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Getting Stuff In And Out Of Buzz (1)


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Getting Stuff In And Out Of Buzz (1)

  1. 1. Getting stuff in and out of Buzz A quick guide Paul Kinlan Developer Programs Engineer
  2. 2. Who am I? @Paul_Kinlan I help you build cool stuff!
  3. 3. What is Buzz? A platform for sharing. Built supporting open protocols
  4. 4. Technologies A very brief overview
  5. 5. PubSubHubbub Don't call us. We'll call you!
  6. 6. Activity Streams A way of expressing what people do on the web
  7. 7. MediaRSS Embed content and meta-data into your feeds.
  8. 8. XFN + Social Graph API A way to express machine readable connections between people.
  9. 9. WebFinger For a given public account (email address) WebFinger returns an XRD. Contains information about where we can discover information. Helps discover the OpenID endpoint. Web Finger -> Profile -> OpenID The XRD Document also points to a Buzz Feed Web Finger -> Buzz Feed
  10. 10. Common Questions How do I discover a user's Buzz feed? How do I get notified of updates to a users Buzz feed? How can I get my feeds into Buzz?
  11. 11. All about a demo Create a service that uses discovery and login
  12. 12. Quick Flow
  13. 13. WebFinger result An example response for a profile that is publicly listed and has a public username. Query: <?xml version='1.0'?> <XRD xmlns=''> <Subject></Subject> <Alias></Alias> <Link rel='' href=''/> <Link rel='' href='' type='text/html'/> <Link rel='' href='' type='text/html'/> <Link rel='' href='' type='text/html'/> <Link rel='' href=''/> <Link rel='describedby' href='' type='text/html'/> <Link rel='' href='http://buzz.googleapis. com/feeds/116059998563577101552/public/posted' type='application/atom+xml'/> </XRD>
  14. 14. Notification of Updates Use Pubsubhubbub. It Rocks. NO MORE POLLING. The hub pings you when there is an update. The hub is defined in the user's feed. <link rel="hub" href="......"> POST &hub.topic=http%3A// &hub.verify=sync &hub.mode=subscribe
  15. 15. Getting your stuff into Buzz ATOM and RSS are your Friends Media RSS Activity Streams PubSubHubbub - Appears instantly in Buzz. We use XFN and Google profiles for a mutal authentication. If you have access to the feed and profile, then you must own both. How? Add a link to the feed in your profile Add a rel="me" in your feed <link rel="me" href="http://google. com/profiles/paul.kinlan"/> We do the rest.
  16. 16. Forward the future Read/Write API AtomPub - For writing support OAuth - delegated authorization Salmon - Federated Comments and Activities
  17. 17. Ideas Wrap your twitter feeds. Add MediaRSS to the ATOM feed Wrap your favorites feed Integrate your service
  18. 18. Links Help shape the API: Report Bugs: Buzz API: Open ID: WebFinger: Profiles: Pubsubhubbhub:
  19. 19. Thank You!