Sexuality Representation in TV Drama


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Sexuality Representation in TV Drama

  1. 1. By Kirsty Steward
  2. 2. Sexuality DefinitionA persons sexual orientation orpreference.
  3. 3. StereotypesHeterosexual male =Tough, protector andleaders. They are usuallyhigher in society asStrauss idea ofdominant figures statethe men who are aroundtheir 40s who have highpaying jobs dominate inthe general public.Heterosexualwoman=Weak, girly, feminine, damsel-likeand emotional.Strauss idea ofbinary oppositesis evident as theyare typically seenas subordinatefigures.
  4. 4. StereotypesHomosexual male=Camp, girly, promiscuous, feminine lookingclothes and loud.Homosexual female=Butch, feminist, shorthair and hate men.
  5. 5. Examples of how homosexual malesand females are portrayed in TV Drama:Gay Men: Kurt HummelKurt Hummel in Glee is conforms to the Stereotype of ahomo-sexual man in Glee.This is due to his costume consisting of over-the-top, glittery outfits, he has quite a feminine face andcares a lot about the way his hair is styled and theproducts he uses in general.He also is very outgoing as he is an avid member in theschools Glee club and is not afraid to express hissexuality and is very naive when it comes to typical malelikes such as sport.Kurt conforms to the stereotype to add drama to theshow and create situations that can be humorous (e.g.his ignorance of American football) to make hischaracter more comedic as a person. However hissexuality isnt a gimmick as he is a regular lead characterand his very manly father is supportive of his sexualitythus he isnt just categorised by his sexuality.
  6. 6. Examples of how homosexual males andfemales are portrayed in TV Drama:Gay Men: Thomas BarrowThomas Barrow in Downton Abbey does notconform to the stereotype of a typical gay man.This is because due to his job of being high up inthe housekeeping ranks; he wears a formalcostume every day and speaks with no exaggeratedtone and makes no reference to his sexuality oftries to show off as a person.He does not conform as Downton Abbey is a periodtime and in the era it was set, being homosexualwas illegal. Thus Thomas defies the stereotype ashe is represented to be ashamed of his sexuality ashe has to hide it and furthermore this shows howthe stereotype/s have developed with the morewelcoming view in society.
  7. 7. Examples of how homosexual malesand females are portrayed in TV Drama:Lesbians: Shane MccutcheonShane Mccutcheon in the US drama The LWord conforms to the stereotype of ahomosexual woman.This is seen in one clip as she has quite adeep voice; her costume consists of quitebaggy male clothes (including a bowlerhat) and is seen to be uninterested withtypically girly activities such as shoppingand taking great care in materialisticappearance.This shows that she conforms to thestereotype of being quite butch and manlyyet because shes in a show which iscentred on a group of lesbian/bipeople, her characteristics are most likelypresent to show that there is variation insexuality and some people can conform tostereotypes.
  8. 8. Examples of how homosexual males andfemales are portrayed in TV Drama:Lesbians: Sophie WebsterSophie Webster in Coronation Street goes againstthe typical stereotype of homosexual women.This is because she appears to be very femininelooking with long brown hair, she wears a fairamount of makeup and wears costumes thatconsist of fashionable clothes of the latest trends.She is considered to fit in as she has both maleand female friends and has a job at the localcorner shop and gets on with everyone in thestreet without controversy.Moreover she is a Christian meaning she defiesthe stereotype that all lesbians are against religionas she believes in faith herself.Overall Sophie Webster represents what wouldtypically be a normal heterosexual girl with theonly difference being her sexuality.