Sports Quiz at Quizzers Anonymous 2014 (prelims)


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Sports Quiz held at Quizzers Anoynymous 2014.

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Sports Quiz at Quizzers Anonymous 2014 (prelims)

  1. 1. Trivial Pursuit presents QUIZZERS ANONYMOUS ‘14 in association with Pantheon ’14 THE MC/BC SPORTS QUIZ
  2. 2. Brought to you by: • Rakesh Shenoy • Kiran Gowda
  3. 3. Special thanks to: • Yashas • Vamanan • Shetty
  4. 4. RULES • 33 questions. • Top eight teams make it to the finals. • Multiples of 5 are starred. These will be used to break any ties. If ties still pertain, sudden death. • No negative scoring. Guess all you want! • Use of all types of search engines/gadgets prohibited. • Quiz master is GAWD!
  5. 5. Q1. Before 2012, Fred Perry was the last British player to win a senior title at Wimbledon. He achieved this in the year 1936. Who was the next British player to win a senior title at Wimbledon?
  6. 6. ANSWER Jonathan Murray He won the doubles title with Fredrik Nielsen one day before Andy Murray became the singles Champion.
  7. 7. Q2. When X was in high school, he had a unique way of shooting free-throws. He would stand at the top of the key, throw the ball up toward the basket, take two steps, jump toward the rim and jam the ball through the net. Doing this resulted in basketball rules to state that a player cannot cross the plane of the free-throw line when shooting a free-throw. X had problems shooting free-throws throughout his career. The rule did not really improve his already dominant game. X yaaru?
  8. 8. ANSWER Wilt Chamberlain
  9. 9. Q3. In a recent review of a fantasy match between John Cena and X, the WWE described him as having been "One of the most recognizable Superstars in WWE history", and further spoke of his impact, describing how “X brought Hulkamania to its knees on The Grandest Stage of Them All at WrestleMania VI, retired the Madness at WrestleMania VII and press slammed a slew of the greatest legends of his era." In WWE All Stars, in which X appears as one of the Legends, WWE stated that he was the "ultimate archetype of strength and intensity," and further stated that "without question, X has etched his name in the pantheon of WWE greats". ID X. #tcq
  10. 10. ANSWER James Hellwig/The Ultimate Warrior #RIP
  11. 11. Q4. Whose career stats?
  12. 12. ANSWER Sir David Moyes
  13. 13. *Q5. X (born 22 April 1983) is a former Indian field hockey player whose playing career was cut short by a 2003 car accident. X played a pivotal role in taking Indian field hockey to a higher level by winning the Junior World Cup, the 2003 Indo-Pak Champions Trophy and the Asian Championship. He was considered to be the next Sohail Abbas by many experts; in a series against Pakistan, he performed so well that Abbas said he could see a younger version of himself in X. After his accident, X attempted a comeback on the national team; however, he never went further than the probable list despite playing for the Chandigarh Dynamos with a decent record in the PHL. X is the penalty- corners coach of the Indian men's national team. Yaaru?
  14. 14. ANSWER Jugraj Singh
  15. 15. Q6. What is happening? Put funda.
  16. 16. ANSWER Monica Seles stabbing.
  17. 17. Q7. X holds the record for the most wins in a debut year with Ferrari with 6, beating Alain Prost's previous record of 5 from 1990. X holds the record for the most classified finishes in a single season: 20 out of 20 in 2012. X holds the record for the most points finishes in a single season: 19 out of 20 in 2012. X holds the record (jointly with Michael Schumacher) for most fastest laps (5) at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit (2002, 2003, 2006, 2007 and 2013). X holds the record for most consecutive point finishes: 27, starting with the 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix and ending with the 2013 Hungarian Grand Prix. X currently holds the third highest record for total fastest laps at 39. Who is X?
  18. 18. ANSWER Kimi Räikkönen _/_
  19. 19. ANSWER Wallyball
  20. 20. Q9. The first time this was played, it followed a round robin format, and England won the tournament after defeating Australia by 92 runs. The next issue was played 9 years later, in New Zealand, and this time Australia defeated England by 3 wickets to win the tournament. Apart from Australia and England, New Zealand is the only team to have won this. What am I talking about?
  21. 21. ANSWER Women’s ICC Cricket World Cup
  22. 22. *Q10. Whose tweet?
  23. 23. ANSWER
  24. 24. Q11. X ranks as one of the most popular traditional sports in India. The origin of X is difficult to trace, but many historians believe, that it is a modified form of 'Run Chase'. With its origins in Maharashtra, X in ancient times, was played on 'raths' or chariots, and was known as Rathera. The rules of the game were framed in the beginning of the 20th century. The Government has initiated the following awards for the game: Arjuna Award, Eklavya Award for men, Rani Laxmi Bai award for women, Veer Abhimanyu award for boys under 18, and Janaki award for girls under 16. Right now it is played mainly in South Asia and also South Africa. ID the sport.
  25. 25. ANSWER Kho-Kho
  26. 26. Q12. Which team?
  27. 27. ANSWER Oakland Athletics
  28. 28. Q13. Paul Randall Wight, Jr is an American professional wrestler who is signed to WWE. Wight is a seven-time world champion, having won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship twice, the WWF/E Championship twice, the ECW World Championship once, and the World Heavyweight Championship twice. He is the only wrestler to have held all four titles. Wight is an 11-time world tag team champion, having won the WWE's World Tag Team Championship five times (twice with The Undertaker, and once each with Kane, Chris Jericho, and The Miz), the WWE Tag Team Championship three times (once each with Jericho, Miz, and Kane), and the WCW World Tag Team Championship three times (once each with Lex Luger, Sting, and Scott Hall). Outside of professional wrestling, Wight has appeared in feature films and television series such as The Waterboy, Star Trek: Enterprise, and USA Network's comedy-drama Royal Pains and the action-drama Burn Notice. In 2010, he had his first major role in the comedy film Knucklehead, which was produced by WWE Studios.
  29. 29. ANSWER Big Show
  30. 30. Q14. In 1904, Gus Mears bought the football stadium A. He wanted a Premier football club to play there and asked neighboring club B. They said no because they were pompous at the time and opted to stay at C. Gus wanted in his heart to start his own football club for this stadium, which was unheard of at the time. He was close to giving his dream up and sell A to some company which was going to destroy the stadium and make the land into a coal mine. But Mears was ultimately persuaded not to sell up, and instead decided to found his own team, D, in March, 1905. The story goes that he was on the verge of giving up on the football project when his Scotch Terrier dog bit his colleague Fred Parker, who still supported the idea. So impressed was Mears with his friend's reaction, he decided to take his advice. And thus on March 10th 1905 a new club was born. Give A B C D.
  31. 31. ANSWER A – Stamford Bridge B – Fulham FC C – Craven Cottage D – Chelsea FC
  32. 32. *Q15. He studied in the same school as Sachin Tendulkar, i.e, Sarada Vidyashram. When Sachin and Kambli had the epic 600+ runs partnership, he was the next person in the batting order. But he never got a chance to play. He holds the record for the most runs on FC debut, and is also a prolific run scorer in Ranji. Who?
  33. 33. ANSWER Amol Muzumdar
  34. 34. Q16. ID the club and the ‘He’ in question.
  35. 35. ANSWER Cardiff City FC Vincent Tan
  36. 36. Q17. Identify.
  37. 37. ANSWER Jackie Robinson
  38. 38. Q18. ID X. The X Saga • 26-Dec-1990 : X Born - Dissolution of the Soviet Union • 26-Dec-2003 : X 13 yrs old - Iran earthquake • 26-Dec-2004 : X 14 yrs old - Indonesia Tsunami • 26-Dec-2006 : X 16yrs old - Taiwan earthquake • 26-Dec-2008 : X 18 yrs old - Yunnan(China) earthquake • 26-Dec-2012 : X 22yrs old - End of the world
  39. 39. ANSWER Aaron Ramsey
  40. 40. Q19. Connect. Mahinda Rajpakshe Sir Viv Richards Brian Lara Subrato Roy
  41. 41. ANSWER Only living people having cricket stadiums named after them.
  42. 42. *Q20. At the 2009 IOC session in Copenhagen, this was heralded as one of the comeback stories. This sport has seen only gold medal winners from North America with USA winning 3 out of 4 that have been on offer. The venue for this event in 2016 will be designed by Hanse, who has been called the Architect of the Year by the sports magazine in 2009. What am I talking about?
  43. 43. ANSWER Reintroduction of Golf for the 2016 summer Olympics
  44. 44. Q21. Yaaridu?
  45. 45. ANSWER Chris Bosh
  46. 46. ANSWER Monaco
  47. 47. Q23. Till date, Steffi Graf is the only player to have achieved the X in a single calendar year. Andre Agassi and Rafael Nadal are the only other singles players who have achieved it, but not in a single calendar year. What 2 word term X?
  48. 48. ANSWER Golden Slam (4 Grand Slam titles + Olympics Gold medal)
  49. 49. Q24. A foreign journalist dispatch about a hockey match involving India said, “X initiated the move. After dodging past a defender, X passed the ball to X, who centered it to X and X scored the goal with a reverse flick.”. What is X?
  50. 50. ANSWER Singh
  51. 51. *Q25. Where can we find this inscription?/FITB. When Ivo goes back with the _____, the _____; Studds, Steel, Read and Tylecote return, return; The welkin will ring loud, The great crowd will feel proud, Seeing Barlow and Bates with the _____, the _____; And the rest coming home with the _____.
  52. 52. ANSWER The Ashes Urn
  53. 53. Q26. Letter to whom?
  54. 54. ANSWER Manchester United
  55. 55. Q27. Billy Midwinter - Tests Kepler Wessels - ODIs X - T20Is Who?
  56. 56. ANSWER Dirk Nannes
  57. 57. Q28.Minoru Yoneyama founded X, a producer of wooden floats for fishing nets. His wood- crafting business thrives until modern advancements - namely plastic floats - forced the company out of the float business. At this time, frustrated by being pushed aside by advanced technology, Yoneyama vowed never again to be left behind technologically. Thus, he began a commitment that eventually leads to an innovation in the world of sports. Relying on strengths in wood crafting, the Yoneyama Company evolved into manufacturing _______ in 1957 under other brand names. Give X.
  58. 58. ANSWER Yonex
  59. 59. Q29. “Forty minutes into the fifth day, I sent a message from the field to see if Cronje was still interested in a deal. I deliberately aimed low at first and said, ‘How about us chasing 250?’. Hansie just said, 'Fine'. I couldn't believe it. No haggling. No banter. No bartering, No mention of how many overs we would face. It was like that scene from Life of Brian when the salesman is all indignant because the guy has simply paid his first asking price without any argument” Who is speaking? What is this match remembered for?
  60. 60. ANSWER Nasser Hussain. England v South Africa one innings test match with a result. (Both teams forfeited an inning. so it becomes a one innings game.)
  61. 61. *Q30. X is a new team in World Superbike Championship. X’s rider Dan Linfoot finished a remarkable third at the final race of the World Superbike Championship in Magny Cours, France on 7th October 2012. The other rider is Florian Marino of France. X’s website lists Y as part of the management, while actor Nagarjuna Akkineni has been mentioned as a director. Y yaaru?
  62. 62. ANSWER Y – Mahendra Singh Dhoni X – MSD RN Racing Team
  63. 63. Q31. Bayern Munich banned Mirror Sport for this headline. What is blanked out?
  64. 64. ANSWER
  65. 65. Q32. Barbie doll modeled on whom?
  66. 66. ANSWER Kim Clijsters
  67. 67. Q33. In sports, the terms X or ’X Story’ are used to refer to situations in which competitors achieve far greater success than would reasonably have been expected.X stories tend to gain much media and fan attention as they move closer to the championship game at the end of the tournament. The term comes from X, a well-known European folk tale embodying a myth-element of unjust oppression/triumphant reward. What’s the good word?
  68. 68. ANSWER Cinderella