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Institutional research

  1. 1. Institutional Researchof the Thriller genre in2012Kirsty Steward
  2. 2. IntroductionFor this task I will be using a range of sources tocreate a market analysis of the thriller genre for thisyear, 2010.I will find out how: How many films of the thriller genre were released How much money the genre profited Which thriller films were most successful and why they were successful What characteristics the audience for this genre exhibit
  3. 3. A total of 55 thriller films were released in 2012 with the total profit of $1,304,015,097. (As stated on Thriller genre was 4th in total 2012 film grossing profitsunder the genres of :• Action (which profited $1,405,892,948)• Comedy (which profited $1,460,779,422)• Adventure (which profited 2,400,837,022)
  4. 4. The most successful films in theThriller genre 2012:The top 5 highest grossing films in the Thriller genre were ‘The HungerGames’, ‘Safe House’, ‘The Bourne Legacy’, ‘Taken 2’ and‘Chronicle’. (As stated on can assume these were the most popular for many differentreasons...
  5. 5. Why they were so popularChronicleOne of the many reasons that this film was the fifth most popular in the thriller genre 2012maybe have been because the film distributer was 20th Century Fox (courtesy of and is a major, corporatecompany renowned for many famous thrillers e.g. Aliens, Alien Resurrection and Avatar (assaid on sopeople may have been more influenced to watch it.Taken 2The fact that this film was a sequel could have been a factor as the first film ‘Taken’ hada worldwide box office profit of $225,461,461(according to it was very successful so people would want to see if the sequel lived up to thefirst film. Also shows us the film had a release dateof only18 days meaning it pressured people to view it as it wasn’t in cinemas for a verylong time.
  6. 6. The Bourne LegacyThis particular film was the 4th film in the ‘Bourne’ Series which could have been one ofthe reasons it was the third most popular thriller in 2012 as the full story wouldn’t haveyet been told so people may have been eager to know more about the narrative.Furthermore informs us that the filmwas released in 3,753 theatres hence it would have been far more accessible so morepeople would have been able to view it.Safe HouseOne factor that could have made the film the second most popular is the fact that theproduction budget for the film was $85 million (as stated on which meant that better effectscould be used for the film as it is a hybrid film -thriller-action- and special effects arealways needed for the action genre therefore the production would have been of abetter quality. Also Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds both star in the film and areboth attractive, well known actors which could also contribute to the popularity.
  7. 7. The Hunger GamesAs this film was an adaptation of the highest selling Book of all time onAmazon (courtesy of it was likely tobe the highest grossing Thriller film of 2012 due to the popularity of thebook. Also the film was highly advertised before it’s release, one exampleof this was Taylor Swift’s song ‘Safe and Sound’ which made clearreferences to the film and was featured on the soundtrack that wasadvertised 3 months before the actual release date (as stated on Plus Taylor Swift is arecognised, global superstar so her influence could also have made thefilm the most popular of its genre. U&feature=plcp
  8. 8. Audience CharacteristicsCharacteristics are never fully accurate as people’s ways ofliving are never set in stone, however with the research I havebeen able to do, most audiences of the Thriller genre have thesecharacteristics: Age group = 16-25 years old Gender= Mostly male Social class = C1 - D
  9. 9. ConclusionThrough the market analysis I have carried outfor the Thriller genre for 2012 I have becomeaware of the average grossing profits of thegenre and have become accustomed to whichtarget audiences would be applicable to thegenre.I will take elements of the typical targetaudience to make the film successful but notfollow it completely so the film remains unique.