Kingston Business Bulletin Final Vol 4 Nov 2011


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Kingston Business Bulletin November 2011

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Kingston Business Bulletin Final Vol 4 Nov 2011

  1. 1. Kingston Business BulletinTaking Care of Business in Kingston Volume 4 2011NATIONAL BROADBAND NETWORKWhat could it do for your business?The City of Kingston is strongly ofthe view that an area aseconomically important asMelbourne’s south east must begiven priority as the NBN is rolledout around Australia to ensure thatlocal companies remain globallycompetitive. The Broadbandnetwork is fundamental toadvanced manufacturing and theadoption of new technologies.Melbourne’s South East is of nationaleconomic importance. Manufacturingwithin the cities of Kingston and GreaterDandenong alone generates over $30billion in output per annum. There arealmost 300,000 jobs within the Councilareas of Kingston, Greater Dandenong, University, the CSIRO, the Australian the NBN would enhance your currentKnox and Monash. A large proportion of Synchrotron and the Small Technologies business model, deliver significantthese are in advanced manufacturing. Cluster together with the Victorian productivity gains, and open up many Government. A number of leading edge new opportunities within Australian andModern business practices see huge companies including Siemens, Invetech around the world. Council would also bevolumes of data being constantly and Minifab are also involved. interested to know in what ways yourtransferred around the world. To remain business is currently constrained by thecompetitive local companies must be able Industry leaders in south east Melbourne speed and capacity of yourto send and receive data in real time. met on 14th September to discuss the telecommunications infrastructure. importance of the National BroadbandKingston is working with our partners in Network to the future productivity of Your participation is required to helpthe South East Melbourne Innovation their respective businesses. Kingston has build a case to ensure that our importantPrecinct (SEMIP) initiative to progress the also raised the NBN with local Members region gets access to the NBN soonercase for the NBN in this region. The of Parliament. rather than later. Please emailpartners include the cities of Kingston, or phoneGreater Dandenong, Knox and Monash The City of Kingston would welcome 9581 4712 to add your voice.and the research institutions of Monash feedback from local businesses on howINSIDE THIS ISSUE Kingston Small Meet your Mates Save Water Businesses Grow A Business Networking and Money Sustainably Opportunity Water rebate program Page 3 Page 4 Page 6
  2. 2. Editorial Meet our new General Manager Rachel Hornsby recently joined the City of Kingston as General ManagerIn this edition of the Kingston Environmental Sustainability.Business Bulletin I am seeking Rachel has worked for New Zealand councils, in policy and planning andinput from you about the issues resolution and she had theimportance of the National opportunity to work across all CouncilBroadband Network to the teams, gaining a much broaderfuture of your business. understanding of local government. In Wellington, Rachel joined the NewWhile I can appreciate the underlying Zealand Agency for Internationalequity principle of providing Development (NZAID) which was part of the Rachel Hornsbybroadband to residents in rural and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade as General Manager Environmentalregional communities who currently internal communications advisor. As Group Sustainability Manager South Wairarapa District Council inhave limited access, I am of the view Rachel to return “home”. With responsibility Wellington, Rachel was responsible for thethat the national interest should for Economic Development, Infrastructure, regulatory aspects of the Council (planning,prevail and that there is a much Strategic and Statutory Planning, and Parks, building, environmental health) and also for Recreation and Depot Services, Rachelgreater public benefit in ensuring developing reserve management plans and knows there will be plenty to learn and thethat businesses that generate the community consultation. new job will keep her busy! She is lookingwealth within the community, and The appointment to General Manager at forward to making a lasting contribution toprovide jobs for our residents, must City of Kingston was an opportunity for Kingston and the broader given priority access.I would really like to hear from youabout where the NBN can take you.The other major issue of nationalsignificance is the Clean Energy Bill.As with most government policies,there will be winners and losers andmore importantly, there will be Cleantech Industry Capability Teamsopportunities. Helping Cleantech companies collaborate to target customer groupsRegardless of what your personal Cleantech companies provide a wide benefiting from the critical massview is, it is clear that there is variety of solutions including products created through the Capability Teams inincreasing pressure for each of us to and services involved in renewable promoting capabilities to customers.reduce our use of the earth’s finite energy, water, waste, recycling, energy • Contribute to joint communications, efficiency, energy storage, building advertising and promotional literatureresources and lessen the impact that products, transport technologies and • Engage with domestic and internationalwe have on the planet. environmental services. customers. • Collaborate to bid for projects andThe increasing costs associated with Many of these companies are however packages - providing improved chancesthe use of energy, water and the targeting the same customer groups. The Cleantech Industry Capability Teams will of securing projects from their targetdisposal of waste make it imperative provide a mechanism for diverse Cleantech client groups.that all businesses review these companies to effectively collaborate in their • Establish networks and connectionsinputs. Any reduction in dealings with these customer groups. with other Cleantech solution providers.consumption will go straight to your • Participate in forums to discuss new Cleantech Industry Capability Teams will… opportunities.bottom line. • Target up to five different customer groups. These might include the Built National WorkshopsFinally, as the 2011 year draws to a Environment, Mining/Resource and A series of free national workshops willclose, I hope you will find time to Minerals Processing, Food Processing, he held in October and November totake a break and enjoy spending SME Manufacturing, International Aid engage with interested companies and to Development.time with family and friends. • Unite companies with common help design the priorities and operations of the teams so that they best meet the customer targets. • Be industry-driven and chaired by needs of the industry. Final timing and industry members. location details will be advised to those • Be largely self-sufficient and registering interest. The Cleantech commercially focussed. Industry Capability Teams are an initiative • Pursue opportunities and market of the Gillard Government’s Supplier Suzanne Ferguson members’ capabilities as a group Advocate Program and its Clean Technology Focus for Supply Chains.“As for the future, your task Is not to As part of a Capability Team, members For further information go toforesee, but to enable it” have the opportunity to… Antoine de Saint-Exupery • Participate in joint promotions, marketing visits and trade fairs -2 A Business Bulletin for the City of Kingston
  3. 3. Carbon credits explained Confused about carbon credits? use and greenhouse gas (GHG) Here’s a comprehensive guide to emissions, and not because they should be considered the ‘worst’ option. answer all your questions. Go through the following steps before What are carbon credits? you purchase carbon credits for your A carbon credit (also known as a carbon business: offset) is a financial instrument that represents a reduction of greenhouse Carbon management action gases in the atmosphere in the form of hierarchy one tonne of CO2 (carbon dioxide) or 5. Switch - Can you switch your energy CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent gas). 1. Measure - You can’t manage what source so that it is less greenhouse you can’t measure. It is important to intensive? For example, using LPG to Why would I purchase carbon know the quantity and source of power your vehicle has a lower credits for my business? your GHG emissions. greenhouse impact than petrol. Purchasing carbon credits can provide a 2. Set objectives - What do you want 6. Sequester - Should you consider legitimate means of lowering your to achieve? As with any business sequestering your emissions? For environmental impact and is an strategy, it is important to set clear example, through natural or important component of becoming objectives. artificial GHG (usually carbon) carbon neutral. sequestration. 3. Avoid - Can you avoid generating When should I purchase carbon 7. Assess - What are your residual GHG emissions? For example, ensuring credits? emissions? For example, are there appliances and equipment are not Buying carbon credits (or offsets) is the reduction opportunities you have idle or on stand-by. last in a hierarchy of actions to reduce not considered? your business’s carbon emissions. It 4. Reduce - Can you change your should be restricted to emissions that activities to reduce your emissions? 8. Offset - A carbon offset is any project you cannot eliminate through other For example, ensuring appliances that indirectly reduces GHG emissions means. Offsetting is the last in the order and equipment are running at one source by investing in GHG of carbon management actions because efficiently. If buying new emissions reductions elsewhere. of the importance of first considering equipment, ensure it has a high Source: EPA Discussion Paper, Carbon at-source options for reducing energy efficiency rating. Management PrinciplesKINGSTON SMALL BUSINESSES GROW SUSTAINABLYA $15,000 business grant from the gain knowledge on carbon sustainability issues, please emailVictorian Government has helped management and implement or sustainable behaviour change phone Angela Stubbs on 9581 4787.Kingston businesses to achieve enabling them to realise financialsustainable growth. savings and to mitigate risks.The Grow Your Business funding to The program is part of anthe City of Kingston has subsidised a overarching Sustainable BusinessGroup Sustainability Program which Framework that has beenhas provided an opportunity for a developed by council to focus onnumber of businesses to improve their identifying actions that canenvironmental performance and support local businesses tobenefit from valuable specialist reduce their carbon emissions,training at a much reduced cost. minimise energy use, conserveThe Sustainability Group Program water usage, and look forcommenced in September and consists innovative ways to manageof group workshops with a business waste and recycling.sustainability improvement focus anda component of individual consultancy If you would like to review thetime at business sites. Kingston Sustainable Business Framework and provide theThe Program helps participants to Economic Department with anyadopt sustainable business practices, feedback on business A Business Bulletin for the City of Kingston 3
  4. 4. Kingston Business Women’s Connecting Business with for Business Oakleigh/Clayton Community Luncheon • Do you want to learn tips, Keith helps take the mystery out of Rhondalynn Korolak is a lawyer, techniques and strategies to using this powerful tool for business marketing. better manage and grow your chartered accountant, Master of business? Places are limited so be sure to book! NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapist. • Do you want to create new Call 9581 4735 or 95814786. She has distilled the secrets to networks in the local business business success that she learned community? Places are limited so be sure to book! Monday 14th November: Lisa Gilling, • Do you want to learn how your Call 9581 4735 or 95814786. from working with Price business can become a corporate Westpac Business Education FacilitatorMelbourne based Social Media Waterhouse Coopers, Max Factor, social enterprise and connect talks on "Cashflow: The Lifeblood of YourEnthusiast Keith Keller will be Date: Wednesday 16th Nov 2011 Village Cinemas, NAB and Coles back with the community? Business"delivering a workshop to introduce Time: 6.00 until 8.30pm Venue: Woodlands Golf Club, Group Ltd. and produced a The Rotary Club of Moorleigh Moorabbin Monday 21st November: Danny Schwarz,the beginner’s steps to business White Street, Mordialloc simple step-by-step process that is holding its inaugural business month – CEO Youth Connect talks on "Bridging thetwittering. Keith is a specialist Rhondalynn Korolak Gap: Strategies for Engaging with the Cost: $30.00 you can apply to your business an initiative to create connections andtrainer for Twitter with over 30,000 New Generations in Your Business” (includes light refreshments) relationships within local small to mediumfollowers. He is now amongst the top to boost your bottom line. of the mind and using it to improve your businesses to the community.1% of Twitter users in the world! business financial results. Register at least 3 days before the Rhondalynn is the author of “On the Come to one or come to all presentations! event through online Bookings: Shoulders of Giants - Imagineering Your Be inspired by Rhondalynn and hear her Monday 7th November: Bruno Bello, Destiny and Financial Foreplay.” She has secrets for success! Enterprise Business Connect Adviser talks Email: moorleighmoorabbin@yahoo.CHELSEA NETWORKING EVENING appeared on television and radio and writes for Yahoo, MYOB, Fast Thinking, Date: Tuesday 22nd November 2011 Time: 12noon until 2.15pm on The Future of Your Business in the Marketplace: Key Factors for Success" For more information call Helen Blunden on 0438 884 730. Sunday Life, Dynamic Business, Business Venue: Hemisphere Hotel– a Great Success! Spectator and Australian Retailer. & Conference Centre, South Road, Moorabbin Social Media Workshop Rhondalynn can help you put strategies Cost: $46.00 includes two course lunchChelsea traders recently met Donna Bauer MLA, State Member for in place to ensure your customers never and one glass of wine Carrum also attended the event. The think of going elsewhere! She is the Bookings: 9581 4735for an evening ofnetworking at Chelsea’s Thai group of businesses will now work on moving forward to help improve the leading expert on harnessing the power RSVP : by 15th November 2011 – with Danielle MacInnisRose Restaurant. viability of the retail area. Following the success of last month’s form capture tool is a great way to Low Cost Marketing Workshop a further build a list of customers.Greg Davis, from Taktics4, presentedan analysis of the commercial market If you are a business owner in Chelsea and would like to receive a copy of Meet Your Mates part 2 workshop has been arranged with guest presenter Danielle MacInnes,and economic and social drivers Greg Davis’s presentation or learn from MacInnis Marketing. A business networking event will beinfluencing the performance of the more about the activities and goals Find out the ‘must have’ tools for low held in the Braeside/Mordialloc area onprofile of the Chelsea shopping centre. of the group, please contact Marian Thursday November 17th to get small cost marketing of your business. HowThe evening was a great success with Hamilton-Kerr 9581 4786. business owners together to meet their easy would it be to apply a simple tomany businesses meeting their neighbours. Council’s Economic use, effective and affordable solutions.neighbours for the first time! Do you want to learn more? Mailchimp - is an email software that Development team will host the event enables you to share campaigns with your and provide information on business From left to right: social media profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook services and resources. The council team and Twitter. Email communication is all Debra John, new Leaf is keen to hear about the issues facing about providing valuable content and being Naturopathy small business in the area and promote there when your customer needs your John Bevacqua, Horizon opportunities for businesses to do service or product. Accounting & Taxation business locally. Places are limited for this exciting Jan Bailey, Janique Fashions Business owners have the chance to get to business contacts. A voucher for a workshop. To reserve your place call Marian Hamilton-Kerr, know who is in their area, relax together, complimentary drink and finger food will Economic Development 9581 4735. A form generator tool that allows you Economic Development, and explore the possibilities of even doing be provided upon registration. to add a form to your website called Kingston some business with each other! Wufoo, and an email campaign called Date: Thursday 1st December 2011 Places are limited so a booking is required. Mail Chimp will be explained. Wufoo Belinda McDaid, Chelsea The venue, Red Pillar Café is in the heart of Time: 9am until 11am Please email allows you to create an offer and Renewal Project Manager the industrial area, providing a convenient or call Venue: Woodlands Golf Club, location for business operators to get capture the names of prospective Angela Stubbs on 9581 4787. White Street, Mordialloc together after work and extend their customers so you can build valued relationships. Whether you are a Cost: $30 (includes morning tea) plumber, accountant or retailer having a RSVP: by 24th November 2011 4 A Business Bulletin for the City of Kingston A Business Bulletin for the City of Kingston 5
  5. 5. Save water and moneyClaim up to $2000 to improve the water efficiency of your business.The new Living Victoria Water have 20 or fewer employees and are savings by installing the best eligibleRebate Program now gives small connected to an urban reticulated products to replace inefficient ones water supply and pay non- and in the quantity needed. Several ofbusinesses the chance to save residential/commercial water tariffs. one product can be installed or severalwater and money by purchasing different products can be installed toeligible water-efficient products. Small business rebates are based on maximise the water savings. All works the total expenditure on eligible water and installations must be completedThe Victorian Government has efficient products purchased and prior to making a claim, as only onecommitted $40 million over the next installed in the business between 19 successful claim can be made.four years to extend rebates to Victorian July 2011 and 30 June 2013. The totalhouseholds and, for the first time, to rebate payable will be calculated at For more information visitprovide rebates for small businesses. 50% of the expenditure up to a maximum rebate of $2000.Rebates are available for smallbusinesses with a current ABN that The rebate program aims to assist businesses in maximising their waterBusiness must report unsafe productsAs a business owner, did you distributors, installers, repairers, Mandatory reporting is not anknow that if a product you importers, exporters and admission of liability. It is there to manufacturers. protect Australian consumers fromsupplied causes serious injury, unsafe products and also identifiesillness or death you have to The mandatory reporting laws also which products are risks to the public. apply if you provide a service that isreport this to the Reports may lead to safety warnings or related to a product. For example if youCommonwealth minister education campaigns or products being service washing machines and a client pulled from shelves or recalled.responsible for consumer tells you that it has caused them anprotection and fair trading? injury that required medical attention, Reporting is simple and can be done by law you need to report this. by completing an online form on theSince 1 January 2011 businesses (large ACCC’s product safety website – Mandatory reporting has triggered 40and small) are required to report any recalls in the first six months of 2011.unsafe products they have sold that reporting Some of the products that werehave caused serious injury, illness or recalled had reports that associateddeath. The new law applies to all them with anaphylactic and allergicparticipants in the supply chain. This reactions, burns, electrocution, chokingincludes retailers, dealers, hirers, hazards, cuts and lacerations.6 A Business Bulletin for the City of Kingston
  6. 6. Mayor urges businesses to Does yoursupport Leader jobs campaign business have aKingston City Council encourages footprint in itslocal businesses to get behindLeader Newspapers’ landmarkcampaign to provide work for local community?young people.The Jobs 101 campaign challengesbusinesses to recruit 101 employees in The Kingston Charitable Trust101 days. wants to inspire your business toKingston Mayor Cr Ron Brownlees reach out, connect and make asaid the campaign was a great way plumbers and builders, as well as infor local small, medium and large retail and services at Westfield difference to the localbusinesses to help young people Southland and Direct Factory Outlets community it operates in.looking for work – and find a great in Moorabbin and our many busyemployee at the same time. village shopping centres,” Cr Brownlees said.“Kingston has a thriving commercialand industrial sector with more than Council supports training young9000 businesses employing more than people through various programs.65,000 people,” he said. “I’m certain Last year’s redevelopment of popularsome of those businesses are looking Bicentennial Park saw 12 peoplefor, or could find room for, a new complete their Certificate II instaff member who is eager to learn.” Horticulture from Chisholm TAFE. Council has also donated fundsKingston is one of Victoria’s most through the Kingston Charitable Trustimportant manufacturing centres, to the Family Life Opportunity Shopwith specialties including food, in Charman Road, Cheltenham, whereengineering, plastics and chemical, people learn retail and business skills.automotive and marine.“There could also be great For information visit: The Trust aims to raise much-neededopportunities in trades with smaller or call 1300 656 461 funds for community and charitableoperators such as electricians, organizations that help and support local Kingston residents.Personal Property Securities Act Tickets are now available for the 5th Annual Kingston Charitable Trust GalaAustralia has a new and unified Federal realise benefits because they will be Dinner, the major fundraising event forlaw for the taking, registration and better able to enforce rights over the year, to be held on Friday 25 personal property in ways that haveenforcement of security over virtually all November from 6.30pm – 11.00pm at not previously been possible.kinds of property except land. Woodlands Golf Course.The changes in the Personal Property The PPSA will apply to most security interests in personal property. The closing date for tickets is Monday 7Securities Act 2009 (PPSA’) and itsrelated legislation represent one of the Personal property includes: November if not sold out prior! Anymost significant reforms ever in this • tangible property (such as goods businesses who would like to supportarea. Not only does the PPSA rewrite or other assets); and the event by donating an item tothe law on traditional securities such as • intangible property (such as auction on the night would be greatlymortgages and charges, but it also intellectual property and licences), appreciated and are encouraged toextends to retention of title, bailmentand lease arrangements. Industries that are not accustomed to contact Sam Broughton on 0417 277 796. registering their interests such as Any business who donates will beAny business that supplies goods (by manufacturers and suppliers will need formally recognised in the program onway of sales, or by way of a lease or to take special care and obtain the evening and Council’s website.on consignment) faces the risk of appropriate advice to ensure that their Bookings:suffering significant loss if it does not interests are protected. to grips with the PPSA and takeappropriate steps to protect its rights. It is in your best interest to get legalLikewise, businesses that do make advice about how to protect youreffective use of the Register which has interests. Information can be found atbeen established under the Act should . A Business Bulletin for the City of Kingston 7
  7. 7. What’s on in Summer • Kingston Farmers’ Market • Social Media Workshop - 1st December - 5th November, 3rd December, no market January, • “Business of the Year” annual awards presentation 4th February. breakfast - 2nd December • Carols by the Bay - 18th December • Twitter for Business - 16th November • Kingston Twilight Farmers Market • Kingston Business Women’s Luncheon - 22nd Nov - 21st December 4.00pm till 7.30pm • 5th Annual Kingston Charitable Trust Gala Dinner - 25th NovemberRecognising and Rewarding ExcellenceThe caliber and diversity oflocal companies nominated forthe Melbourne Business Awardsthis year has again beenextremely high. Which one of bonded metal/rubber composite 2-shot moulding process, Palm Plastics products for the automotive, creates fashionable and highlythese businesses will be defence, transport, construction and functional polycarbonate glassware anddeclared “Business of the Year” industrial markets. Mackays tableware for use around the home, onat the annual awards products are exported worldwide. boats and in the great outdoors.presentation breakfast to be community inspired leadershipTERNAestablishedone ofheld on Friday 2nd December? FORTRESS SYSTEMS manufacture power resistors for all types of industries. They DENYERS IN Australias longest TIONAL is medical provide neutral earthing solutions for companies. During its long and proudTHE AWARD NOMINEES FOR 2011 ARE: equipment and personnel protection; history, Denyers has progressed toAUSTECH WIRE & CABLE, Australias dynamic braking and motor control become a market leader in the designfirst Oxygen-free, high conductivity resistors for starting, stopping and and manufacture of high quality Surgicalcopper rod and wire producer. Austech motion control; load banks for Operating Tables, Surgical TableWire & Cable offer a wide range of generator and battery testing; and Accessories and other surgical products.highest quality performance copper harmonic filter resistors for electrical Complimenting Denyers own in-houseproducts such as copper feed wire, noise dampening. With expert manufactured products is a wide range ofsingle or multi strands wire, plain or engineering capabilities, Fortress has premium brand surgical products fromtinned, bunched conductor, plain or experience in managing large projects. National and International manufacturers.tinned, electroplating wire, buildingcables, automotive cables, irrigation SIGN EXPRESS is a specialist signage MTECH SYSTEMS is committed to thecables up to 150 millimetres square. manufacturer that makes your business development, manufacture, delivery visible. The company has specialist and support of expert software, systemsAVG TECHNOLOGIES, a member of the expertise in all forms of signage from and equipment for the global aviationAvalanche Technology Group of design to full on-site installation. The and meteorological industries. Since itscompanies, distributes the range of Moorabbin manufacturing facility formation in 1976 MTECH has become aAnti-Virus and Internet Security houses a full metal / welding fabrication respected major international supplierproducts which provide comprehensive department, in-house spray painting and of software equipment, systems andreal-time protection against everything spray booth, full graphic and digital solutions that meet the exacting needsfrom viruses, spam, spyware, adware, printing and general assembly. of the modern business operator.worms, Trojans, phishing and exploits tocyber-criminals, hackers, scammers and PALM PLASTICS is an Australian owned To register to attend the Gala Awardsidentity thieves. and operated designer and presentation breakfast visit manufacturer of polycarbonate CONSOLIDATED Industries drinkware and precision plastic auto This is a great business networkingare a major supplier of a diverse parts. Using technologically advanced opportunity.range of engineered rubber and design techniques and a state of the art DISCLAIMER The information in this publication is given in good faith and has been derived from sources believed to be reliable and accurate. However, the City of Kingston does not accept any liability whatsoever for its contents or the use of the information.For information regarding any of the articles included in this newsletter please contact Suzanne Ferguson on 9581 4712, PO Box 1000 Mentone 3194