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Jelvix portfolio


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We were founded in 2011 with headquarters in Israel and Ukraine. Our specialization lies in organizing and managing offshore dedicated teams for outstaffing purposes in different business and tech areas, as well as developing complex sophisticated software projects.

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Jelvix portfolio

  2. 2. About Us Jelvix always provides you with: Amazing ideas Great work Smart process Collaboration Jelvix is an innovational top-rated software development company providing outstanding services around the world. We were founded in 2010 with headquarters in Israel and Ukraine. Our specialization is complex sophisticated projects and mobile applications. Most of the things we build have never been done before. Engaging and interactive sites, mobile apps and experiences that add value. We’re fast, accurate and efficient. We live on the edge of what’s possible. Let’s do something different together.
  3. 3. Start ReleaseBrainstorming and wireframing Designing and developing Approving and Launching It’s not always «more is better», but it is in this case. We unite our mental powers in a brainstorm, as it`s always better to see something once than to listen about it ten times. It always results in a great job! We use only proven task- oriented techniques to meet the qualityneeds. Design and development are the most profound parts of the job. When explosive creativity and level-headed calculation are combined the result can only be of the highest grade. The third, and final stage of any project. When the product is ready to be shown to the public, we submit it right away. Let everyone enjoy the fruits of our cooperative labor! Our process of work
  4. 4. 1 2 3 4 5 We deliver fully personalized approach standing back to back in cooperation with our customers. There is quality control at all stages of project development. We bring our clients results, taking a bottom-line approach to each project focusing on the client’s specific business goals and the best ways to achieve them. We enjoy building long- term business relationships. We sincerely believe in the advancement of technology and are always pushing the envelope to influence change and design better solutions. orWhy choose Us Our key advantages
  5. 5. Cooperation models Offshore dedicated team Time & materials Fixed budget Long-term commitment to establish and operate a managed IT engineering facility for the client on the basis of Jelvix. Best solution for long-term assignments and ongoing cooperation. Works as an extension of a customer’s organisation. Fixed monthly cost and no overhead. Project is delivered on a standard basis, payments conducted according to actually spent hours, more flexible than fixed budget. Particularly good for open-ended, long term projects where it is hard to make a solid estimation of required efforts or there is a need to constantly add new features. Project is delivered on a standard basis for fixed price. Used for projects withclear, detailed software requirements, specifications and agreed timeline for the project completion. Price is fixed according to the preliminary agreement.
  6. 6. BitImage is a smart open digital marketplace with decentralized content licensing where you can trade, purchase, or search for unique digital media. We employ the groundbreaking capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to provide the most accessible way of getting the required digital content - be it a video, image, graphics, or audio. Let’s take a step towards the life-changing innovations together! Overview Stack of technologies Blockchain AWS ERC20 Solidity JavaScript Ethereum Visit Website Swift EthereumUIKit ERC20 KotlinPhotos Google Play API Android SDK View prototype Get it on Google Play
  7. 7. Stack of technologies Cosmunity provides a comic-style feed of photos, video, events and items for sale. Users can discuss the latest video games and movies, discover and follow favorite cosplayers, celebrities and friends, or grow a dedicated following of their own within this exclusively geek platform. Overview Get it on Google Play Available on the AppStore Swift RxJava UIKit Dagger 2 Photos Square Retrofit 2 GCD Android Annotations Alamofire Socket.IO Remote Push Google Play API AVFoundation Android SDK PayPal Facebook SDK
  8. 8. Material Design It is a social network for veterinary professionals, where they can share imagesvideos and discuss interesting and challenging cases. Complex imagevideo-sharing application for veterinary specialists similar to Instagram Get it on Google Play Available on the AppStore Overview Stack of technologies Objective-C AVKit UIKit Android SDK GCD AFNetworking FFMPEGMemcache REST API PhotosMessages UI Retrofit Push Notifications Doctrine 3D Touch PHPFacebook SDK
  9. 9. Symfony Bootstrap Doctrine jQuery CanvasJS Apptoto API MySQL FormSIte API Stack of technologies Overview List of features The platform that presents an analysis of patients’ data, questionnaires, patients’ monitoring, processing of medical centers profiles, downloading files with estimates, statistics, etc. 1. Data collection; 2. Access rights differentiation for different types of users; 3. Progress Monitoring Data Summaries for Each individual; 4. Progress Monitoring Data Summaries for Groups; 5. Outcomes Research Results; 6. Patient list; 7. Dashboard; 8. Reports; 9. Notifications; 10. Data exporting; 11. Audit trail. Visit Website
  10. 10. Overview Mobile application that provides instrumental records to apply voiceovers. The user can record his/her voice, play it, save and download. Also she/he can play other users’ audios that are displayed on the newsfeed screen. Available on the AppStore Stack of technologies Objective-C Pay Pal JavaScript MySQL PHP REST API Symfony JQuery iOS SDK GCD AVFoundation Vue.jsAFNetworking Amazon Web Services
  11. 11. Overview The Switchback app makes it super easy for physical therapists to take videos of their patients doing their prescribed exercises which are instantly delivered to the patient’s smartphone, tablet and computer for easy viewing and progress tracking. It’s much faster and yields better results than searching through thousands of exercises in a computer database which you want to personalize anyway. Today, patients are asking for a more personal experience and fast results, that’s what the Switchback app delivers. It’s not just another home exercise it’s a tool to connect the patient and physical therapist at a deeper level to create awesome results! Available on the AppStore Visit Website Objective-C UIKit Angular Hibernate MySQL Stripe AVFoundation Spring GCD AWS Java jQuery Stack of technologies
  12. 12. Find My Profession is the first ever executive career service for six-figure salary jobs. Our famous Career Finder service has taken the hearts of Americans everywhere by offering a much-needed solution to the increasingly difficult task of finding a job. Specializing on six-figure earners in the United States, Find My Profession takes over the entire job search process for you. Overview Stack of technologies Angular Bootstrap Webpack 2 ES6 Stripe Express Symfony TypeScript jQuery PHPMySQL Node.js Visit Website
  13. 13. ArtPassport Stunning 360° panoramas of modern and contemporary art exhibitions from the world’s leading galleries and art museums. New exhibitions added daily, featuring established and up-and-coming artists complete with individual works, exhibition texts and visiting information. There has never been an easier way to find new art or catch the shows you might have missed. Works with Google Cardboard. Available on the AppStore Overview Stack of technologies Swift Alamofire Object Mapper UIKit Urban Airship iOS SDK Foundation Crashlytics Alamofire MapKit
  14. 14. Pickup/Delivery application that allows user to free up living space in their apartments, without moving to storage space. It organises logistics and let users know when boxes arrive at home or secure warehouse. Users can pick a number of boxes, package length and other preferences regarding the transportation. Available on the AppStore Get it on Google Play Overview Stack of technologies Material Design REST API Objective-C Android SDK GCD AFNetworking UIKit Push Notifications Core Location Google Analitics JavaRetrofitSymfony Doctrine PHP Messages UI Facebook SDK Zendesk SDK Stripe Payment
  15. 15. Pride of Maui Content-sharing app with extensive geolocation feature, that provides users a unique guide experience to learn about snorkeling on Maui and share photos of Humpback Whale Migration, Sea Turtles, Dolphins, and other species on Maui Hawaii. It has the Species Map - a tool for tracking marine and land animals on Maui. Users can upload their photos to the app, share them via Facebook, etc. Get it on Google Play Available on the AppStore Overview Stack of technologies Objective-C GCD AFNetworking UIKit Core Location Pinterest SDK Android SDK RetrofitSymfony Doctrine Facebook SDK Google Maps API Java Photos
  16. 16. MedicAll app is the ultimate medical and emergency app. User can store all the vital information about their health conditions and medicines there. It is the perfect help tool for deaf and muted people in emergency situations as it allows to send text messages with coordinates in emergency situations. Available on the AppStore Objective-C MySQL PHP Symfony iOS SDK GCD AVFoundationAFNetworking Overview Stack of technologies Push Notifications Google Analitics
  17. 17. Among the million “best” companies it’s very difficult to choose your own. We offer you to choose Jelvix, because we are sure that we have something to surprise you with! Click and say hi!