Nano (media plan)


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Revamping marketing strategy of Tata Nano

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Nano (media plan)

  1. 1. Revamping Marketing Strategy of TATA Nano Presented By: Kirtan Pandya (32)
  2. 2. Flow Of Content• Initial marketing strategy  STP  Marketing Mix  Brief  Marketing strategy• Proposed marketing strategy  Communication process o National level o Ahmedabad level
  3. 3. Start of Dream!“I saw families riding around on scooters with kids standing up and the mother carrying a baby and sitting pillion and decided to do something about it. It started as a quest for an affordable transportation solution”.- RATAN TATA
  4. 4. STPGeographic Rural and Urban (Tier 2 , Tier 3)Demographic Family size Nuclear family (married couple, children) Income Middle class (80,000 – 1,20,000 p.a.) Lower middle (40,000 – 80,000 p.a.)Psychographic SEC : B1 B2Behavioral Benefits Economy, quality User status First time usersTarget market Executive two wheeler segment, second hand car user, lower income group people.Positioning TATA intending to place in the mind of the consumers as a ‘People’s car’
  5. 5. Marketing Mix Product PriceAn impeccable vehicle, covering middle and Offering the lowest price in this segment lower middle segments of the market, attractive, small yet comfortable 4P’s Place Promotion Coming from the Tata’s stable, the Nano With the existing Tata dealers nd largest dealer and service network in already created a brand image. The price of 1 (2 lakh has offered enough promotion not only in India) India but also globally.
  6. 6. Creative Brief• Problem  To spread Word of mouth as 1 Lakh car• Audience  Lower middle and middle class• Support  Economical car with sufficient features• Core message  To speak the language of the middle class consumers, while highlighting the products features including space, performance, mileage, safety and durability.  The campaign was a blend of emotionality and functionality.
  7. 7. Marketing strategies• Online strategies  Website  Social media  Nano game  Online Advertisements
  8. 8. Marketing strategies• Offline strategies  Collaborations with banks  Mall displays  Dealer network TV commercials and Print Ads Auto Expo (Delhi and Geneva)
  9. 9. What went wrong with Nano?• Wrong positioning with some technical errors in the car
  10. 10. ProposedMarketing Strategy
  11. 11. Factors that support new marketing strategy• Compared to advanced automobile markets, income levels in India are significantly lower and it results into very less market share (around 3%) of 4 wheelers of India in world market i.e. Enough scope to grow• 65% population is below the age of 35• Perfect combination of quantity and quality!
  12. 12. Creative brief• Problem  To remove its tag of poor people’s car• Audience  Primary audience: Young executives  Secondary audience: Middle class & lower middle class• Core message  Nano will be stepping stone to your career path• Support  Available in 3 variants with Basic features, superior quality and small price!
  13. 13. Communication Process Identify Target Audience Determine Objectives Design Communications Select Channels Decide On Media Mix Establish Budget Measure Results
  14. 14. Identify Target AudienceGeographic Rural and UrbanDemographic Family size Young Single Nuclear family (married couple, children) Income Upper Middle (> 1,60,000 p.a. ) Middle class (80,000 – 1,20,000 p.a.) Lower middle (40,000 – 80,000 p.a.)Psychographic SEC : A1 A2 B1 B2Behavioral Benefits Economy, quality User status First time users and Potential usersTarget market Young executives who has just started their career , second hand car user,Positioning Tata Nano will be positioned as car which is for all the young people who believes they are hard working and who invest their money wisely
  15. 15. Determine Objectives• To revamp the ‘Brand attitude’ for Nano• To change ‘Brand purchase’ intention for Nano• To portray Nano as an ‘Intelligent choice’ amongst competitor cars
  16. 16. Design CommunicationsMessage strategy What to say? Rational and Social rewardsCreative strategy How to say it? Informational appeal
  17. 17. Select ChannelsPersonal Communication channel Advocate and Social channelsNon Personal Communication channel Advertising Sales Promotion Events
  18. 18. Decide On Media MixAdvertising Sales Events Direct Personal• Print & Promotion • Festivals Marketing Selling broadcast • Contests • College • Web sites • Fairs & trade Ads activities shows • Tie-ins • Blogs• Billboards • Incentive • Catalogs programmes
  19. 19. Establish Budget• Print media• TV Commercials• Outdoor Advertisements
  20. 20. India Level
  21. 21. Print MediaNewspaper Size Rate of 1 Total rate Duration Total cost (Color Ad) day for 3 days in for 2 a week monthsTimes of Full page 14,85,000 44,55,000 2 months 3,56,40,000India
  22. 22. TV commercialsChannels Timing (Slots) 1 day cost for airing Total cost for 2 Ad for 8 times months (30 sec)MTV 7pm – 11 pm 15 Lakh 9,00,00,000Aaj Tak 7pm – 11 pm 18 Lakh 10,80,00,000Star Plus 7pm – 11 pm 20 Lakh 12,00,00,000 31,80,00,000
  23. 23. Outdoor advertisementLocation Size (cm) Rate of 1 Rate of 5 Frequency Total cost billboard billboards for for 2 2 months monthsCity 400*500 12,03,960 60,19,800 20 12,03,96,000Highways 720*2400 18,06,680 90,33,400 20 18,06,68,000 30,10,64,000
  24. 24. Total advertising budgetTool CostPrint 3,56,40,000TV 31,80,00,000Outdoor 30,10,64,000Total 65,47,04,000
  25. 25. Ahmedabad Level
  26. 26. Outdoor advertisementLocation Size (cm) Rate of 1 billboard Rate of 40 for billboards for 2 2 months monthsMain Cross roads 400*500 12,03,960 4,81,58,400& Near corporate houses 4,81,58,400
  27. 27. Events• ‘Bright future with Tata Nano’• Fairs & trade shows by authorised dealers• Tie ups with corporates and driving schools
  28. 28. Total advertising budgetTool CostOutdoor 4,81,58,400Events 20,00,000Total 5,01,58,400
  29. 29. Measure ResultsAfter first 2 months (Jan-Feb) Comparative increase in sales of Jan-Feb than previous 2 monthsAfter 4 more months (March-April) Increase of 5% in salesAfter 3rd quarter Increase of 10% in salesAfter 4th quarter Increase of 10% in sales• Survey among the consumers asking them their previous and current attitudes towards Nano and their behavioral response
  30. 30. References••• d=7wzQgIGpR6g=
  31. 31. Thank you 