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Direct Mail


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This mailer is one piece of a collection of postcards in a direct mail campaign targeted at specific markets - created while employed with CGBA.

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Direct Mail

  1. 1. Does your library inspire its patrons? A good library is a place, a palace, where the lofty spirits of all nations and generations meet.” Cleveland State University College of Law Library a c at al o g of to day’s l i b rar y envi ro n m ent s
  2. 2. “A library, to modify the famous metaphor of Socrates, should be the delivery room for the birth of ideas– a place where history comes to life.” - Arthur Meier Schlesinger, American Historian Libraries as Gathering Places As the Information Age pushes onward, forever chang- ing the landscapes of our librar- ies, one thing remains constant. Regardless of the vessels that information and knowledge come to us, they are still collected and shared under the roof of the library building. A library’s roof is an umbrella under which all of a society’s past collective knowledge resides. It Night and day, the Cleveland State serves as a place to explore the College of Law Library invites stu- world ahead of us, behind us dents to explore. and the all the possibilities in between. Throughout time, the library inspire its patrons by providing has stood as a symbol of our a balance of individual privacy faith in knowlede and its ability for self discovery with the pub- to sustain, cultivate and advance lic sharing of knowledge that our society and culture. In short, arouses interaction and the a well designed library should exchange of ideas. 2729 Prospect Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44115 PHONE 216.621.4610 FAX 216.621.4632