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Proposal For Elemental Clash Game


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Proposal For Elemental Clash Game

  1. 1. MEMORANDUM To Mrs. Kay Winfield, Adjunct, Technical Writing Instructor From Kira Mort, Student of English 273, section 095 KM Date 14 April 2015 Subject Elemental Clash: Instruction Manual Proposal I, and my group members, would like permission to make a manual to teach our classmates how to play the board/card game, “Elemental Clash.” Our manual will be clear, concise, and will teach new players how to play the game. Our group has the tools to make this manual, and with your approval, we can get to work right away. Objectives This manual will teach our classmates how to play our game. Our manual will be 8-10 pages long. It will include pictures to help players understand the game. We will also have a short powerpoint presentation in-class. Our manual will familiarize the players with each card, game piece, and creature in Elemental Clash. Because this game must be playable by beginners, the manual will have pictures detailing step-by-step instructions, and will be designed to use as the player is playing. Audience Our audience will consist of our classmates, who have never played our game before, and our teacher, who will be monitoring our progress. Because we cannot assume our audience is familiar with card games, we will keep the game simple enough that that they can play it, but complex enough that they still enjoy it. This will require that we clearly define our terminology and make our instructions easy to understand, with visual graphics and casual language. The games will mostly appeal to fans of Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokémon, and similar trading-card games. My Manual The manual will use casual language and emphasize clarity with visual examples. I will use digital graphics or in-game photos where necessary to explain the rules. All graphics or photos will be used to aid readers in memorizing the rules. I will clearly label the diagram of the board and its given sections. The manual will be available as a PDF and will be in full color. In order to keep the manual readable but appealing, I will use attractive colors, and stylish-but-clear fonts for the headings and body of the text. The instructions will be small enough to read without interfering with the playing space. will be designed for easy reading on a laptop or tablet.
  2. 2. Resources Lauryn will need a piece of cardboard or hard paper to make a game board. She needs to decorate the board, and possibly laminate it. Kira does not need any supplies other then paper and a computer. Kiona has the heaviest burden for supplies. She will need paper and lamination supplies, as well ink or a printer, to create the playing cards. Lauryn will also supply old game pieces for us to use. Sterling just needs access to Prezi or PowerPoint. Responsibilities Our responsibilities are split up evenly. Kira will make the instructions for the game, as she is the creator of the game’s mechanics. Lauryn is making the board for the game, and will gather or make game pieces as needed. Kiona is making all of the cards, formatting them stylistically and adding all the necessary data for the creatures we are creating. Sterling will make the PowerPoint for our in-class presentation. Schedule A rough plan of our current schedule is listed below. This plan is tentative and may shift over time as the project develops. Progress reports will determine any necessary shifts. Figure 1 - Schedule Date Assignments April 14 Kira: Plan the instruction manual; rough draft by next class Kiona: Plan the basic card template, 15 cards by next class Sterling: Plan the PowerPoint; rough draft by next class Lauryn: Have the basic Board Template by next class April 16 Progress report; make any adjustments necessary Second rough drafts will be planned and compiled by next class April 21 Kira: Have instruction manual ready Kiona: Have Cards ready Lauryn: Have board ready Sterling: Have the Powerpoint ready: plan in-class presentation April 23-30 Presentation Week: Manual Rough Draft due April 23 Test Elemental Clash with classmates Final revisions to instructions; any needed changes to board or cards, etc. May 5 Final Draft of the Instruction Manual due today Conclusion Our game promises to be a fantastic game, and our instructions will be clear and effective in making it fun and enjoyable for all ages. If you have any further questions or concerns, you can reach me at, or 512.608.8066.