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Confusing words


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English words that we are constantly confused with.

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Confusing words

  1. 1. Confusing WordsPrepared by Kirsten Lee Think Tank Centre
  2. 2. Accept vs. Except• Accept - To take something from a person• Except - Excluding – I want all the toppings except the mayonnaise• The pronunciation is almost the same.
  3. 3. Affect vs. Effect• Affect - The verb – His father’s death affected him.• Effect - The noun – His father’s death had an effect on him.• The pronunciation is almost the same.
  4. 4. Bath vs. Bathe• Bath - The noun• Bathe -The verb – I like to bathe in the morning.• The noun has the voiced ‘th’ sound and the verb has the unvoiced ‘th’ sound
  5. 5. Sunbathe vs. Sunbath• Sunbathe - Right.• Sunbath - Wrong!
  6. 6. Council vs. Counsel• Council - A group of people who meet for a specific purpose• Counsel - To give advice• Also: councillor, counsellor
  7. 7. Its vs. It’s• Its - The possessive form – The cat licked its bum.• It’s - It is
  8. 8. Loss vs. Lost• Loss - The noun – George was blamed for the loss of the money• Lost - The adjective/past participle
  9. 9. Lose vs. Loose• Lose - I don’t want to lose you!• Loose - Not tight – These jeans are too loose; I need a belt
  10. 10. Advice vs. Advise• Advice The noun – Please give me some advice• Advise The verb – Please advise me
  11. 11. Through vs. Thorough vs. Though• Through - To the other side – The car passed through the tunnel• Thorough - Complete – He did a thorough job• Though - Although