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Target audiene


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Target audiene

  1. 1. Target Audience: Age:15-18 and35-45 Gender:Both Thisthrilleropeningisn’tspecificallyaimedtowardsata precise age range as youngeraudiences’will connectwithitmore easily,the youngerfemaleswill connectwith the thrilleropeningdue toit mainlybeingsurroundedby ayoungactress theirgenderandaroundabout theirage.Therefore makingthemeligible torelate tocertainsituationsduringthe thrilleropening, suchas:beingcurious walkingroundthe woodsandpickingup the balloon. We are alsotargetingyoungermale audience’s as we feel like theywill alsoconnectwiththe filmasthe thrilleropeninghasfastpace elementstoit and actionlike shots, suchas: the runningthroughthe woodsandthe lettinggoof the balloon leavingthe audience suspense, sothisIbelieve will keepthe youngermalesintrigued withthe thrilleropening.However,we are alsoaimingforoldermiddle agedaudience membersforvarious reasons,bothmale andfemale middleagedindividualsare beingtargetedbecauselikethe younger audience members theycanquicklyconnectwiththe thrilleropening.The reasonwe are targeting middle agedmentowatchour thrilleropeningisthe same reasonwhywe are gettingyoungermale audience memberstowatchit,the actionand fastpace drama pullstheirattentionandwillmake themintrigued,alsoIfeel like middle agedindividualswill enjoythe aspectof the mystery.Whereas middle agedfemalesdonothave the same or similarreason asto whywe want themto watch our thrilleropening.We believe thatmiddleage womenwill have adeeperconnection withthe thriller openingasby thisagedmanywomenhave hadchildrenorare lookingintohavingchildren,they will developamore maternal aspect towardsthe opening asthe teenagerinthe thrilleropeningis clearlyin dangertheywill be captivatedastowhat happenstoher.Asthese are the target audiencesthatwe are aimingforit meansthat familiescouldwatchittogether. MarriedMarried Likesvideo games Likesaction movies/fastpast pace movies Organised Likesshopping e.g.;Topshop new look Likes technology Talkative I enjoy goingto the park whilst walkingthe dog Goesto school Likes Dancing Love thriller and horror movies Likes tensionand mystery Likeswater sports Talkative Goesto college Likesgoing on spa days Aged17 Age 16 I Shopin Topman and urban outfitters Like hangingout withfriendstothe movies Usuallyeat fastfoods like pizza and chips I like eating out for dinner I love meetingup withfriends for lunch Secretlylove mystery films Aged40 Workedas a teachernow a stay at home mum I shopat Marks& Spencer’s Works inan office Aged36 Lovesto take adventurous holidays Shopsin Topmanand Zara men Unorganised Love mysteries