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Kirt Menon is pretty much versed in the areas of business design, details management, Business Process Management, Web Development, Internet, E Commerce, Mobile Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media. He collaborated with NFL and a big league recreations team to develop early 'wire-less' based tools that are today called 'smart-phones'.Visit our site for more information on Kirt Menon

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Kirt Menon

  1. 1. •RFID• CENTER OF EXCELLENCE• Kirt Menon• Version: 1.2page 1Confidential- For discussion purposes only
  2. 2. page 2Confidential- For discussion purposes onlyKirtikumar Menon• “Kirt Menon is very well versed in the areas of enterprisearchitecture, information management, Business ProcessManagement, Web Development, Internet, E -Commerce,Mobile Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, and SocialMedia.He worked with NFL and a major league sports team todevelop early „wire-less‟ based devices that are today called„smart-phones‟.”
  3. 3. page 3Confidential- For discussion purposes onlyKirt Menon Vendor EvaluationTechnologyB2B, E2EInfrastructureMaturityERP, SCM, WMSMiddlewareEAI, MessagingTier 1Tier 2 Tier 3SAPTibcoOAT 4.0ConnecterraViewlocity
  4. 4. page 4Confidential- For discussion purposes onlyClosed Loop RFID Solution DesignConcept,PrototypePilot, Testand DeployIntegrate withEnterpriseManagementSystemsFeedback-Incorporate intoDesignProcessAssessDesignDevelop WMSSCMERPModularReusable ScalableStandardsBasedThe COE has tothink aboutintegration with BusinessProcesses andEnterprise systems1KnowledgeManagement2TechnologyEvaluation3VendorEvaluation4StandardsSetting5Bench-marking6Systems andProcessIntegration7ProgramManagement8TheBottom Line
  5. 5. page 5Confidential- For discussion purposes onlyKirtikumar Menon`s Action Plan• Develop an Implementation Plan.– Step by step implementation plan.– Who does what, when, where and how.– Roles and responsibilities– Deliverables– Definition– Content– Context– Goal accomplishment benchmarks and metrics– Knowledge dissemination– Demonstrations held– COE involvement in actual implementations
  6. 6. page 6Confidential- For discussion purposes onlyKirt Menon - Next Steps• Plans for the next 10 days– Breakdown the items mentioned in the previous slides into– specific tasks,– action items, and– to do lists.– Evaluate and prioritize activities to determine– Who will do what, when and how– Submit the 1st Draft of a Project Plan with enough granularity to show– Definition– Phases– Tasks and Activities– Set up RFID IT Website
  7. 7. page 7Confidential- For discussion purposes onlyCharacter + capability: How we do things is asimportant as what we doValuesandbehaviorsStructureandprocessesStrategyMetrics,results andrewardsEX CONo Limits™
  8. 8. page 8Confidential- For discussion purposes onlyRFID IT COE Leadership frameworkValues andbehaviorStructure andprocessesStrategyMetrics, resultsand rewards• Our corporate objectives• Our corporate strategy• Our value proposition• Our operating model• Our balanced scorecard• Our shared values• Our standards of conductStrategy• Leverage Industry leadership for competitiveadvantage• Manage, evaluate and prioritize demand from BUs• Consistently manage and execute successfulimplementations using ‘ROI driven and ValueAdded’ best practices and methodology• Enable a framework for evaluating RFID ITproducts, technologies and solutions.RStructure & Processes• Intelligently accumulate and distribute RFIDknowledge.• Leverage work done during RFIDimplementations and the experience of otherCOEs for use in relevant business cases.• Drive standard setting to meet EX CO needs.• Periodically evaluate vendor offerings• Create and showcase ‘Best of Breed solutions.• Create a pricing model for services.• Focus on design, development, deploymentand support.Metrics, Results & Rewards• Setup a framework for measurement and metricsfor Return on Investment•Investment Model•Adoption Time Table•Success Criteria.• People and Process improvement metrics•Productivity•Value Analysis•Execution Cycle times.• BenchmarkingValues & Behavior• Step by step implementation plan to achievegoals.• Roles and responsibilities• Deliverables- what did we move from the COE tothe field.• Goal accomplishment benchmarks and metrics• Look ahead to what comes next in RFID, andprovision for continuous improvement inprocesses based on feedback and experience.
  9. 9. Kirtikumar Menon - Acknowledgement, Credits, etc.• Material in the foregoing was created from:– Publicly available material from various resources;– Knowledge gathered during more than 20 years of providing strategicbusiness technology consulting services during my association withCompanies like 3Com, Accenture, Barclay’s, BofA, Boeing, Bristol MeyersSquibb, Capital One, Cisco, Consolidated Plastics, Deloitte, E&Y, GE, GM,HP, IBM, Interfirst, KLA/Tencor, Lytton, Lockheed, Loral, KPMG,marchFIRST, NUCOR, Oracle, Palm, PWC, SUN, US Foods, WF, etc.– My educators at Columbia University, University of California at Berkeley,University of Bombay, University of Hawaii, etc.– My membership in:• American Institute of Certified Public Accountants;• Institute of Certified Management Accountant;• Project Management Institute; and• International Scrum Institute.– Attendance of countless seminars, workshops, summits, conferences, 9Confidential- For discussion purposes only
  10. 10. KIRT MENONClick Here To Get More Information Onpage 10Confidential- For discussion purposes only