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The impact of UcaaS on Organizations


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The Benefits of UCaaS will have a transformative effect on Business culture and communications. Let's check out its major benefits.

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The impact of UcaaS on Organizations

  1. 1. T h e I m p a c t o f U C a a S O n O r g a n i z a t i o n s
  2. 2. T h e F u t u r e O f E n t e r p r i s e The work of companies is changing as a cloud, mobility and social collaboration technologies are re- defining the way that we work and collaborate.
  3. 3. T h e O f f i c e o f t h e F u t u r e - W h a t I t ' l l B e L i k e
  4. 4. The adoption of cloud computing services has been very strong over the past 2 years.  Cloud Computing is the Mainstream
  5. 5. 01 02 02 03 The Growth of UCaaS The Rise of VoIP Services Contact Centers Moving to Cloud Employees increasingly wish to use their own device for business (BYOD), Mobility 04 05 Increase of Video as a Service Model (VaaS) Switch to End to End Managed Services
  6. 6. Benefits of UCaaS
  7. 7. Cost BenefitInstead of Paying for numerous separate products for your business, you can only pay for what you use.   #1
  8. 8. Improved ProductivityBy introducing remote working policies & several methods to get in touch with a person, you can increase productivity.  #2
  9. 9. Mobility #3 Employees can interact the way they want to, from any device including their personal devices like smartphones. 
  10. 10. Green IT Businesses can reduce carbon footprint by restricting the employees need to travel.   #4
  11. 11. Scalability Companies can add or remove resources whenever required.  #5
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