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Social media for researchers #OpenResLeeds2018


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This workshop was offered by Kirsten Thompson and Sally Dalton during Open Access Week 2018 as part of the Leeds University Library programme of events.

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Social media for researchers #OpenResLeeds2018

  1. 1. Using social media to promote your research Kirsten Thompson | @iamKirstenT Sally Dalton | @SallyDalton18
  2. 2. Aims of session • Discuss the benefits of using social media as a researcher • Provide practical advice on using social media effectively • Signpost to some examples of researcher social media accounts • Start to think about how you can develop your personal online brand • Develop a set of social media actions/goals to take away from session
  3. 3. Which social media tools do you use?
  4. 4. Why use social media as a researcher? • Chat in small groups about why you think researchers use social media, what are the benefits? • Put your ideas on the menti:
  5. 5. Benefits of using social media as a researcher • Reach a wider audience - get your ideas out there to a wider world • Effective form of research dissemination - reach policy makers, journalists, other researchers, general public • Connect with research participants • Reaching new audiences – see above! • Develop a network of online colleagues - identify possible collaborators • Actively engage with your audience - knowledge exchange • Increase altmetrics scores
  6. 6. @DavidCookeMD @ancientchildren @JPUHResearch #WhyResearchersTweet
  7. 7. What could happen when you tweet an Open Access Paper • Prior to blogging and tweeting about the paper it had been downloaded twice • The day (Friday) she tweeted & blogged about it got 140 downloads • On the Monday it was retweeted and it received another 140 downloads • Melissa’s advice – if you want people to read your papers, make them open access and let people know about them! A paper by Melissa Terras in Literacy and Linguistic Computing 2009
  8. 8. Mini case studies
  9. 9. Simon Stones
  10. 10. Dr Sian Halcrow
  11. 11. Professor Melissa Terras
  12. 12. 7 Steps to Developing Your Social Media Strategy: 1. Review 2. Plan 3. Brand 4. Protect 5. Connect 6. Engage 7. Evaluate (Your Social Media Strategy workshop) Social MEdia by John Atkinson, Wrong Hands | CC BY NC ND
  13. 13. Activity: Developing your personal brand 1. What do you think your current brand says about you? 2. What are your keywords? Are they clear in your profiles? – Keyword research: 3. Share/discuss at tables. 4. What will you change, if anything?
  14. 14. Actions/take aways • What are you going to do now? • #WhyResearchersTweet – please use and share. • More resources here: • Going Social Programme • Think about how the University could support you in using social media as a researcher and let us know!