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Tips to hire dedicated website designer


Published on - Kinsh Technologies is a premier Web Development Company in India providing high quality Web Design & Development Services across the globe. We also have a team of SEO & SMM experts and a mobile application development team. Whatever your domain of operation, Kinsh has expertise to deliver a website that will surely be above your expectations and at a competitive price.

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Tips to hire dedicated website designer

  1. 1. Tips to Hire Dedicated Website Designer
  2. 2. • A website has become the face of your company or your organization in today's digital era. • Even before a prospective client communicates with anyone from your company, they tend to have a look through your website to know more about you and your products or services. • Hence, it is absolutely necessary that you create a great First Impression. • In order to do that, you need to ensure that you have a neatly designed, user friendly top notch website. • While you can just hire a professional company to develop your website, you may also be inclined to hire a dedicated Website Designer for your website. • The reason for this could be that your dedicated designer will work only on your website and will be continuously communicating with you to ensure that your vision is translated into your website in the best possible way.
  3. 3. Tips to Hire Dedicated Website Designer In this blog, we will talk about some top tips that you should keep in mind when you hire a Dedicated Website Designer :  Check the Work Portfolio of the Designer - Just by looking at some of the work the designer has done, you will be get a fair idea if they will be able to match your vision or not. It will also give you a good idea about their creative flair.
  4. 4. Tips to Hire Dedicated Website Designer  Check out some of their live websites - It can be different just to look at a design file and a live website. If they have managed to translate a beautiful website design into an actual website, they are someone you should short-list.
  5. 5. Tips to Hire Dedicated Website Designer  Check the mode and frequency of communication - It would be ideal if you could communicate through phone or Skype as required. But, if that is not possible, you should prefer to communicate at least twice a week through Skype or chat and through email at all other times. In case there is a problem with regular communication, please set a daily reporting schedule so that you are always aware about the progress of work.
  6. 6.  Check their knowledge of SEO - It would be great if your website designer at least has basic knowledge about Search Engine Optimization and knows the best plugins available for various platforms and CMS that would make it easy for you to optimize your site. They must also ensure that the URLs created for your website are SEO Friendly. Tips to Hire Dedicated Website Designer
  7. 7. Tips to Hire Dedicated Website Designer  Check their knowledge of Responsive Design - As more and more Internet users now browse the internet through their mobile devices, it is essential that your website design should be responsive to give your end user a great browsing experience. Most good website designers will be well versed with the responsive website design and should be able to cater to your requirements.
  8. 8. Tips to Hire Dedicated Website Designer  Check their pricing - Although pricing is not the only deciding factor for choosing who to hire, it is still a very important criteria. When checking about their pricing structure, it is advisable to also check about their maintenance charges and post development support policies. This will enable you to take a better decision.
  9. 9. Tips to Hire Dedicated Website Designer So, with the above tips in mind, you should go ahead and Hire website designer for your company. Kinsh Technologies - is a highly reputed Web Design and Web Development Company who offer Dedicated Website Designers on Hire on an hourly, part-time or full-time basis depending upon your requirement.
  10. 10. Feel free to get in touch with us and we can assure you of high quality work at a reasonable cost. Contact Us : Kinsh Technologies - E-mail :