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AHWS Term 01 Newsletter


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Published in: Education
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AHWS Term 01 Newsletter

  1. 1. JANUARY 2014 Al Huda Weekend School Term 1 Completion Newsletter Dear Parents AssalamuAlaykumwaRahmatullah Alhamdulillah, AHWS staff is excited to pursue its program targets in Term 2. Let’s make it a Great year ahead! At AHWS,we recognize that every child comes to school with his/her own ambitions, unique learning experiences and ideas which play a major role in his/her learning.We aspire to develop a productive complementing relationship with parents in shaping high morals and learning success of our students. Together we can help them become responsible, trustworthy, truthful & diligent believers active and vibrant to contribute goodness in the communities they live in. Term One was Learning and Fun! In Term 1,students have remarkably learned Qur’an Tajwid and tafsir with keen interest and enthusiasm. Memorizing the du’as and etiquettes via class learning, active audiovisuals, as well as craft seems to give them a desirable balance of effort and creativity. As well, they have learned Islamic history and Seerah giving them a direction, and meaningful attitude towards life. Alongside academics, we strive to give weekend learning a taste of creative, meaningful fun. Alhamdulillah, staff and students co-ordinateda successful Bake Sale. We like to say a hearty “JazaakAllahukhayrankatheera” to all parents who contributed whole-heartedly. Students learnt valuable lessons of team work, responsibility and goal-orientation in a believer’s life. Everyone appreciated the well-organized event. A steady incline to apply lessons learnt in Seerah is starting to show in their conversations. We hope, you as parents will notice and reinforce these positive Iman- growth signs. In shaAllah. DATES TO BE NOTED January 11, 2014: Term 2 Begins February 22 & 23: Mid-Year Exams March 08 & 09: Mid-Year Report Cards March 09: Last day of Term 02 March 15 & 16: March Break Weekend Plan for the Next Term Learning and tarbiyah emphasis will be „Cleanliness is part of Iman, We will teach students the value of cleanliness in their personal and social lives. Farewell to Sr. Tayyaba Farewell to our beloved Sr. Tayyaba who has returned to Pakistan to contribute towards Islamic education. She was a great influence on our students. May Allah swt accept her efforts in AHWS and bless her wherever she continues to serve Deen ~Ameen~ Enjoying Bake Sale in Cafeteria
  2. 2. JANUARY 2014 Student Testimonials “When I started Al-Huda I really didn‟t know much about the deen. Now I have been going for a year and a half and it has increased me in my knowledge and made me a better person. Al Huda has taught me how to be a more humble person. It has taught me how the religion isn‟t just about having the title Islam or Muslim but to bring action with it.” ~ fromHafsa Farah [Level 04] “In my perspective I believe that Al Huda is a very friendly community for students, parents and teachers. After joining Al Huda it has come to my attention that I have become more responsible and organized. Al Huda allows students to take learning into their own hands. Their education depends on the student and how they want to achieve it. Responsibility is one of the characteristics which this program has thought me.” ~ fromSalwa Siddiqui [Level 06 ] Friendly Reminders for Parents  Punctuality: Please ensure arrival at 10:00amsharp  Uniform: Kindly send your child in proper clean and tidy uniform.  Stationary & Books: Please ensure that students come to class prepared with necessary stationary and books.  Homework/Project completion:Help your child excel in class by taking keen interest and encouraging in his/her assigned work for weekend. Absence: Please notify Course Incharge in case of absences even one full weekend, and especially if away for more than 2 weekends. Please note parents and students are fully responsible for catching up on any missed work. Due to the nature of weekend learning, teachers are not expected to provide lessons for the time the child was away. How to Help your Child 1. Expectations: Pleasehave realistic expectations from your child in terms of behavior and learning. The saying goes ‘kids will be kids’. Expecting your child to be a ‘moral book character’ can set you up for frustration and disappointment. Give your child clear and achievable expectations and help him/her pace towards them. AHWS Aimsto:  Instill the love of Qur’an and Sunnah  Impart a passion for seeking knowledge  Inspire to live like a true believer  Create a strong & positive Muslim identity CORE VALUES: Sincerity, Integrity, Respect, Dedication, Discipline, Benevolence,Tolerance. We love all our students! We encourage and invite parents' involvement, ideas and support. 2. Communication: It is very important that parents talk to their children about what they learned, what their thoughts are on what they learned, and how they will apply it into their lives etc. It is the teacher’s duty to impart religious values and positive inspiration but it is in fact crucial that parents reinforce them at home as well. Message From A Teacher As I enter the class I see bright faces, and faces adorned with smiles, Some inquisitive learners and some active listeners, Some full of ideas and ready for discussions, Some motivated, inspiring role models for others, And some dreamers and some busy with peers, One thing common in all, is the spirit to volunteer for any given work, An adorable bunch of girls with pure hearts and a zest for knowledge, With a little hard work O, dear students you will see wonders, You will be ascenders and leading as forerunners, Transformed and adorned by the jewels of the