Universal Analytics & Single User View


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Jono Alderson - DigitasLBi SEO Meet Up - 05/09/2013

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Universal Analytics & Single User View

  1. 1. @jonoalderson Jono Alderson • Head of SEO & Analytics at twentysix www.jonoalderson.com jonoalderson@gmail.com @jonoalderson
  2. 2. @jonoalderson Universal Analytics & Single User View
  3. 3. @jonoalderson Big, sexy data
  4. 4. @jonoalderson Who doesn’t love keyword research?
  5. 5. @jonoalderson Who’s seen this chart?
  6. 6. @jonoalderson Multi-touch, multi-channel analytics
  7. 7. @jonoalderson So what can we do?
  8. 8. @jonoalderson Why’s this important?
  9. 9. @jonoalderson Challenges • Device proliferation • Defining cookie & session behaviour • Issues with non-linear content consumption (channel hopping & tabbed browsing)
  10. 10. @jonoalderson Single Visitor View Keyword 1 Keyword 2 Keyword 3 Bad decisions! 
  11. 11. @jonoalderson The real power of Universal Analytics
  12. 12. @jonoalderson Making this happen: Identifying a user
  13. 13. @jonoalderson 1. Get and set the user ID (however you go about getting it) 2. When users complete actions, extract GA data from the GA cookie (ID, campaign parameters, custom dimensions) and pass downstream to CRM/systems 3. When stuff happens in these systems/places (e.g., sales), pass that info back to GA along with the ID 4. Profit 5. PRO TIP: PII Making this happen.
  14. 14. @jonoalderson Go further • Offline sales • Phone calls. App usage. Account preferences. Billing methods. • Intermediary actions; Likes, shares, downloads, etc. Microconversions! • Changes / up-sells / downstream actions; go long!
  15. 15. @jonoalderson If you’ve no mechanism for collecting user ID…
  16. 16. @jonoalderson This is now the real world
  17. 17. @jonoalderson Thinking outside the box • Which terms generate multiple conversions over time? • How do multi-device visitors behave, and where should your focus be? • What about… • Which terms have a higher propensity to be used by people who have children? • Which terms contribute more when it’s rained in the last three days? • How do people who travel a lot consume content, and how does this affect conversion?
  18. 18. @jonoalderson One last challenge… • Everybody’s website is unique. • Everybody’s business is unique. • Every brand’s real-world technology and digital infrastructure is different • There’s no escaping that this needs bespoke development • …But so few people are doing this at the moment, that it’s worth tackling the hurdles.
  19. 19. @jonoalderson Who’d like to get really technical? Pro challenge: Use a Server-Side Data Layer
  20. 20. @jonoalderson Resources • UA implementation https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/analyticsjs/ • “3 cool analytics hacks” http://bit.ly/ua-hacks • “Using Universal Analytics To Segment By Weather” http://bit.ly/ua-weather • Extract GA campaign data from cookie http://bit.ly/extract-ga • Use-case support or exploration Talk to me afterwards!
  21. 21. @jonoalderson Thanks! Any questions?