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Wright, Smarter Not Harder


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Introducing personal knowledge management

Published in: Education, Business

Wright, Smarter Not Harder

  1. Smarter not harder... Enhancing knowledge worker performance
  2. 3 themes 1. Think about your work as a “knowledge worker” 2. Knowledge workers as “problem solvers” 3. Considering your personal “knowledge management” practices
  3. Work practices have changed
  4. We have entered the knowledge worker era
  5. Wilson, what exactly is a knowledge worker, and do we have any on staff?
  6. Don’t all workers work with knowledge?
  7. Yes, but.... Knowledge workers ... “have high degrees of expertise, education or experience and the primary purpose of their jobs involves the creation, distribution, or application of knowledge” (Tom Davenport (2005) Thinking for a Living) ... some “think for a living”