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Solar tree PPT

Solar energy, Solar trees, concepts of solar tree, working of solar panel and solar trees, spiralling phyllatry, fibonacci pattern, examples, comparision, advantages and applications.

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Solar tree PPT

  1. 1. SOLAR TREE Presented by: M.Nithya, K.Bala Rajeshwari.
  2. 2. Present major sources of Electricity Disadvantages:  Water Pollutant.  Harmful wastes.  Leaks. Disadvantages:  Harmful Gases.  Transportation.  Can Run Out Of Steam. Disadvantages:  Emission of methane and carbon dioxide.  Disturbance of habitat.  Deposition of silt. Nuclear Energy Thermal Energy Hydropower
  3. 3. Solar Energy
  4. 4. Solar Tree TREE stands for T=Tree Generating R=Renewable E=Energy and E=Electricity
  5. 5. Components of Solar tree  Solar panels.  Long tower.  Batteries.  LEDs.  Stems for connecting the panels.
  6. 6. Working of a Solar panel  Solar cells produce direct current, or DC, this DC current is converted to alternating current, or AC by using inverter.
  7. 7. Working of Solar Trees • The Solar Tree panels charge batteries during the day. • At dusk the Solar Tree automatically turns on LEDs. • The internal control can also regulate the amount of light produced depending on how much charge is left in the batteries. • And moreover, the energy stored in the batteries can be used for other purposes also.
  8. 8. Spiralling Phyllataxy is a technique used in designing of Solar Tree. For tracking maximum power from sun.
  9. 9. Fibonacci pattern for solar trees • “The can improve solar panel arrays in several ways. It collects more sunlight when the sun is at a low angle in the sky. This is useful during winter months and in extreme latitudes”
  10. 10. Examples of Solar Trees Gleisdorf, Austria RossLovegrove's Solar Tree Spotlight Solar product "Lift" at net-zeroschool in NC, Sandy GroveMiddle School
  11. 11. World’s Largest Solar Tree Produces 8.6 KW of energy.  The system will offset up to 10 tons of CO2 per year from coal- fired power plants. The system will generate 10,000 kWh’s per year, about ½ of the annual electricity needs for the Tourism London building at 696 Wellington Rd.
  12. 12. Solar panel Vs Solar tree • 2MW -> 10-12 Acres • 2MW -> 0.10-0.12 Acres
  13. 13. Applications Street lights. Industrial power supply. House supply. Deforested areas. Urban and Rural. Recreational parks, city parks. Airports.
  14. 14. Advantages • “Solar tree is the successful marriage of most advanced technology i.e., grabbing the electrical power or energy through a great ease.”