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Club Assembly


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Club Assembly

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Club Assembly

  1. 1. Club Assembly 1 2012
  2. 2. Stability at the core• History• Ethos• Programme
  3. 3. •International (Tanzania)•Ingolstadt•Fund raising•Interact Support•RYLA•Kids Out•Web Page• Primary School Quiz•Station Garden•Enjoyable meetings•Visits to other Rotary Clubs•Fellowship evenings•Gavel•Support Polio Plus
  4. 4. Strategic considerations• Membership numbers• Evening meetings and contact meetings• Flexible membership
  5. 5. New activities• Young Musician, Photographer, and Writer• Christmas party instead of shoe box• New community project
  6. 6. Getting Better• Sustaining Members• Use of Web Site
  7. 7. Some initiatives• Presidents charity• Contented Cow• Table arrangements