My digital life


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My digital life

  1. 1. My<br />Digital<br />LIFE<br />Kirsten Holte<br />
  2. 2. Ten Ways I use technology<br />You Tube<br />DVD PLAYER<br />RADIO<br />Computer<br />Cellphone<br />Facebook<br />Television<br />CD PLAYER<br />Alarm Clock<br />I-POD<br />
  3. 3. Sites I use…<br />GOOGLE<br /><br />Google is a search engine. I use it to look up information for school, music on the top lists, images, and other various sites.<br />FACEBOOK<br /><br />Facebook is a social networking site. I use it to keep updated on everyone's lives, for others to keep updated on mine, sharing pictures, and as a source of entertainment.<br />YOU TUBE<br /><br />You Tube is a site where people can post their videos for everyone around the world to see. I use it to look up TV series I have missed, listening to music, finding videos for school projects, and countless other information.<br />
  4. 4. ITUNES<br /><br />ITunes is a site to download music from almost every artist in the world! I use it to add music to my ipod and listen to music while I am on the computer or just hanging out.<br />PHOTOBUCKET<br /><br />Photobucket is a site for people to upload and download photos. I use it to find photos for schoolwork, desktop backgrounds, and even photo shopping my personal photos.<br />
  5. 5. Digital Citizenship<br />The normal use and participation in technology, using appropriate behavior. <br />Practicing Good Digital Citizenship…<br />1.<br />I’ll be careful to watch the pictures others put up of me, so that others don’t get a bad idea of who I am.<br />3.<br />When commenting on YouTube videos, I will refrain from using vulgar language.<br />I’ll watch what I say in my facebook statuses, to protect myself from strangers knowing too much information.<br />4.<br />If I ever shop online in the future, I will be sure to keep credit card, and personal information safe.<br />2.<br />5.<br />I will not abuse technology, and purchase all of my iTunes or movie downloads.<br />
  6. 6. Perfect classroom<br />In my imagination, a perfect classroom using technology would be a quiet classroom. Everyone would have laptops, and that’s how they would communicate. All projects, lectures, notes, and tests would all be posted on a site, like ning, for the students to use. If any questions were needed to be asked, students could use messaging systems online. We would all have our projects done and in on time because it’s a more interesting approach to teaching, which would be intriguing. Too much technology in a classroom could make coming to school not as useful as it is now. Interaction with one another in a learning environment would disappear. The internet holds everything we could possibly need to educate ourselves, but it all throws away the point of schooling; to learn together as a team. <br />Technology in a <br />
  7. 7. The Dark Side…<br />Imagine a school environment where everyone was encouraged to use a laptop…<br />.:: P R O B L E M S ::.<br />1. Students would abuse the privilege and use games, social networks, and inappropriate sites during class. <br />2. Students that forgot to bring their laptops would cause an interruption in learning.<br />3. Such equipment is very expensive, and students would be out a lot of money if theirs broke from horseplay. <br />.:: S O L U T I O N S::.<br />3. An agreement would be made within the classroom that states whoever breaks the equipment is responsible to pay for it.<br />2. Teachers could invest in extra laptops for forgetful students, or give students planners, with reminders to remember their laptops.<br />1. Teachers could block all sites during class time that would not improve the students’ learning abilities.<br />