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  1. 1. “WORKING4U” – Creating a two-way communication
  2. 2. A BID or Business Improvement District is an area within which businesses come together and agree collectively in projects and services, which they think will improve their trading environment. Importantly, these would be new and additional projects, not replacing services already provided by Fife Council. Kirkcaldy 4 All is an Independent Company Limited by Guarantee and is funded by the collection of a Levy from Non Domestic Rate Payers and supplemented by matched funding from Fife Council.
  3. 3. The following four succinct objectives wereformed:uArea Promotion – Attracting Customers.t Clean and Attractive – Taking a pride inKirkcaldy. Safe and Welcoming – Feeling safer inKirkcaldy.i Facilitation – Helping out local business.
  4. 4. The following aims of the BID were established in2010:To create a well promoted and vibrant town centreTo increase the number and quality of eventsTo create a family friendly atmosphereTo attract more visitors and increase spendTo raise Kirkcaldy’s profile by improving people’sperception of the townTo help create a safe and welcoming town centreTo create a cleaner and more attractive towncentreTo help businesses make cost savingsTo address green issues such as recycling.
  5. 5. The BID has delivered the following to promoteKirkcaldy and increase footfall:Kirkcaldy Comedy FestivalContinental Markets/Street TheatreHalfords Tour Series Bike Race in Partnershipwith Fife CouncilCivic Light Switch on/ Christmas Lights switchonAdvertising on Local/Regional RadioWebsite/FacebookMarketing Strategy
  6. 6. The following projects have been undertakento address cleanliness in the Town Centre:Increased floral arrangements – BeautifulScotland.Gutter CleanCivic lightingPest controlChristmas street lights
  7. 7.  Wifi Kirkcaldy Town Centre Shop Safe Radio Scheme – reduction in cost Purse Bells Wifi App for Childsafe/Vulnerable Person
  8. 8. Projects that have been established to helplocal businesses & to reduce costs:Lobbied for car-park to stay open duringChristmas period.Parking chargesAdam Smith roundaboutRates – Scottish Chamber of CommerceRadical Rubbish – free upliftSmall Business Support GrantBusiness Forum
  9. 9.  Promenade regeneration Facilitating the different use of buildings Fife Chamber of Commerce – representative Adam Smith – attracting investment (Tourism & Leisure) Liaising with Morrisons Negotiating with Fife Council – eg limiting out of Town retail. Cars in pedestrian area of High St.