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Magazine Analysis

  1. 1. Font - The title of the cover is bold and has the style that you would expectfrom a rock magazine, for example ripped and has a grunge look to it. Thebuzz words and the headings are in the style of the magazine, this is so thehouse style is kept the same throughout. The size of the font depends onthe importance of the content for example the main title is in a large fontso it is seen easily.Layout - The layout of this magazine is very busy, there are pictureslocated on the left to show the content inside. The main focus is theguitarist in the middle, he has been enlarged so that he is the main focusof the magazine. It also shows that the top story in the magazine is goingto be about the guitarist or relate to him some how, in this case 100greatest hits.Colour – The colours are very bright and bold which represents the reader.The personality of punk enthusiasts generally are loud, the shades of greenand yellow are florescent and appeal to the punk and rock audience. Thecolours do not clash and work well together, this will make the audiencewant to buy the magazine.Language – The language is very bold and up front, this is so it is appetizingto a rock audience. It is also informal and uses language that you wouldexpect your friends to use. Again this appetizers to the younger rockenthusiasts.Mise-en-scene – The props used such as the guitar again emphasizes thatkerrang is a music magazine. The setting looks like a concert, this is so itappeals to people that go to concerts and have an interest in rock music.Camerawork – The shot type for the main subject is a low angle, this is toshow the dominance of the guitarist and to emphasize that he is the mainfocus. It also shows that the content of the magazine relates to theguitarist. The smaller pictures that surround the larger images are close-ups to show the expression on their faces, this shows the mode of addressto the audience which is loud and aggressive.
  2. 2. Font - The font has been kept the same through out the front page andcontents page, this is to keep the house style the same. Also the fonts areeasy to read even at a small font size, this is because of the bold nature ofthe font.Layout - The layout of the magazine is very organized as there are is onebig image and little sub images that surround it. The smaller images havebylines that describe what is happening in the picture. The main headingshave been placed in a column so that is easy to read and easy access.Colour – The colours that are used appeal to both males and females, thismeans that it their target audience is broadened by advertising to bothsex’s. The colours make the page layout clean and pleasant on the eye asthere are only two colours to focus on. The colours black, white and yelloware the magazines house style, this is so people can recognizer themagazine just from it colours.Language – The language used is very typical for a rock audience as itincludes words such as chaos and blackout. These words are aggressiveand dark, this appeals to the rock audience.Mise-en-scene – The guns in one of the images suggest that the magazineis for a rebellious audience. Also it suggest that the male has authority andis the main subject. The settings for most of the images are set in concertsand have a dramatic feeling to them. The pictures have life to them andmake the magazine seem more appealing .Camerawork – The camera work on the biggest image has a close up shotto emphasize his tattoos, the tattoos make the person look appealing tothe audience as most readers have tattoos and are interested in them.
  3. 3. Font - There are three types of fonts that are used within the double page spread, there is a mixture of fonts in the title from a messy fontto a clean and bold font. This is so it appeals to the audience but also makes it easy to read from a distance away. The colour of the font isin the style of the page having a mixture of pink, black and white.Layout - The layout of this double page spread is very ordered as the image is placed to the left and room has been left for the text whichis located to the right. There has been room made for the large title on the right page.Colour – The colour scheme of this double page spread consists of three colours red, black and blonde. The black background makes themodels hair colour enhanced and brighter than it would be instead of the black. This draws the eyes in and focusses on the model thatwill make people interested in the magazine. Also the colour scheme appeals to a rock audience as they mainly where deep black makeupand clothes.Language – The title suggests that the magazine is ‘Wild’, this appeals to younger audiences especially men as the title influences youngwomen being wild. The ‘pretty reckless’ located at the top right of the page uses language that will interest the audience as many peopleare curious when it comes to reckless behavior.Mise-en-scene – The necklace the women is wearing looks like a dog collar and is similar to the loud attitude of the audience. Havingsimilar clothes and accessories displayed will make the audience relate to the subject more and will be more appealing to them.Camerwork – The camera angle of the image is a close up as it emphasizes the models hair flowing down here shoulder and the thickblack makeup she is wearing. The angle is also eye level so it gives the effect that the model is looking at you.
  4. 4. Font – The font on the front page is clear and easy to read and is in thestyle of the of the title (Keerang). The large bold font is also used for theheadings to make them stand out.Layout - The layout of this front page cluttered as there is lots of textsurrounding several images. The main focus is the model, he has beenplaced in the center to make him more important than the other images.Also he has been enlarged to fill the page, this again emphasis hisimportance in the magazine. Buzz words have been placed so that they areclearly visible to the audience. This is so it makes the magazine moreappealing and more people are more likely to buy it.Colour – The colours used are very bright, this draws the eye into the mostimportant subjects such as the model and the buzz words. The yellow andthe red compliment each other to make an interesting looking magazine.Language – The language used is aiming at a teenage audience, this isbecause they use words like sweet and include exclamation marks to makethe text seem as though someone is shouting. All this appeals to a youngeraudience.Mise-en-scene – The ice cream is used to correspond to one of theheadings, this makes it relevant and supports the title. The setting is aclean white background. This is used to focus your eye on brighter colourssuch as the models t-shirt and buzz words. If the background was tocomplex it would interfere with the rest of the magazine.Camerawork – The camera angle is a close up to show off the mansmakeup and his prop, in this case an ice cream. The type of shot is alsotypical of a font page of a magazine as it has a lot of detail of the face.
  5. 5. Font – The fonts continue the house style across the magazine. The fontthat is used for the main content is bold and still is very easy to read. Ifthey used a complex and detailed font it would blend in with the mainpicture and be difficult to read.Layout - The layout of this contents page is complex as there is a lot of textand pictures. They have made the main image larger than the rest as he isthe main focus of the contents page. To make the contents page lookinteresting the have used mixture of pictures and text, if the pageconsisted of just text the reader would lose interest.Colour – The colours are very dark and have a depressing feel. The colourson the main page are washed out to give a scary and old feel to the image.This appeals to a rock/punk audience because the colours appeal to them.Language – The bold text at the bottom of the page highlights the bandnames which will appeal to the readers and overall increase the sales ofthe magazine.Language – There isn’t a specific style of language that is incorporated intothe contents page. They are aiming for a more general audience so that donot confuse or alienate the readers. This also increases the audience asmore people can read it.Mise-en-scene – The masks have been introduced as it is the bands trademark. This is to entice people as they recognize the masks from othersources such as TV and live concerts. The masks also have an aggressiveand scary look to them, this appeals to the target audience.Camerawork – The larger image is a wide shot, this is to show the wholeband, they have done this so the Photographer can show the detail of eachmask. The angle of the camera makes the band seem intimidating becauseof how many there are.
  6. 6. Font – Again I have seen the font been used on the previouse pages of the magazine, this is to keep the house style.. Some words have beenenlarge and made bold, this is to make them stand out from the rest of the paragraph. This applies for the words in red, the red words givethe page some colour and sticks to the colour scheme.Layout - The layout of the double page spread is clean and set out in a particular order. The text has been moved into blocks of text to keepthe magazine ordered. The pictures have also been placed around the text so that they do not interfere with it. The main image has beenenlarged so that he is the main focus of the magazine. The singer has been placed in the middle as he is the main attraction for the magazine,also he is the first person they will see when the audience look at the double page.Colour – The colour scheme that has been used is very dark and depressing, this appeals to the audience as the colours are similar to whatthe audience wear. The red has been used to highlight the main part of the magazine, also the text is white so that it stands out against theblack background.Language – The type of language used on this page is very violent and typical of the rock genre, words such as face melting and Whiplashhave been used to emphasize violence and injury, this appeals to the target audience. These words also makes the writing more exiting asthey are not your day to day words that people use.Mise-en-scene – The guitars in the images suggested that the magazine is about music, they also give the band celebrity feel as they are onstage in front of hundreds of people.Camerwork – The mid shots of the artists capture their movement and make them more interesting to look at, the stance of the lead singermake him look as he is the main singer and he most important band member.
  7. 7. Font – The font used for the title is very stylized and suits the picture onthe font cover. The style of the font is very aggressive , this is because of itsblood dripping effect and sharp edges. The blood effects are representedwith the rock genre as they give off a depressive and angry feel.Layout - The layout of this magazine is very complex and wild. Text hasbeen placed all around the image and looks to untidy. The rock star hasbeen enlarged so that he is the main focus of the magazine. Bold buzzwords such as ‘Rob zombie’ have are bigger than other text as they are themain attraction.Colour – The red represents blood, death and evil, this attracts theaudience as they are the subjects the target audience are interested in.The green and red colours are very bright and represents a comic bookfeel. This gives the magazine a hint of comedy.Language - The language of this magazine is aggressive and out of theordinary. Names of well known rock stars have been placed along themagazine to attract the audience. The language is over exaggeratedbecause they have used words such as kill and undead. They will attractthe reader because of the emotion of the words that are used.Mise-en-scene – The chain saw signifies anger and aggressions which isassociated with the rock genre, this then appeals to the target audience.The models makeup consists of dark black eyes and a cross painted on hishead. This is also associated with the rock theme .Camerawork – The camera angle is a close up to show off the mansmakeup and his prop, in this case an a chain saw. The chain saw representanger and aggression.
  8. 8. Font – The font of this contents page consists of a couple of fonts, thefirst font is the old rock font. The style of this font consists of straight linesand fonts, this is typical of the rock genre a commonly see it on rockproducts for example album covers.Layout - The layout of this contents page is complex but is still ordered.This is because the text and pictures have been placed in a certain order.The main pictures have been placed at the top to show them off beforethe less important images. Page numbers have clearly been placed thisshows that the magazine is organized.Colour – The colours have been the same through out the contents pageand the title, this is to keep the house style so that people can recognizethe magazine. The colours are depressing and mainly consisting of black,red and brown. These colours normally appeal to a male audience.Language - Words such as ‘access all areas’ attract an audience as theysuggest that there is exclusive information inside. The word Chinwag hasbeen used suggesting that it is for a British audience, this is because onlyBritish people use this word.Mise-en-scene – The settings that have been used are dark and depressingwhich again are associated with the rock genre. The costumes that theband members are wearing are usual black to signify their personality, theyusually consist of blacks reds and browns which relate to the style of themagazine.Camerawork – A close up has been used for one of the images to show hismean and aggressive expression, these over exaggerated expressions areusually associated with the rock genre. Several wide shots have been usedto show the band members, this is to show off there clothing as it is a mainpart of their trademark.
  9. 9. Font – The font style corresponds to the style of the magazine, for example the grunge effect located at the top left of the magazine issimilar to that on the font.Layout - The layout of the double page spread is organized as the text has been clearly placed at the bottom of the page. The main picturecovers the page suggesting that they are the main focus. Buzz words have been located at the side but still can clearly be seen because ofthe bright colour that has been chosen. A side bar located at the far right of the page includes other information, it is kept to the side as itis not the main story on the page.Colour – Colours such as black, red and yellow have been seen In the magazine several time, this is to keep the house style the same, thered also relates the titles as red represents blood. Again red also represent heat which has been used for the background to the buzzword.Language – - Hot Metal and fresh from the forge are a play on words suggesting there are popular metal players that have been recentlydiscovered. These play on words attract the audience to the buzz words. Words such as WTF are typically used by the younger generationmeaning that the content is meant for a younger audience. The title ‘baptized in blood’ is unusual and is eye catching because of it strangenature.Mise-en-scene – The setting of the shot is located in what seems to be a dark ally way, the location is typical of a rock magazine as it darkand spooky. The clothing ranges from black to white, the bland colours signify the personality of the readers and band members.Camerwork – The wide angle shot of the band shows the outfits and the style that they have, the shot also the energy that the band aretrying to show.