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Questionnaire results 1

  1. 1. Gender – One of the first questions I asked was if the audience was male orfemale, from the results I can tell that I am going to create my magazine for bothgenders. This is because the results were so close. I also asked what genre of magazinedo they read, the top result was rock magazines. Creating a magazine for both genderswill increase the target audience and the overall popularity of the magazine, this is agood thing as it will get more people to buy and read it.With both genders I can create a design that offers a range of colours, this will make iteasier to design the layout of the magazine as I have a wider option to choose from.
  2. 2. Age Range – I asked how old my target audience will be and the most popular resultwas 16 years of age. This means that my magazine will be designed around teenagersspecifically teenagers aged 16. Now I have an age range I can focus on the type ofpictures that will be included in the magazine, for example young popular artistsappeal to a teenage audience.
  3. 3. How often do you read magazines? – I asked this question as it suggests the qualityand effort into the magazine, if magazines are designed and produced yearly they willgenerally be thicker and have a higher slandered of writing and content than weeklymagazines.I am going to make a magazine that will me designed around monthly magazine, thismeans that it will be well thought out and contain a lot of information. Producing amonthly magazine will enable me to focus on a subject for a longer period of time,therefore improving the quality of the images and content.
  4. 4. What genre of magazine do you listen to? – This is a crucial question as it will refer tothe type of content that I will be producing. The results that were most popular arerock and indie in second place, I will make a rock magazine that will have a smallamount of indie content and style. This will make the magazine more appealing to awider range of people. Choosing the most popular genre will make my music magazinemore appealing, therefore more people will read It.
  5. 5. How much would you pay for a magazine? – I decided to choose £2.50 as the price formy magazine as it will appeal to a wider audience, it will also make it more accessiblebecause of the low cost. If the cost was to high people would avoid the magazine alltogether. The cost of the magazine also contributes to the quality of content, the lowerthe cost of the magazine the less content or quality that will be produced.
  6. 6. Colour Scheme – The main result that I received for the colour scheme of my magazinewould be black, white and red. I decided to include all of these colours as they areclearly the most popular, also the colours to not conflict with my first questions as theyappeal to both genders equally. The colour are also compatible with each other, forexample you can have all three colours next to each other and they will not clash.
  7. 7. Prizes – Prizes and competitions seem to be popular within a magazine, from myresults I can tell you that I will be including a prize or competition within my magazine.On the front cover I will advertise this and will make people buy the magazine.Competitions will make the magazine more popular as they have a chance to winsomething. The competition will also increase the cost of the magazine.
  8. 8. What would you expect to read in a magazine? – The main result seemed beinterviews, I will try to include a interview of a popular musician preferable rock orindie genre. This means that I need to focus on a professional standard interview formy main content.