7 GLAMwiki facts and tips.


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How to start GLAMwiki projects once you've convinced your staff. #DISH13 Conference. December 2, Rotterdam

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7 GLAMwiki facts and tips.

  1. 1. 7 GLAMwiki Facts and Tips - How to start GLAMwiki projects once you've convinced your staff December 3, 2013, DISH13 Conference, Rotterdam
  2. 2. FACT 01 “THE POWER OF WIKI IS NOT TECHNOLOGY. IT IS COMMUNITY”  Tip  Become a member of the community. Spend one Sunday afternoon editing at home. You'll understand how it works and why we do it. Feel it!
  3. 3. FACT 02 “YOU WON'T FINISH WIKIPEDIA. DON'T PANIC. BETA IS OK”  Tip  “Think Big, start small, move fast. But Move” (Michael Edson)
  4. 4. FACT 03 “VOLUNTEERS ARE HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER”  Tip  Train on Digital Judo. Rethink your role in an environment where volunteers have better skills, more time and resources and sometimes even are more commited with the topic. Don't forget you are getting payed. They don't.
  5. 5. FACT 04 “REFERENCES ARE THE LAW”  Tip  Wikipedians don't create knowledge, spread existing one. References are the wiki currency. Prepare yours. Be bold, but don't feed the trolls.
  6. 6. FACT 05 “YOU ARE NOT THE STAR. YOUR CONTENT IS” @nbates86  Tip  World won't Google you. What makes your GLAM unique? Contextualize your relevant content. Focus on topics. People will find your relevant material while looking for other things. ...and don't edit the Wikipedia article about your GLAM!
  7. 7. FACT 06 “FREE DOESN'T MEAN QUICK”  Tip  You are joining the “world's biggest knowledge party”. It deserves and require some time: Reserve it from your budget hours.
  8. 8. FACT 07 “WIKIMEDIANS LOVE TALKING ABOUT COPYRIGHT”  Tip  Don't be scared about your copyright issues. There is a legion of volunteers checking rights statements of every single file you upload like nowhere else on the Internet. Wikipedians push for free knowledge respecting the law.
  9. 9. Thank you! Àlex Hinojo (@kippelboy) alex@hinojo.kb.nl