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Abb app-presentation-disha


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Paperless Events and Activations by Disha Communications.

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Abb app-presentation-disha

  1. 1. ABB – Sales order app for Dealers Introduction
  2. 2. Approach • DISHA DIGITAL will develop two applications. • One for ABB Administrator and the other for the Dealers . • Administrator will use the app in order to create and periodically update the product catalog. • Once the product catalog is made current, Administrator can export the product catalog data in XML file format. • This XML file will be used when building the Dealer app and will act as the source for the Dealer app for product data. • Dealer app will be a separate Desktop application and this app will be installed in Dealers’ computers. • ABB System Admin will have to upgrade the Dealer apps when there is a change in Product catalog.
  3. 3. Administrator App – In Detail • Login • Add the products to product catalog • Search the products in product catalog • Edit a particular product in Product catalog • Delete a product from Product catalog • Search result page • Export the XML file (Product catalog file) • Build facility to create new application for the dealer with new XML file
  4. 4. Dealer App – In Detail • User Registration • User Login • Forgot Password • See all Products • Category wise listing • Search a product by Product Id or Product name • Search result page • Detail page for each product • Add single product to Cart • Enter the quantity while adding to Cart • Cart page that lists all products selected • Delete items from Cart • Add more quantity/Less the quantity in the Cart against each item • Export the products in cart to PDF file • Logout
  5. 5. Technology Specifications Platform: Microsoft Windows • The applications (both Dealer and Administrator) will be developed as Windows based Desktop applications. User will have to install the application in the local machine in order to use it. • Applications developed for Dealer and Administrator will be different. Programming Language: C#.NET • C#.NET is the preferred programming language for developing Desktop based Windows applications. Data store: XML file • DISHA DIGITAL will be using XML files as the data store. i. e for storing the product catalog for both Administrator and Dealer applications. As we are building a simple app that can be easily transferred/installed and maintained, we are avoiding the traditional databases like SQL Server/MySQL for data store.
  6. 6. Application Modules
  7. 7. Application Modules
  8. 8. Thank You Document Prepared By: Business Manager – Digital Disha Communications