Moxie Brand Development


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MOXIE is a private label line concept that I developed in 2008 for The M. Conley Co.

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Moxie Brand Development

  1. 1. Capri Tropical Odor Neutralizer DESCRIPTION This product instantly destroys malodors. Concentrated for greater economy, this product overpowers even the foulest odors. This product is the perfect malodor counteractant for kitchens, bathrooms, hotel/motel rooms, smoking lounges, nursing homes and anywhere people gather. This product can be diluted and mixed with other cleaning agents to achieve optimum deodorization in areas where odors are a real nuisance such as diaper changing areas, public restrooms and refuse containers. DIRECTIONS APPLICATIONS Read the entire container label before using this product. Odor neutralizer for: • Restrooms After cleaning, spray or mist through a fogger in areas to be treated. • Portable toilets Dampen a cloth with product and wipe any water safe surface for fur - • Schools ther deodorization. When nished, throw cloth in open waste container • Locker rooms and it will act like a wick deodorant, keeping the area fresh for hours. • Kennels SM OK E , F IRE DA MAG E AND RELA T ED ODORS : Spray concentrate • Smoke damaged areas directly on a ected surfaces. AS AN ADD ITI VE : Dilute up to 1 oz./gallon for mop buckets, carpet BENEFITS extractors and automatic scrubbers. GAR B AG E & REF USE COLLEC TI ON AREAS : Use full strength • Longest lasting scent in Capri through a pump up sprayer. Family – our most popular fragrance Perfect for damp, musty, mildew odors. Air deodorization depends on • Odor neutralizer – great on air movement. tobacco smoke Use this product only in areas where there is adequate ventilation to • Versatile and adaptable prevent accumulation of the vapors. • Eliminates tough odors SPECIFICATIONS Color ..................... Clear/Yellowish Fragrance ............................ Citrus B iodegradable ........................ Yes Shelf Life ........................ One Year pH Range .......................... 6.5-7.0 Dilution ..... R TU or up to 1 oz./gal. Density .................................. 8.23 V.O.C. Content .................... 8.71% Distributed by: moxie PACKAGING Canton, Ohio 44707 IT E M # S IZE 800.362.6001 010900-12 ...................... 12/1 qt.
  2. 2. Knock Out Carpet Stain Remover Distributed by: moxie 3 07 61841 07015 7 P.O. Box 21270 Canton, Ohio 44707 NET WT: 12/1 QT. (4/.946 L) 800.362.6001 Date Created: 090607 revised: 090200-12MCCS-BOX1-1 0902
  3. 3. One-Two Punch Carpet Prespotter Deodorizer Distributed by: moxie 3 07 61841 07016 4 P.O. Box 21270 Canton, Ohio 44707 NET WT: 12/1 QT. (4/.946 L) 800.362.6001 Date Created: 090607 revised: 090300-12MCCS-BOX1-1 0903
  4. 4. HaVe You HeaRD? a NeW KiD oN THe BLoCK. THeRe’S Is your cleaning system tough enough to get you through to the next round? We are proud to announce the newest prize fighter to be added to our lineup. He’s tough. He’s strong. He’s downright unbeatable. Available exclusively through The M. Conley Company, the Moxie Brand brings you a versatile line of cleaning solutions with the strength and stamina to win any bout. Call your sales professional today to learn more about how Moxie Brand cleaning solutions can help give you the cutting edge. So what are you waiting for? Free Chemical Dispensers with Minimum Purchase (hose kit sold separately). See your sales rep or customer service rep for details.
  5. 5. PRoDuCT LiNeuP... 800.686.6001 call today GENERAL CLEANERS Sweetness RTU Marvelous RTU Odor Neutralizer Mold & Mildew Stain Remover Effective full strength or diluted Instant stain remover Advanced odor Whitens, cleans and deodorizes counteracting agents 0071288 12/1 qt Dilution: Ready to use 0071287 12/1 qt Dilution: Ready to use Heavy Weight CONC Bulldog RTU Heavyweight CONC Cleaner Degreaser All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser Rapid action degreasing Contains citrus solvents Removes grease, wax, gum, Cleans, whitens, and deodorizes dirt, oil, ink, carbon and lipstick 0007829 XXXXXXX 4/1 gal Dilution: ½ to 10 oz./gal 0071286 12/1 qt Dilution: Ready to use Combination RTU Grease Monkey CONC Spray & Wipe Cleaner Degreaser One wipe Biodegradable Streak free Safe for use on most surfaces Anti-static/anti-fog 0007846 XXXXXXX 4/1 gal 0071275 12/1 qt 0007845 xxxxxxx XXXXXXX 5 gal 0007847 0071285 4/1 gal XXXXXXX 55 gal Dilution: Ready to use Dilution: 1 to 32 oz./gal FLOOR CARE Everlast RTU Footwork CONC High Gloss Floor Finish Excellent mark, scuff and Simply mop on and vacuum off scratch resistant Strips without machines or stripping pads and burnishing 0071289 4/1 gal 0071291 4/1 gal 0071290 5 gal Dilution: Up to 1:6 0071292 5 gal Dilution: Ready to use Main Event RTU Mop Up CONC Floor Finish Damp Mop Concentrate Ultra clear gloss Film free Extremely durable Biodegradable Easy to apply and repair Lemon scented 0071293 4/1 gal 0071295 4/1 gal 0071294 5 gal 0071296 5 gal Dilution: Ready to use Dilution: 2 oz./gal CARPET CARE Takedown CONC Knock Out RTU Silicone Emulsion Defoamer Carpet Stain Remover Flexible Carpet friendly Highly concentrated Ultra low residue Detergent compatible Effective on the toughest stains 0007827 4/1 gal 0071297 12/1 qt XXXXXXX Dilution: 2½ oz./gal Dilution: Ready to use Piledriver CONC One-Two Punch RTU Extraction Rinse & Debrowning Carpet Prespotter Deodorizer Agent Fresh deodorizing Enzymatically charged Economical Low foaming 0071298 12/1 qt Controlled wetting Dilution: Ready to use 0007828 4/1 gal XXXXXXX Dilution: 1 oz./gal