Eq& offsite august 2013


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Engineering and Quality Offsite - Summer 2013

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Eq& offsite august 2013

  1. 1. 2013 Summer Offsite Engineering, Quality, & Milton Georgia
  2. 2. DELTA AIR LINES, INC.08/16/13EQ& Offsite2 Norms for Today 1. Ok to take calls as the operation needs you 2. We will have breaks but feel free to get up as needed for bathroom food and drink refills 3. Stand and move around as needed 4. For the most part, disconnect from your daily duties and focus on listening, collaborating, engaging with each other 5. Honest and Open Discussions 6. Courteous to each other
  3. 3. DELTA AIR LINES, INC.08/16/13EQ& Offsite3 Today’s Objectives Today is about Leadership 1. Learn each others views and ideas 2. Discuss what is expected of us: • What do our Leaders Expect of Us • What does our Staff Expect of Us • What do our Key Customers Expect of Us 1. Make a few decisions: • Initiative/Focus Areas (Leaders) • Survey Action Plan (Staff) • End State Plan/Capacity Model (Customers)
  4. 4. DELTA AIR LINES, INC.08/16/13TITLE OF PRESENTATION4 Our Leaders “The only real sustainable advantage in business is creativity. Anything else, over time, can be replicated.” “Keep up that intellectual curiosity” “Be curious about the data”
  5. 5. DELTA AIR LINES, INC.08/16/13EQ& Offsite5 Theme for Today “Cutting through Complexity”
  6. 6. DELTA AIR LINES, INC.08/16/13EQ& Offsite6 KPMG Model The new brand is the result of extensive research into what our clients expect of KPMG in the years to come. Clients told us they value the KPMG network for the quality of our people, our ability to deliver practicalquality of our people, our ability to deliver practical solutions that add value to their businesses and oursolutions that add value to their businesses and our ability to build long-lasting, trusted relationshipsability to build long-lasting, trusted relationships.. They also believe we should build on our strengths and align what we plan, say and do to make a difference.
  7. 7. DELTA AIR LINES, INC.08/16/13EQ& Offsite7 KPMG Model Balancing The Efficient and The Effective The Transactional and The Tranformational The Incremental Change and The Disruption Risk and Reward Key Enablers Technology People
  8. 8. DELTA AIR LINES, INC.08/16/13EQ& Offsite8
  9. 9. DELTA AIR LINES, INC. Engineering and Quality Value Exercise What value do we bring to Delta? 08/16/13EQ& Offsite9
  10. 10. DELTA AIR LINES, INC. SWOT Exercise 08/16/13EQ& Offsite10