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Convey Communications Presentation


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Convey Communications Presentation

  1. 1. Convey Communications “Telecommunications Experience and Know How, your One Stop Shop for all your Communications Needs!”
  2. 2. What does Convey do? • Telephone Systems Sales and Service • VoIP Systems Sales and Service • Multiple Telephone System Connectivity Sales • Telephone/Computer/TV Cabling • Video Surveillance Sales and Service • Video Desktop/Conferencing • Telephone Line Sales for Most Telcos • Internet Access Sales for Most Telcos • TV Service Sales for Most Telcos • Load Balancing Internet Product Sales • Overhead Paging Systems • LCD/Plasma TV Sales & Installation • Plus • Microsoft Telephone Integration • Speech Self Service • Summary: Voice/Data/Video Solutions for all your needs! Convey Communications Practical Voice & Data Solutions
  3. 3. What do you mean when you say Experience and Know How? Marc Wright – owner with 30 years in Telecommunications experience. Rick Montgomery – Sr. Tech with 20 plus years in Telecom knows what to do at a customer site. Remainder of extensive crew all have over 5 years of experience in telecom/data/video products. Bottom Line – In this industry Experience and Know How Count!!! Convey Communications Practical Voice & Data Solutions
  4. 4. Ok, but who does the Mktg? Kirk Owens and Lynn Paschal have close to 20 years experience in Telecommunications with over 30 years in Sales. They understand the following: 1. Product Knowledge is paramount. 2. Shortcuts cause headaches. 3. Preparation for install means everything. 4. Happy customers lead to more customers Convey Communications Practical Voice & Data Solutions
  5. 5. What does a Convey customer look like? • Small to Medium • Enterprise • Call Centers • Industrial • Highly Mobile • Professionals • Services Based We have products that fit all the major classes of business. Convey Communications Practical Voice & Data Solutions
  6. 6. Structured Cabling Convey specializes in Voice, Data & Video cabling relating to new construction/remodel. Whether it be Copper, Fiber, Coax or Wireless the experience is there. Cat 5E, Cat 6, RG6, RG59, Single Mode, MultiMode, MDF, IDF, etc. We understand! Convey Communications Practical Voice & Data Solutions
  7. 7. How do we gather the correct information and implement the job? 1. We perform a Walkthrough at the project site if possible. 2. We complete an extensive Cabling Questionnaire with the customer. 3. We work off of a Project Schedule for implementation of the services with responsibilities clearly defined. 4. YOU are satisfied with the efforts! Convey Communications Practical Voice & Data Solutions
  8. 8. Cabling Questionnaire Topic Examples Media: Copper Coax Fiber Wireless Carrier Demarc Extension Physical Characteristics: Telco/Server Room Design: Project Design: Walls Rack or Plywood Fire Rating Needs Ceilings Floor or Wall Mount Conduit/Box Info Floors Patch Panel Needs Vendor/Customer Responsibilities Multiple Buildings Voice Patch Panel or Punch Down Jack Level Choices Penetrations Cable Management Design Color Scheme Concrete, Drywall, Metal makeup Network Switch/Router Labeling Scheme Vendor/Customer Responsibilities Responsibilities Convey Communications Practical Voice & Data Solutions
  9. 9. What our Customers Say! • My experience with Convey Communications was a welcomed one. My company moved locations and due to extenuating circumstances the decision on cabling our new location was delayed and a last minute decision was made. Convey took on the project with only 2 weeks to complete 130 dual drops of which 96 were in a very confined cable channel embedded in concrete slab. But they managed to pull off the feat and we were open for business as planned, with a very clean and reliable cable installation. • I confirm that I have dealt with Convey Communications since the Fall of 2005. It was at this time they were awarded our contract to provide premises wiring for our new building. The scope of our initial project with Convey included floor-to-floor fiber optic cabling as well as closet-to-station CAT5e cabling. With the assistance of Convey’s technicians we were able to complete the move into our new facilities on time. We continue to utilize Convey for our cabling needs. I’m confident Convey Communications is a reliable and quality choice for your cabling partner. • Convey Communications has provided CCCS cabling services in three locations over the last year and has done a good job at each site.  The cabling was done on time and in a professional manner.  In fact, at one location where we were moving into a new office, the building manager commented that was the cleanest cabling job he had ever seen and appreciated the work Convey did for us.  • I would like to recommend Convey as a Highly Talented Organization. I contracted them to wire our Tulsa locations. The timeline for the project was dead on. The quality of work was exemplary! Because of this experience I’ve awarded Convey several more projects. Convey Communications Practical Voice & Data Solutions
  10. 10. Phone Systems Convey’s focus is on Choice. We carry multiple manufacturers. This allows us to provide what we call Inherent Accountability. By having multiple options we always have to consider product strengths in relation to your needs. If a product has a strength that you don’t need or do need it obviously affects our recommendation. The primary benefit of our process is the Choice we have as a Vendor to point You in the appropriate direction. Convey Communications Practical Voice & Data Solutions
  11. 11. Which Phone Systems? ESI – Great product with a tremendous handset for the traditional user. Good productivity features as well. Altigen – Robust, flexible product with the best programming flexibility. More emphasis on your computer screen. Emerald ICE – Cost effective unit that does a good job with core telephony functions. Convey Communications Practical Voice & Data Solutions
  12. 12. What does Today’s Technology Offer? Do you know the answers to these questions? What is Voice Over IP? What is Unified Messaging? What is a Soft Phone? What does Find Me/Follow Me mean? How would Call Detail Reporting help me? What are MAC’s and how do they affect my business? If I have multiple locations how are they connected? It’s important for you to know! Convey Communications Practical Voice & Data Solutions
  13. 13. VoSky – Skype Integration 1. Tie unlike PBX’s together for intercom dialing with no toll (ie. Marry a Nortel & Altigen). Allows you to roll out VoIP now instead of later for site to site applications. Reduce Conference Calling expense. 2. Skype Out is $3/month for unlimited LD in US and Canada! Usually under $.03/minute to Intl countries. 3. Skype Softphone Mobile Client capability allows the Road Warriors access to the PBX via laptops or from other office sites. Reduce Cell phone expense. 4. No WAN issues or QoS as Skype is peer to peer using the Public Internet with end to end encryption. 5. VoIP gateway for non-IP phone systems 6. Skype enabled cell phones connect via internet connection for free calling. 7. Skype In allows customer to have presence anywhere with out of state or country #’s that ring your local PBX. 8. Website click to call via Skype clients to your PBX. Route it where you want it to go (ie. Customer service dept, sales dept, etc.) Convey Communications Practical Voice & Data Solutions
  14. 14. Video Surveillance Convey’s focus is on the latest in Technol The primary concern for the customer drives the solution we recommend. Whether it be a single area, interior of facility, exterior of facility, daytime or nighttime capture we have the answer. Recording time, method, purge schedule, etc. are all considered in providing the right solution. Convey Communications Practical Voice & Data Solutions
  15. 15. Video Surveillance Convey’s focus is on the latest in Technology. Speco is our primary provider and offers the latest in this area’s technology! Speco’s patented Intensifier technology increases natural moonlight X8 for unbelievable night viewing. Speco’s EZ Record setup shortens installation time and makes user administration a complete breeze. Convey Communications Practical Voice & Data Solutions
  16. 16. What Telecom Carriers does Convey Represent? Nuvox – Great carrier for PRI circuits and dynamically provisioned voice/internet. Cox – Referral agreement with Cox who does a great job with Analog Lines, Private Lines, Cable Modem Internet Access. AT&T – Sub-Agent for primary carrier in this region. Much more competitive now with ICB process when pricing is issue. FullTel – Disaster Recovery data and physical space is a given with this Carrier. Freedom Voice – True VoIP telephone lines, Internet access is all you need. Convey Communications Practical Voice & Data Solutions
  17. 17. Video Desktop/Conferencing Convey’s focus is on the most affordable, streamlined product in the market. Avistar’s patented C3 technology allows for the utmost in “Telepresence” C3 Software works with any hardware and utilizes patented technology to minimize the impact of video on your network’s performance. Point to Point, conferencing, VPN tunneling is all accounted. Convey Communications Practical Voice & Data Solutions
  18. 18. Internet Performance – Load Balancing Astrocom is our primary provider and offers the latest in this area’s technology! Astrocom’s advanced WAN NAT technology makes Internet Link Aggregation a breeze. Compare the Astrocom Powerlink vs. much more expensive, hard to maintain BGP setups! Price, performance, maintenance, etc Convey Communications Practical Voice & Data Solutions
  19. 19. How do we find out what you need? Recommendation: Demonstation of Solution to customer based off Project Overview findings. Project Overview: Results/Summary of meeting feedback to customer from Convey. We need to be on the “Same Page” Discovery Appointment: Topics include Billing/Expense Review, Decision Making Process, Current Inventory, Problems/Challenges, and Items of Interest Convey Communications Practical Voice & Data Solutions
  20. 20. Who are our Customers? • Healthcare: Mercy Health, Oklahoma City Clinic, Pinnacle Health, Tulsa Center for Fertility, Deaconess, OSSO, etc. • Energy Production & Services: KF Industries, Bronco Drilling, Drill Right Technologies, Cougar Tool, Compressco, etc. • Retail Services: Yellow Cab, AMR Accounting Services, Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Central Oklahoma, Don’s Floor Gallery, Choice Pay, etc. • Real Estate: Southern Mortgage, Paula & Company, Burroughs Company, etc. • Food & Beverage: Sysco, Evergreen Enterprises, Papa Johns, Colcord Hotel, etc. • Professional Services: MTF Engineering, First Fidelity Bank, Telecom Professionals Legal, Kunzman & Bollinger, Goldman Law, Allegiance Credit Union, etc. Convey Communications Practical Voice & Data Solutions
  21. 21. Why Convey? 1. Experience and Know How 2. Inherent Accountability 3. Quality Control in Business Process 4. One Stop Shop Telecom Provider 5. Long Term Relationship Oriented Convey Communications Practical Voice & Data Solutions
  22. 22. When? NOW!!! Call Kirk Owens Today (405) 728-9777 (918) 382-9469 (877) 814-9777 Convey Communications Practical Voice & Data Solutions