony is the Best Way to Power Growing Business?
  2. 2. Cloud Telephony is a communication service that can be accessed from anywhere using a high speed internet connection. It specifically refers to internet-based voice service and more specifically the replacement of conventional business telephone system with VoIP service. Some of the cloud telephony services are IVR, Call Recording, Call Forwarding, Call Conferencing, etc. What is Cloud Telephony?
  3. 3. Rather than just keeping a pace with your company's growth, the use of right technology can actually facilitate company's progess. Here are reasons why cloud telephony is the best solution to power your growing business.
  4. 4. 1. Scaling is Easy One of the key benefit with cloud telephony is scalibility. It allows your business to upscale or downscale your computing requirements as and when required. This could be done by either increasing or decreasing the required resources i.e not paying for resources which you're not utilizing.
  5. 5. 2. Quality of Customer Support Cloud telephony provides detailed information on every call or SMS being sent or received, and thus makes call management infinitely easier with the ability to record calls to analyze issues like number of missed calls, track time, route calls etc.
  6. 6. 3. Cost Benefit As there is no hardware to manage, you won't spend any money or maintenance either. With cloud telephony, you can use your own device such as mobile device to make and recieve calls.
  7. 7. 4. Agents Productivity Cloud telephony has made a flexible working environment for agents, allowing them to take calls from their own mobile devices, from multiple locations. It makes it easy for them to work from wherever they are, which, in turn, helps improve their productivity.
  8. 8. 5. Customer Support Infrastructure is Taken Care With Cloud telephony, there is no need to worry about issues like unavailability of agents, missing calls, lines being down etc. There is no need to worry about investing on manpower or technology to take care of all these factors.
  9. 9. About Us The Real PBX, powered by CloudSpace Technologies LLC, is a global provider of unified cloud communication services such as Hosted PBX, Cloud phone system, SIP services and toll free numbers to consumers and businesses. For more information, visit: or call at +1- 888-892-9646
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